Geller, Spencer Pal Preaches Mass Murder

Geller, Spencer Pal Preaches Mass Murder October 3, 2011

Charles Johnson notes that one of the founding board members of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), one of Pam Geller and Robert Spencer’s groups, has issued what Geller and Spencer would undoubtedly describe as a fatwa calling for violent jihad if it was issued by a Muslim. But this time it’s issued against Muslims — and practically anyone else he disapproves of — and therefore it’s okay.

He calls himself John Jay, but who knows if that’s his real name. And wait till you hear this appalling screed:

first things first.–

1.)take out the talking head media, and burn the new york times, the los angeles times and the washington post to the ground. draw and quarter the media, and shoot their remains from canons in the four directions of the prevailing winds.

rinse, lather, repeat as needed.

2.)take out all the incumbent leadership of both parties in the congress, and every self avowed socialist and communist in congress. give them all proper muslim burials at sea, just like osama bin laden.

eliminate pensions for congressional service. rinse, lather, repeat as needed.

3.)eliminate the faculty senates at harvard, yale, columbia, nyu and university of california at santa barbara. boil bill ayers, bernie dorhn and angela davis in canola oil, and feed their remains to the fishes.

they are all physical cowards. they should fall into line pretty quickly. repeat every ten years as a prophylactic, on general principle.


4.)now that the “arab spring” has brought enlightenment to the middle east, send all of the muslim immigrants back to their native countries, in boxes or tourist, their choice.

burn all the mosques. period.

just sayin’.

john jay @ 09.26.2011

p.s. burn the editors and contributors to “the daily kos” at the stake. i’ll think of something suitable for hilary clinton. bill, he has to room with jimmy carter in a clapped out pickup & camper on the edge of a southern peanut field, somewhere in arkansas: that’s about as close to a living hell as i can imagine for him.

and, throw all the living governors of new york, california, ohio, illinois, washington, florida and massachusetts into the fiery pits, from which there is no escape. sorry, jeb. but, i think that you were a skull & bones internationalist, too, weren’t you?

As Johnson notes, this sounds pretty similar to the kind of thing written by the Norwegian terrorist before he actually started killing people. And I’m sure Geller and Spencer will come out and condemn this, right? I doubt it.

On a stylistic note, it’s interesting to see that while most wingnuts prefer to use capital letters randomly in their screeds, Mr. Jay prefers not to use them at all.

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  • He’s no e.e. cummings.

  • raven

    Well, Cthulhu, he didn’t mention me by name. I’m sure if he had thought of it I would be on his To Murder list along with all of my friends.

    I noticed a long time ago that all fundies have To Hate lists that are ever growing. Some also have To Kill lists.

    This was what drove me out of xianity.

    BTW, this guy is potentially dangerous, the next Timothy McVeigh, Lared Loughner, or Anders Breivik. It’s an empirical observation that where there is a lot of hate and hate speech, hate actions follow.

  • laurentweppe

    What’s so surprising is that this kind of speech is happenning so soon: the last thing Spencer & co would want people to know is that the only difference between them and Breivik lies in their self-preservation instincts, so I would have thought that such group like the AFDI would try to hide their bloodlust, at least for a while.

  • Taz

    Also on a stylistic note, someone should tell that him constantly repeating shampoo bottle instructions detracts a bit from the whole macho, bad-ass routine.

  • chilidog99

    is this a specific enough threat against the political leaders of the country to involve the secret service?

    (look ma, no caps)

  • Mr Ed

    I’m not sure of the Oxford debating rules but I think you loose points if your response to differing ideas is elaborate revenge fantasies. Time to get your meds adjusted before you feel you have the right to act on these fantasies.

  • naturalcynic

    Right at the top of the list is

    take out the talking head media If he starts to act out his fantasy with Sean, BillO, Roger, … maybe he can be stopped right there.

  • fastlane

    eliminate pensions for congressional service.

    Ok, that’s one idea I like.

  • matty1

    take out… every self avowed socialist and communist in congress

    How many people is that exactly, and what happens if he isn’t around?

  • Scott Simmons

    “Rinse, lather, repeat as needed?” No, it’s “lather, rinse, repeat”. Once you rinse, there’s nothing left to lather.

    On the plus side, I now know I’ll be able to recognize this guy if he approaches me on the street from his greasy hair, and be prepared to defend myself.

  • DaveL

    I ask again to those who deny the Islamophobic right bears some responsibility for the oeuvre of Anders Breivik: Where do you disagree with him? Exactly where does he go off the rails? Because here we have another one of their fellow-travellers explicitly calling for the kind of brutality that make Breivik look positively humane.

  • frankniddy

    I’d be willing to bet actual money that this waste of flesh, space and oxygen calls himself pro-life. Such violent fanatics on the right almost always do.

  • laurentweppe

    Exactly where does he go off the rails?

    Nowhere: Breivik never got off the rails, at least by far-right islamophobes standards: he did what every far-rightist dream to do. The only thing peculiar about Breivik being that he was so enraptured by his own fantasies (about him being part of an heroic vanguard that would “restore” the Western/European/Christian/White Meta-Empire to its former glory and supremacy) that it basically short-circuited his self-preservation instincts.

    In fact, give them a few years, and you’ll see the far-right starting to worship him: if some people can indulge in hero-worship for the likes of Ygal Amir, the Godse brothers, Bastien-Thiry, McVeigh and others, you can bet your own neck that sooner or later, Breivik will be openly admired and praised by the far-right. As I said, the only thing that surprises me is that they’re starting to do it so soon.

  • rabbitscribe

    It takes a very, very special mind to fuck up “lather, rinse, repeat.” I mean, that makes coordinating the apocryphal three-car funeral seem difficult by comparison.

  • @DaveL (#11) — You can’t go off the rails when you were never on them to begin with.

  • Wes

    I can’t get the link to work. Has the original been taken down?

  • Scott F

    So what does this guy have against UCSB in particular? Harvard, Yale, and Columbia I can understand: radical leftist institutions every one. (Really??) But UCSB? And not UC Berkeley, UCSF, or UCLA? Weird.

  • Nentuaby

    Fastlane @#8:

    Bad idea. Cutting elected officers’ pay (indeed, any form of mandatory amateurism, such as the old rule at the Olympic Games) is one of those ideas that naively sounds nifty regardless of your political ideals. In practice, however, you need to account for the “we’ve tried this before” principle. We know from experience that what it actually does is drive out the lower classes who need to be doing something that makes them money. It’s a classist’s dream.

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  • Midnight Rambler

    Wes: Evidently the url changed after he updated it a few days later. It’s still up, but now here (the “09” in the OP is changed to “10”).

  • Wes

    Wes: Evidently the url changed after he updated it a few days later. It’s still up, but now here (the “09″ in the OP is changed to “10″).

    Muchas gracias. 🙂

  • Nemo

    I believe there’s exactly one “self avowed socialist” in Congress (Bernie Sanders), and zero communists. But, I suspect Mr. Jay has only a dim understanding of the terms “socialist”, “communist”, and especially “self avowed”.

  • laurentweppe

    I believe there’s exactly one “self avowed socialist” in Congress (Bernie Sanders), and zero communists

    Well, if you look at what the communist rulers of USSR were, that is a corrupt aristocracy filled with inept old men exhausting their country ressource in millitaristic macho posturing while being transparently contemptuous toward their commoners, I’d say that with 55 millions registered republicans, the US has the second biggest communist party, just behind China.

  • Tony

    More than a fatwa or terrorist screed, this sounds like the purges which Stalin and the Khmer Rouge carried out in their countries. Eliminate the intelligentsia and opposition leadership as a step toward an authoritarian state.