Worldnutdaily Invents Violent Protest Fantasy

The Worldnutdaily has one of its famous paranoid smear jobs about this weekend’s protests aimed at Wall Street. The headline asks, “Is revolution hitting U.S. streets tomorrow?” The subhed declares that the protesters are “training to incite violence, resist arrest, disrupt the legal system.” But the article contains not the tiniest iota of evidence. In fact, the only quotes they use from the organizers of those protest say the exact opposite.

Fight “market dictatorship”

“People of the world rise up!”

“We are legion.”

“Take to the streets.”

These and other battle cries were posted on the recent Twitter feed of a group calling itself Take The Square. The organization is one of the social media planners behind the “Day of Rage” protest slated to target Wall Street on Saturday.

Yes, and? None of those things even suggests violence.

Activists are advertising on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter for a “Day of Rage” on Sept. 17 to begin with the “occupation” of Wall Street and continue with protests across the nation.

Planners have their own website – – which tells protesters to “bring your own tent.”

The website is not specific about the purpose of the “Day of Rage” other than calling for “integrity” to be “restored to our elections.”

The site accuses corporations of using “money to act as the voices of millions, while individual citizens, the legitimate voters, are silenced and demoralized by the farce.”

Advertisements claim the protests at Wall Street and nationwide will be “non-violent.” However, the official website provides resources, including videos and detailed written instructions, for protesters to engage in “civil disobedience.”

Why is that “however” even in the sentence? There is nothing at all inconsistent between non-violence and civil disobedience. Did they miss the entire civil rights movement, which was based almost entirely on non-violent civil disobedience? For crying out loud, they even cite this directly:

This week, the ‘Day of Rage’ twitter feed posted links to what it called “nonviolent civil disobedience training talks.”

They don’t present a shred of evidence to support their slanderous headline, of course. This isn’t journalism, it’s just a smear job.

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