Toledo Law School Gives Bristow a Forum

Some of you may remember Kyle Bristow, the neo-Nazi racist jerk who used to run the YAF chapter at Michigan State and is now at University of Toledo going to law school. And that law school, far from apparently being embarrassed by him, is actually promoting him — and leaving out a lot of details while doing it. He represented the school on a Constitution Day panel on constitutional issues. And this is the bio they offer of him:

Kyle Bristow, a third-year student in the UT College of Law, is a prominent conservative activist who has received national media attention. As an undergraduate student at Michigan State University, he was chair of the university’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom. He also wrote a fiction book that raises an alternative proposal to the native people of America.

That’s just a bit sanitized. The MSU YAF chapter was, at least at that time, a collection of little proto-fascists led by Bristow. During his time there he brought in neo-Nazi speakers like Nick Griffin and Paul Fromm and palled around with Preston Wiginton, a Nazi skinhead who brags about “stomping muds” — that would be dark-skinned people.

And that book is little more than Bristow’s racist and violent fantasies about killing liberals who dare to criticize his racism.

Now you know me, I’m a First Amendment absolutist. Bristow absolutely has the right to speak out on his views and write and say such vile things and it is absolutely protected. But that doesn’t mean the University of Toledo has to promote him and pretend that he isn’t a racist and a fascist. And I think they should hear about it.

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  • Dennis N

    The beauty of the First Amendment is that we have the right to let everyone know what kind of person he is. I wonder how he’ll feel when Google autocompletes “Kyle Bristow” with “is a racist prick”.

  • abb3w

    Ah; student, not professor. “Plugging him” or “favorably publicizing him” might be clearer than “promoting him”.

  • MikeMa

    As I recall, Bristow wasn’t that shy about expressing himself. Googling him turns up a lot of disparaging crap. Anyone who wanted to could get a very detailed picture of a needle-dick, hateful bigot.

    If the university is proud of him, they have more to answer for than poor judgement.

  • coryat

    Disgraceful. Any university could perhaps contain a person of that kind; skulking creatures such as Kyle Bristow can be very adept at hiding. To actively promote such a slime-mould however, especially once aware of his mad book of racist fever dreams? Such an action is disgraceful. For shame University of Toledo. If there is any advantage to be had, it lies in the fact that after Bristow got demolished here last time he showed up in the comments to further embarrass himself – perhaps he can earn a biscuit by repeating the trick.

  • Brain Hertz

    Just based on my own experience, but isn’t it possible that the bios are self-submitted? That’s always been the case for any panels that I’ve appeared on.

  • Artor

    @Dennis N #1

    I did just that & googled his name. The very top entry is a posting about him from SPLC’s Hatewatch.