Brother Sam at Skepticon

Here’s the video of Brother Sam Singleton’s performance at Skepticon. It’s very funny stuff. I strongly recommend other skeptical groups invite this guy to speak.


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  • ManOutOfTime

    #beatingadeadhorse But is it better than gelato? Don’t make me have to choose … gaddamn!

  • JT Eberhard

    Second that groups should invite Sam. He’s hilarious and a real classy guy. One of my favorites.

  • reverendrodney

    Thanks, Ed.

    This was the perfect antidote to the conservative humor post. For myself any take-off of preachers at the pulpit has me rolling in the aisle. I am an unholy roller.

  • Pseudonym

    I think you meant “atheist groups”, not “skeptical groups”. Skeptics wouldn’t want to scare away the next Martin Gardner, after all.