More PR Spam

As I’ve mentioned before, I seem to have gotten on the email lists of every hack PR agent in the country, who bombard me daily with messages about books that I wouldn’t read at gunpoint, especially Christian motivational crap. But this one may be the worst one yet:

I have an interesting topic for you (press below). Author and religion journalist, Cathleen Falsani, has written an intriguing book about the intersection of pop culture and faith by taking an intimate look into one of today’s biggest pop idols, Justin Beiber. Belieber! Faith, Fame and the Heart of Justin Beiber pubs September 27, 2011. The book is attracting a lot of attention and is creating very interesting conversation.

What kind of person reads this book, much less writes it? The kind of person who can utter things like this:

“Rather than a pop “idol” who points only to himself, time and again Justin uses the spectacular platform that superstardom—hard-earned, humbling, and a gift from God—has given him to direct his fans toward something much, much bigger,” Falsani says. “Justin has a message beyond what many critics quickly dismiss as “puppy love.” But it is about love—God’s love for everyone. And his fans are listening.” …

“I Belieb,” Falsani says. “Do you?”

I belieb you’re an idiot.

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  • Yoritomo

    Belieber! Faith, Fame and the Heart of Justin Beiber

    Someone along the way has an interesting, but consistent, spelling problem. I wonder who it is (not the author or publisher; I checked that).

  • tuibguy

    I belieb I will pass, too.

  • carlsonjok

    I don’t know. It seems like an understandable mistake. I was reading your blog for at least two years before I realized that you weren’t a nine year old girl.

  • Picture me putting my finger down my throat, PR weenies.

  • neonsequitur

    This would explain all those “Date Christian Girls” ads that keep showing up on Dispatches. Is Justin Beiber also going to endorse Ron Paul and Alan West?

  • slc1

    Re neonsequitur @ #5

    Since Mr. Bieber is a Canandian, I would hope he would steer clear of American politics.

  • hunter

    OK — you lost me at “creating an interesting conversation.”

    About Justin Beiber? You’ve got to be kidding.

  • Sadie Morrison

    The book…is creating very interesting conversation.

    I kinda doubt that.

  • docslacker

    As if I needed another reason to find the whole Bieber thing annoying.

  • Lord Shplanington, Not A Frenchman



  • Kiwi Sauce

    My impression was that the whole Justin Bieber phenomenon was a cunning attempt by Canada to become the next western superpower one pre-teen at at time…

  • DaveL

    Let’s see – prisons are overcrowded, and Justin Beiber publishes a book about his spirituality. I see an opportunity here for alternative sentencing.

    John Bloggins, you have been found guilty of criminal mischief. I hereby sentence you to read a book about Justin Beiber’s faith…

  • John Hinkle

    Just goes to show you how saturated the woo book market is. The woo artists have to get more and more creative making up claims about how xianity comports with, or justifies hatred of – you name it – the cosmos, science, government, the economy, poor people, brown people, non-heterosexuals, pop stars, dung beetles, floss, etc. Is there a topic that is not addressed by xianity?

  • matty1

    Strangely this did cause a religious conversion in me, I am now absolutely convinced there is a hell and the true name of Satan is Cathleen Falsani.

  • freemage

    DaveL @12: Cruel and unusual punishment, I’m afraid.

    Note: Honestly, I don’t hate on Bieber or his fans. My contempt is solely for the marketing/exploitation strategists behind him.