TMLC to Appeal Teacher Proselytization Ruling

The Thomas More Law Center announced that it would appeal the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on the California school teacher’s proselytizing banners in his classroom. They’re seeking an en banc rehearing, which would mean 11 judges from the same circuit would reconsider the ruling of the three-judge appellate panel. Such requests are rarely granted. I like this line from the press release:

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Law Center, commented, “The three-judge panel’s rationale in allowing the Tibetan Prayer Flags and references to other religions while outlawing America’s patriotic slogans that mention God is troubling and unconvincing. Brad Johnson was simply exercising his free speech rights regarding the religious foundations of our Nation.”

Even wingnut lawyers randomly capitalize words.

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  • dukeyorkduke

    TMLC =





  • flatlander100

    Is there a link to the TMLC press release in your post, Ed? I couldn’t locate it if there is.

  • Didaktylos

    @#1: also Tells Many Lies in Court.

  • eric

    flatlander – it’s on the front page of their web site. Just google ‘TMLC’ and click on the first link.

  • eric

    I note the lead counsel for TMLC’s effort is Rob Muise, one of the two TMLC lawyers who ran their Dover defense. I suspect that for this pro bono case, Mr. Johnson is getting what he paid for.

  • DaveL

    Brad Johnson was simply exercising his free speech rights regarding the religious foundations of our Nation.

    Hint: Next time don’t tell everybody right off the bat that the primary purpose of your client’s actions was religious.