The Weird World of Michael Moriarty

Actor Michael Moriarty’s warped mind has belched forth another love letter to Sarah Palin that is breathtaking in its lunacy.

Or have they become that nervous as a result of Sarah Palin’s possible entry into the Republican race?

She is making The New World Order Establishment profoundly nervous.

Hysterical actually.

But he’s just getting warmed up:

The “Whole Ballgame”, as The Progressives fear, would change with a President Sarah Palin!

They all know it’s “all-or-nothing” now!

If a President Palin picks up where Ronald Reagan left off and resurrects a two-term, traditionally American policy to be followed by eight more years under, say, President Allen West, the “New World Order Ballgame”, as they say, would be over.



Never to re-infect America again!! 

That is what the New World Order Elite from Obama, Putin, the Red Chinese Politburo and George Soros down to a LEFTYDOG commenter on Big Hollywood are frightened.

Actually LEFTYDOG now speaks more sanely and eloquently than either Obama or Bloomberg.


LEFTYDOG isn’t as fully informed of Palin’s increasing possibilities  for becoming President of the United States.

The Marxist future for LEFTYDOG is a “gimme”.

While LEFTYDOG “putts out” on this hole, the President’s game is being played on his cell phone and he’s way over par.

Way over.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is critiquing her keynote Speech for this September 3rd.

Leftist Think-Tanks are on overtime pay, planning the best antidote to a possible Palin Presidential run.

Not since Hitler faced the Prime Minister-ship of Winston Churchill have the enemies of individual freedom been so threatened.

I can’t be the only one who thinks LEFTYDOG is one of the voices in Moriarty’s head.

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  • anisharmin

    This is absurd in content and also completely incoherent. What is he talking about? (I have to admit that I clicked to read this in part because “Moriarty” caught my eye and reminded me of Sherlock Holmes.)

    -Ani Sharmin

  • Mr Ed

    Soon every American will have a Run Sarah Run bumper sticker on their car. Professor Moriarty’s will be places squarely on in the middle of the back bumper the rest of us will put them on the front bumper.

  • Rambling T. Wreck

    I think he’s trying to tell us that his hovercraft is full of eels.

  • Doug Little

    Man this guy has fried his brain somewhere along the way, that is some incoherent shit right there. I’m thinking he will turn up soon on celebrity rehab soon.

  • pacal

    Michael Moriatry was / is a fine actor but he is also cracked. When he lived in Toronto for a time in the 1990’s stories of his warped behavior were common. He is now a a wack a loon. What really needsw explaining is why anyone would think his delusional rants were worth posting.

  • Son of Sam talked to dogs, too.

  • Dennis N

    But it doesn’t stop there, LEFTYDOG is but ONE side of the TIMECUBE.

  • harold

    My conclusions –

    1) People who are confused by brain problems related to substance abuse, chronic mental illness, and/or dementia seem to be easy marks for the political right. Although Moriarty is known to be anti-abortion, he doesn’t seem to have a coherent right wing agenda. Among other things, he voluntarily moved to Canada. There are many wingnuts in Canada, it is not a paradise nor socialist; nevertheless, Canada has moderately better social programs, universal health care, and is less militaristic, so a move like that doesn’t fit well with an overall hard core American right wing agenda. Another example of a similar person ostensibly supporting conservative politics, in a very confused and tragic way, in late life, was Dennis


    2) Some people can perform as artists despite remarkable problems; Moriarty apparently has a history of alcoholism (by admission) and of mental illness (suggested by the public record).

    3) I think this is just more evidence of how divorced from reality people who think Sarah Palin can be elected are. The latest poll I saw had Obama winning that matchup 51-37; however, many of those 37% don’t actually think she could win.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Just to be clear, this isn’t my Moriarty.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    In a smoky back room in an undisclosed location, a few months ago:

    GOP1: Sarah Palin has tremendous charisma, but voters are worried that she has extreme views.

    GOP2: I have a plan for that. Let’s put Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry into the mix. A month or two of that batshit insanity, and people will be flocking to Palin as a moderate.

    GOP1: Might work. I’ll start the ball rolling.

  • Brownian

    Where’s Jerry Orbach with a witty rejoinder when you need one before the fade out?

  • archfiend

    Is it just me, or is there some sort of vocational school for washed up and/or mentally unstable entertainers that actually trains them to write incoherent babble for WorldNutDaily and the like for a living?

    The only thing that Moriarty, Victoria Jackson and Ted Nugent have accomplished in their careers since the spotlight died out on them is the equivalent of raving about Communist radio agit-prop being broadcast through their bridgework; I realize that you’ve got a make a buck in this day and age, but constantly taking a dump in public isn’t the best way to do it.

  • Foster Disbelief

    There was a time in the recent past that I wished for Sarah to run for office because I knew there was no way she could be elected. She is just too batshit insane.

    Then Michelle Bachmann appeared as a national force, and I

  • Foster Disbelief

    added her to my list of hopeful candidates. A Palin/Bachmann ticket was my political wet dream. “No way they could get even 40% of the vote,” I thought.

    Then I started hearing about Rick Perry, and after researching his views, added him on to that growing list. “It may fly in Texas,” I figured, “but there is no way it will fly nationally. I mean, he threatened to fripping secede!”

    Then I realized that I was living in 2011 America. And now I wake up after nightmares of the announcement on election night 2012 of President-Elect Perry/Bachmann/Palin.

    With a well informed populace, democracy is a just and fair form of government.

    With the populace of the United States, democracy just scares the shit out of me.

    (Once again, I have no idea what I key combination I mistakenly hit to auto post that message.)

  • meg

    @Hercules – no, your Moriarty was much more eloquent in his speech 🙂

    I love how he’s totally skipped the Bush years. All of them.

  • Too bad Mr. Moriarty isn’t in the Vancouver, BC area. He could team up with Randy Quaid and cause a critical mass chain reaction of teh burnin’stoopitBatshitKKKrazzee.

  • Cor (formerly evil)

    Is this the Michael Moriarty who played Captain Dorf in the Holocaust miniseries? How many has-beens are the Republicans keeping on the payroll? Craig T. Nelson, Wilford Brimley; who’s next, Gallagher? Shit! Call back when you get George Clooney. . . or even Rosemary Clooney.

  • Artor

    He’s right about one thing. We on the left are largely hysterical about the idea of Palin running! Just not in the way he thinks.

  • Aquaria

    How many has-beens are the Republicans keeping on the payroll?

    Lots–and it’s obvious why they’re has beens. it’s not the liberalness of Hollywood that keeps them from getting jobs; it’s that Hollywood very much depends on the relationships between cast and crew. If someone is a persistent troublemaker, people just don’t want to work with him or her. Can you imagine what a work environment is like when you’d have to deal with a Victoria Jackson or this guy who desperately needs Haldol–stat?

    When a producer can’t get people to sign on for projects because they hate the people who will be in the movie, your movie can’t get made.

    You can be on the looney side–look at Travolta and Cruise, two of the more infamous Scientologist wackaloons. But they apparently know how to put aside the stupid long enough to work well with others. That the dolts the Republicans have picked up are has-beens is entirely because they’re too fucking crazy for even Hollywood to endure.

  • matty1

    I love how he’s totally skipped the Bush years. All of them.

    In fairness a lot of people would rather block out the memory of George Bush.

  • Chris from Europe

    Oh, people. Show him some empathy!

  • mcmillan

    How many has-beens are the Republicans keeping on the payroll? Craig T. Nelson, Wilford Brimley; who’s next, Gallagher?

    Sorry to break this to you about Gallagher, but it’s already happened