Orly Taitz Goes to New Hampshire

Orly Taitz and a group of New Hampshire state legislators went to the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission and demanded that they remove Obama from the state’s election ballots. And when the commission voted unanimously to reject their loony request, they threw temper tantrums. Rep. Harry Accornero said, “You all should be accused of treason, and we’ll get people to do that.” Rep. Susan DeLemus then attacked the state attorney general.

Things got so bad that the members of the commission locked themselves in their offices to avoid the wingnuts. Here’s video of what happened:


"Man, that was a weird comment, even for him. Broke my gibberish decoder."

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  • d cwilson

    You can trace the roots of this display back decades. The GOP has been pandering to and cultivating the most uninformed, batshit crazy block of voters this country has ever seen. We now have millions of people in this country who live in their own fact-free bubbles reinforced with Fox-approved talking points.

    And thanks to the teabagger sweep of 2010, we now have some of the most radical, batshit insane people elected to offices at every level of government across this country. Ignorance is now considered a virtue among this crowd.

    This is how empires fall. Not from foreign invaders, but by rotting from within.

  • Cuttlefish

    NH has the third or fourth largest legislative body in the English-speaking world, with 400 representatives and 24 senators, each paid a mere $100 per year. As such, there is room for some genuine fringe representation. This is considered a feature, not a bug. Usually.

  • MikeMa

    I hope whatever they are smoking is legal in NH.

    Taitz has apparently given up legal remedies for her insanity after getting fined 20 grand last year. Now she is using already elected idiots to move her case forward. In a sane world, being seen with Taitz ought to disqualify you from public service anything. Post Palin, it marks you for celebrity status.

  • eric

    Yes, because in the U.S. we decide questions of citizenship by getting 9-10 friends and browbeating the attorney generals of states 5000 miles away from the state of record.

    And seriously, New Hampshire? They’ve got the minimum 3 electoral college votes. No offense to the good people of the granite state, but if you are really set on the insanity of trying to remove Obama from the ballot, Florida or Ohio should probably be your targets of choice; they’re the swing states with the most votes. A 3-vote state which has gone democrat in 4 of the last 5 elections should frankly be one of your last.

  • DaveL

    Did they all arrive in the same tiny car?

  • heironymous

    Quit knocking New Hampshire.

    After all, the bipartisan ballot commission did throw their request out unanimously.

  • grumpyoldfart

    No point in trying to be diplomatic about it – You Americans are crazy !

  • Chiroptera

    grumpyoldfart, #7:

    You know what makes us even more annoying? We think that other people will view it as an endearing quirk.

  • Tea Party wingnut, Harry Accornero, might need a little polite mail.


  • “Tea Party wingnut, Harry Accornero, might need a little polite mail.”


  • Oily Taint, the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Note to FTB overlords: you must create a “like” button. This is such a great and simultaneously irritating post. Some things need no extra comments when you come in late to the game.

    Da crazy, it does spread so much and doesn’t know when to stop. Would that there was a higher power to deliver us sane individuals to planet of like individuals.


  • If they weren’t so dangerous they’d be cute.

    Kinda like gremlins. Do NOT feed Orly Taitz raw pig liver after midnight. She’d be even more batshit fucking nuts.

    You’d think they would take their clown show to Hawaii, the place that has certified the Muslim imposter as a Real ‘Murcan. Nahhhhhh, that would almost have some element of logic behind it.

  • Aquaria

    So much stupid that nothing gets done that needs to get done.

    The Republican way.

  • Nibi

    New state motto: Live Freeper or die

  • *facepaw*

    Sweet juggling Jesus on a unicycle…

  • dan4

    I’m curious why Accornero feels it would be “treasonous” to have Obama’s name on the state election ballots.

  • raven

    The usual.

    Can Tea Party wingnuts come up with something so stupid even they can’t believe it?

    Hasn’t happened yet.

  • dust

    Can Tea Party wingnuts come up with something so stupid even they can’t believe it?

    Hasn’t happened yet.


  • schism

    I’m curious why Accornero feels it would be “treasonous” to have Obama’s name on the state election ballots.

    Because Marxism, Muslims, and “international bankers” exist. IT’S ALL CONNECTED, WHY CAN’T YOU SEE THAT.

