Welcome the New Blogs

As of this morning we are adding 9 more blogs to the network, so please do check them out. Here they are:

Alethian Worldview is a counter-apologetics blog formerly known elsewhere as Evangelical Realism. This blog will feature lots of critiques of Christian apologetic arguments.

Assassin Actual is the blog of an atheist Army officer stationed in Iraq. This blog will contain lots of first-person accounts of the war from a real life atheist in a foxhole.

Almost Diamonds is the new blog of Stephanie Zvan, who co-hosts the Atheists Talk radio show in Minnesota. She’ll be writing about science, sex, politics and whatever else she feels like talking about.

Blue Collar Atheist is the already well-established blog of Hank Fox, who moves to FTB to join the lineup.

Butterflies and Wheels is already a very well regarded website run by Free Inquiry columnist and author Ophelia Benson. Ophelia has long been a powerful voice for skepticism and science and we are very proud to have her joining FTB.

Camels with Hammers is the blog of philosopher Daniel Fincke, who teaches at Hofstra and CUNY. He’ll be focusing on the philosophical debates regarding atheism and religion.

Greta Christina brings her self-titled blog to FTB as well. Greta was one of the very first bloggers we thought of to invite to join the new network and we’re thrilled to have her on board. She blogs about atheism, sex and lots more.

Lousy Canuck brings our first non-American blogger to the network. Jason Thibeault is a skeptic and an atheist and his blog has now moved to FTB.

XBlog is the new blog of Greg Laden, a former colleague at ScienceBlogs who decided to throw his hat in with the new project as well. He also co-hosts the Atheists Talk radio show.

Please join me in welcoming all of the new FTB bloggers to the network. We’re very pleased they’ve all agreed to join us and we look forward to lots of great writing from all of them.

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  • muzakbox

    Will these blogs show up on the front page?

    I liked how there was a list of all new posts regardless of which blog. Why did that go away?

  • How do you get a blog added?

  • roggg

    Some very exciting blogs in the list, but until they are linked from the front page, they dont exist. I’m looking forward to the new content.

  • Paul Neubauer

    Welcome! Some of these I have been following for a long time and others are brand new to me, but I’m sure all will be interesting and worthwhile additions to this site.

    Ed, are you going to add these to the front page and to (both!) the “FREETHOUGHT BLOGS” sidebar boxes? (Incidentally, the left and right sidebar lists are different.) I know that some of them have been here for at least a week now and no one would know it if the posts didn’t show up in the “FTB MOST RECENT” list in the right sidebar.


    (I have occasionally posted on Sb as “prn” but wp insists on longer usernames.)

  • Yes, they’ll be linked on the front page today. We had them blocked while they were in the editing stages.

  • ManOutOfTime

    Very exciting! Echoing muzakbox, is there (or will there be) an all-blog feed a-la SB’s “Last 24 Hours”? As a reader, it’s a great and efficient way to get exposed to postings on blogs that you may not follow. I use Google Reader or browser bookmarks so I almost never hit the FTB home page.

  • Steve LaBonne

    I understand you to be the prime mover behind FTB, so I offer my heartiest congratulations on so quickly expanding its lineup of high-quality blogs. Well done! This shows what a great and much-needed idea FTB was in the first place.

  • ryangerber

    Is there any chance you can increase the number of posts in the combined feed? It was needed before, but it’s desperately needed now. 10 posts might only last a couple hours, but there’s no way I can check that often.

  • Dennis N

    They all get a shot, don’t let me down blogs!

  • As a wag over at Pharyngula points out, Canada is American, being part of North America. So I’m the first non-US blog. 🙂

    muzakbox: I’d like that too, for obvious self-serving reasons, but I’d settle for an expanded FTB Most Recent box.

  • 386sx

    The Canadians should have the top billing due to their having top billing geographically. (Being located to the north of the more southerly peoples.)

  • Hank Fox

    Ed, thanks to you and PZ and whoever else is responsible for this. I’m flattered and happy to be in such company!

  • Squiddhartha

    The only “problem” with all these new blogs… is that they’re all so awesome that I need to budget more time reading the FtB RSS feed!

  • Trebuchet

    I second the “I need more time” thought. I’ve been following a couple of these for a week or more as they showed up in the “Most Recent” block.

    A couple of thoughts:

    Please do get rid of the pop-under and auto-play ads if at all possible. As for the right-wing Xian ones, I’m fine with that as long as you get paid. I like to see them wasting their money.

    You can lose “Comradde Physioproffe” as far as I’m concerned. Nothing but juvenile fascination with cusswords and “what I had for lunch” and Yankees fanboydom, as far as I can see.

  • The front page is going to be totally redesigned, but it’s going to take some time. We’ve got a lot of tweaks yet to make, so thanks for all the suggestions. We are taking them into account to make the network as user-friendly as we can.

    The auto-play ads should be gone now; I dumped the ad network responsible for them.

  • 386sx

    This will be the best blog ever! Any day now!

  • felix

    That’s a great line up you’ve got there. Congratulations!

    One problem I am having is that stepping back from an article to the main Dispatches page takes an annoying amount of time. I don’t know whether you need a faster server, or more bandwidth, or something?