Abramoff: Ralph Reed is Lying

When Jack Abramoff was in business, Ralph Reed was one of his main partners. Abramoff would funnel money from gambling interests, especially Native American tribes that owned casinos, to Reed, who would then use it to build up opposition to new casinos that might cut into their profits. And Reed has claimed that he was never paid out of gambling profits:

Reed told Colmes that when he worked with Abramoff, he made it clear that he would not accept any payment that derived from gambling revenues and that Abramoff arranged to have him paid from non-gambling revenues.

Abramoff later told Colmes that’s a lie:

Colmes: Does that accurately represent what happened?

Abramoff: No. Not at all.

Colmes: In what way?

Abramoff: It’s ridiculous. I mean, even the tribes that had other business, 99% of their revenue came from gaming. But a lot of those tribes had nothing but gaming.

Colmes: So, in other words, Ralph Reed was saying “hey, I’ll work with you but I don’t want to be paid with gambling money, I’m too clean for that.” But are you saying that conversation never happened?

Abramoff: No. Never happened. Ralph didn’t want it out that he was getting gambling money and, frankly, that was his choice and I think it was a big mistake.

I’m shocked. Aren’t you shocked?

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  • blindrobin

    Why yes I am shocked, that someone had to point out that Ralph Reed was lying. I just always assumed that everyone understood that if the smarmy wee twat was making wordy sounds that he was lying.

  • cptdoom

    Oh man, next you’re going to tell me that Rick’s American Cafe allows gambling.

  • Michael Heath

    I think one of the biggest harms to Christianity in general is their conservatives becoming an influential political movement over the past four decades. They once had a reputation of being honest business brokers, even if it wasn’t individually earned or earned by the entire group. I now think no reasonable person would assume a self-identified Christian* is dealing with them in an honest manner but instead such an identification deservedly starts-up our skepticism radar, the complete opposite of their prior reputation. I think today’s suspicions is obviously warranted, I don’t claim to know whether their previous reputation was merited.

    *I’m not including those who reveal they’re cultural Christians like their being Catholic Church or members of a denomination not known for proselytization or biblical inerrancy, but instead am referencing only those who inform you they are Christians as a matter of faith/belief or inform you they’re members of denominations known for proselytization or biblical inerrancy.

  • laurentweppe

    I’m shocked. Aren’t you shocked?

    Abramoff is telling the truth? This is conclusive evidence that the LHC did break down the laws of the universe: who wouldn’t be shocked?

  • d cwilson

    @Michael Heath: Here’s a good rule of thumb: If someone feels the need to loudly proclaim how “Christian” they are before you begin any business dealings with them, keep your hand on your wallet.

  • @d

    …and probably your balls??

  • noastronomer

    …and while you have one hand on your wallet and the other on your balls, whatever you do don’t bend over.

  • Isn’t Abraham calling someone a liar akin to Liberace calling someone a raging queen?