Robert O'Brien Nominee: Jed Smock

I’d never heard of Jed Smock before a Facebook friend linked to this post. He appears to be a wingnut preacher who travels from college campus to college campus, recently appearing at Grand Valley State here in Michigan. And he says things like this:

“I dismiss the god of Mohammad because he is a tyrant. A tyrant by definition is a law unto himself; he is above the law. On the other hand the God of the Bible submits himself to the same Moral Law to which he expects man to submit, thus making him a moral Governor. Also, Allah is not a loving God. If there is a God, he should be a loving being.”

For crying out loud, has he ever read the Bible he claims to believe in? Seriously?

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  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Wow, is ol’ Jed still at it? I remember him from my college days back in the late ’70s. There was a lot of pointing and laughing, as I recall, and not too much converting.

    It’s nice to see that Brother Jed has correctly resolved the Euthyphro dilemma. I wonder if he understands the implications.

  • I find it funny that on this very blog, I’ve argued with a guy who claimed that the Christian god is unaccountable and a law unto himself, and that’s exactly why it’s superior to human attempts at a moral code.

    Then this guy comes along and says his version of the Christian god is superior to another god because he submits to an independent moral standard and is held accountable.

    So, which is it, fundies? Are your god’s commands good because god obeys an independent moral standard, or are they good specifically because he commands them? This is not a new question.

  • wheatdogg

    Let’s see:

    Kick the kids out of Eden, for a transgression just waiting to happen.

    Make them work hard for a living. Make women suffer pain during childbirth.

    Watch while one brother kills another brother in the first generation of humans.

    Let humans multiply and do all kinds of crazy stuff you don’t really like, then wipe out most of the population with a big flood.

    Destroy a large building because it’s too threatening, and force humans to speak different languages.

    Persuade a father to kill his own son — just as a test, mind you.

    Smite two cities.

    Put a guy inside a big fish, because he won’t work for you.

    Make a teenager pregnant so you can have a human kid, then watch while 30 years later he’s arrested, tortured and executed for teaching your “Word.”

    I could go on and on. So which moral law is this God following? If I followed that kind of Moral Law, I’d be tried for crimes against humanity.

  • eric

    So which moral law is this God following?

    “Do what God says.”

    He follows it, and asks us to follow it. See? Perfect consistency.

  • joeina2

    Oh man Brother Jed. He comes by UofM every year as well.

    Does he often tell the story of when he became a Christian? He was tripping on acid in North Africa.

    But yeah, really not all that special. A bigot who goes around telling other people who aren’t bigots that they’re going to hell. Pretty standard bigot fare.

  • ohadam

    Brother Jed! He used to visit my college here in Southern California in the 80’s. He was always more than a match for the undergrads in any philosophical discussion, and he staunchly braved relentless juvenile ridicule. I admired him, though his message was idiotic.

    He asked me a question that has stayed with me: “Why does god require a blood sacrifice for the atonement of sins?” After 20 years, I still don’t know the answer.

  • gridlore
  • gridlore

    Oops, forgot to close the link tag. My bad.

  • CSB

    @5: My brother was there for Jed’s appearance at GVSU. From what he’s told me, if the story involved a hippie commune in Africa, the answer is probably yes.

  • eventallermidgett

    The god of Abraham is the god of both Christians and Muslims. How do these people not know that?

  • BobApril

    Midgett, those of us who believe in neither faith can see the clear relationship. But I think it can be reasonably argued by Christians that it is NOT the same god. Since Christians to not accept Mohammed as a prophet, the god that inspired him obviously cannot be the same as the Christian god. More likely to be Satan masquerading as God.

  • If there is a God, he should be a loving being.”

    Yup. He’d love the gays, he’d not go out of his way to create herpes, tsunamis, or – oops – islamism and christianity.

  • brewlord

    I remember him at U of Georgia in the 80’s. He was batcrap crazy then and he hasn’t changed since. He is featured n the movie Nature of Existence

  • dingojack

    Why don’t you Californians pool your spare change from underneath the sofa cushions (what with the CA economy being as it is) and buy him a bicycle? 🙂 – Dingo

  • ArtK

    If there is a God, he should be a loving being.

    For crying out loud, has he ever read the Bible he claims to believe in? Seriously?

    Now Ed, I’m sure you’ll come to understand it if you try. Just open your heart and you will know the Truth. Jeb’s God hurts His people because He loves them. He’s the stern father who beats His children when they don’t behave — because He loves them. He tempts His people and then punishes them when they give in to temptation — because He loves them.

    Allah, on the other hand, is just a cruel sadistic bastard who wants to hurt people just because He can. The difference is strikingly clear when you look at it the right way.



    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when Emperor Norton looks saner than a big chunk of the US population. Given the choice in voting for president, Emperor Norton would get my vote over anybody in the Republican Party.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Brotha Jed has brought his travelin’ show to the University of Florida as well, to universal glee. At that time, a student now known as Sista Cindy working as a reporter for the Independent Florida Alligator, endeavored to interview him.

    Quoth Jed: “Repent of your wicked ways, you sinful woman!” So she did, and has followed him around obediently ever since.

    As pick-up lines go, that one, at a minimum, has to fail 999 out of 1,000 times. But when it works – anything goes!

  • John Hinkle


    Since Christians to not accept Mohammed as a prophet, the god that inspired him obviously cannot be the same as the Christian god.

    Hmm. I wonder which Christian made the decision that Mohammed was not a prophet? Whoever it was, I going to guess he/she claimed god told them.