  • Sweet suffrin’ JESUS on a pogo stick! The paper of record for Cow Hampshire reicwingers, the Union Loader has actually scolded Orly and her posses. What the fuck comes next, the pope admitting that he’s been shtupping the other cardinals?

  • Moon Jaguar

    Citizens of the world: on behalf of the intelligent, educated segment of our culture, I apologize for our ignorant wingnuts. They are, as we say in America, three miles of bad road.

    Your pal,

    Moon Jaguar

  • Back in 1974, Peter Boyle was in “Crazy Joe” a biopic of sorts about Joe Gallo of the NY mob Gallos.

    They could do a remake now, “KKKrazzepants Joe” starring Arpaio, Steven Segal and Alice Cooper. It wouldn’t even be direct to cable, more like direct to shredder.

  • chilidog99

    Eric@4, actually the birthers, great defenders of the constituion, that they are, haven’t figured it out yet. All they really need to do is to get one, just one of their members apponted / elected to the electoral college. That way. when Obama wins his second term, they would have the requisite and important “standing” to object to his qualifications.

  • Pinky

    Orly Taitz should have her own “reality” show. It would be something the good folks at Saturday Night Live could not satirize without making her look saner.

    Imagine if you will, a show where cameras follow Ms. Taitz as she argues birfer nonsense in political settings, then as she heaps frivolous lawsuits upon politicians, judges, TV commentators, etc., for not kowtowing to her insanity.

    I can envision Taitz talking on camera saying: “Of course the litigation is not frivolous; the judges are afraid the golden lizard doodles will eat their oommpans..”

    The first season would end with Orly suing the TV production company and the camera operators for accurately recording her insane ravings. She will claim the camera operators do not have plausible proof they graduated from, um, camera running school.

    The universities the production company staff attended will be subpenaed to investigate if the professors are the offspring of land mammals and a Deep Sea Dragonfish.

    In the second season it will start getting crazy!

  • Ichthyic


    I mean…


    the state attorney general and associated commission officers LOCK THEMSELVES IN AN OFFICE IN FEAR FOR THEIR SAFETY FROM ATTACK BY ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES.

    this is bugfuck NUTS!

    I do hope they end up filing ethics charges.

  • meanmike

    Perhaps they are onto something here. I read on the internet that Obama is a 39th level Reptilian, extremist secular/muslim, Anti-Christ, Wall Street luvin’, communist Mason. And I believe everything, and I mean everything I read.

  • chilidog99

    In a recent, online, debate with a birther re the language of the Wong Kim Ark decision, the birther posted the following:

    “precisely analogous” does NOT mean “exactly the same.” You want it to, but it doesn’t. There are fundamental differences.


  • chilidog99

    Imagine if Orly were on a reality show with Gary Busie, Pat Boone and Tom Laughlin.

  • First off, that comment about Arpaio belongs on the thread about Arpaio (if it belongs anywhere!).


    I think there are some universal law of physics thingy about concentrating that much burnin’ stoopit in one place.

  • fastlane

    Maybe we can get them to camp out long enough for the police to decide to properly crack down on them.

    Seriously, borderline violent protests don’t get a large police response, even when they are threatening state legislators, but peaceful protesters get pepper sprayed and beaten?

    How long before the US gov collapses, and who’s giving the over-under on what will emerge?

  • dan4

    @31: What does your bizarre, nutty, fear-mongering non sequitur of a third sentence/paragraph have to do with the rest of your (otherwise quite reasonable) post?

  • Aliasalpha

    @Moon Jaguar

    Citizens of the world: on behalf of the intelligent, educated segment of our culture, I apologize for our ignorant wingnuts. They are, as we say in America, three miles of bad road.

    Why 3 miles specifically? Also if you’re talking to the world, you might want to consider giving the distance in kilometres as well

  • @ Moon Jaguar:

    To my husband, Jesus. On behalf of the insane, ignorant, and faithful segment of our culture, I apologize for our educated socialazi’s. (Perhaps it should be “nazalists?”) They are, as we say in the quiverfull movement, being bred out of existence. Give us a few more years, and we’ll all be stupid enough for your glorious return.

    Patiently awaiting my mansion in heaven.

    Your blushing bride,

    Fred Teapartier

    I worry that we long ago passed your note, and have moved into the realm of mine.