Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Bryan Fischer

The Bryan Fischer award is given to those who demonstrate a staggering degree of obliviousness to their own internal contradictions and project their own worst sins on to others. And Fischer himself displays this utter lack of self-awareness perfectly:

It’s worth repeating that secular fundamentalists have their own version of Sharia law, which differs little from the Sharia law of Islamic fundamentalists. Just as Muslims are determined to eradicate the presence of Christian symbols from the public square, so are secular fundamentalists.

It’s time to say a firm “No” to Sharia law, whether it’s the ACLU’s version or the Qur’an’s version.

If anyone is similar to those who want to impose Sharia law, it is, of course, Bryan Fischer. He is, after all, on record calling for throwing all gay people in prison. Despite the fact that he shares this vile bigotry with the reactionary Muslims, he still has claimed repeatedly that gay rights advocates are just like the Taliban. Because simpletons like him simply can’t make rational distinctions; anyone he disagrees with is wrong about everything in exactly the same way. All are the enemy and thus all are guilty of the same things no matter how different they actually are.

And perhaps he missed the part where the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit against a Minnesota charter school for endorsing Islam and teaching students to believe in, which resulted in the school shutting down.

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  • And that the ACLU regularly (and correctly) fights for religious believers whose rights are being stomped on by overzealous administrators (IE students being forced to remove religious prayers from their own lockers.)

  • doolittle

    Congratulations, Ed! You just got a mention on Bryan Fischer’s show. Well, you didn’t get mentioned by name. He talked briefly about your Bryan Fischer Award. Listen for it at the top of the second hour of his show.

    Also, he seems to think that you were in the band Winger.

  • Aquaria

    Also, he seems to think that you were in the band Winger.

    Now that’s beyond the pale!

    You gonna take that sitting down, Ed?

  • Stevarious

    Aw, man…. Winger… That is a low blow indeed.

  • vmanis1

    My head hurts. It seems inappropriate to give somebody his own award, that smacks too much of conflict of interest. Can’t you give Fischer say the Peter Sprigg Award, and then give Sprigg the Fischer Award? Maybe you could give them both the Tony Pervertkins award?

    Please fix this, i am tired of my headache!

  • coryat

    The fact that WingNutDaily’s new line -up includes both Bryan Fischer AND Bradlee Dean for its commentary is just a super-massive black hole of stupid.