Romney’s Disingenuous Anti-Intellectual Pandering

There are few more idiotic memes on the right than the denigration of intellect and learning, but it’s especially ridiculous coming from Mitt Romney. Here he is in a speech last month claiming that Obama is weak when dealing with dictators:

“That may be what they think in that Harvard faculty lounge,” he said, “but it’s not what they know on the battlefield!”

And I’m sure this will come as a shock:

Romney has never served on the battlefield, but he does hold degrees from Harvard in business and law. That’s one more than Obama, who has a law degree from the school and headed the Harvard Law Review. And it’s not just Romney who has Crimson ties: The Boston Globe notes that three of his children have attended Harvard Business School.

But, hey, at least he’s not taking his advice from the faculty lounge, right? Actually Romney relies on their expertise plenty. Meghan O’Sullivan, a former Bush aide, teaches international affairs at Harvard and reportedly advises him on foreign policy. His economic adviser for 2008 and 2012, Greg Mankiw, is a star professor there whose textbook is used at colleges around the country.

In related news, Rick Perry says people who wear cowboy boots are wussies.

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  • That’s okay, Ed, Mittunswillard still wins, hands down, the contest of which GOPanderdate most Americans would like to have downsize their company or fuck them out of their pension.

  • lofgren

    What the fuck do the guys on the battlefield know about negotiating with dictators? Is that really something we actually train every foot soldier to do? Or did we send the privates in one by one at random to try to talk Qaddafi down? If so I have some ideas on how we might reduce defense spending in this country.

  • So far, Obama has overseen the deposition of more dictators with minimal effort than Bush did by squandering thousands of lives and over a trillion dollars.

    If that’s “weak”, I’ll take it over being a tough-guy any day.

  • Chiroptera


    Does anyone else remember how, in the good old days, it was the conservatives who claimed to be the rational grown ups, and it was the leftists who were woo-pandering sentimentalists?