Pope Benedict’s Delusional Lies

If you haven’t read this article, prepare to be appalled. You won’t be shocked, not if you’ve been paying attention for the last couple decades, but you certainly should be angered by it. Pope Benedict actually claims that other institutions should be held to the same standards as the Catholic Church in handling child abuse.

Pope Benedict XVI told bishops from New York state that “all other institutions” in society should be held to the same “exacting standards” as the Roman Catholic Church in preventing and reporting sex abuse.

Benedict spoke on Saturday (Nov. 26), one day before New York’s Syracuse University announced that it had fired its associate men’s basketball coach, Bernie Fine, over charges that he had sexually abused young boys.

Speaking to a delegation led by New York Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, the pope praised the bishops’ ”honest efforts” at protecting children against sex abuse, and dealing “appropriately and transparently with allegations as they arise.”

Now join me on this planet, where the Catholic Church spent decades covering up cases of child sexual abuse, moving the predators from one diocese to another to provide them with fresh victims. And where this pope himself ordered the bishops not to turn over those priests to the police but to handle everything internally. And where, until just the last few weeks, not a single Catholic bishop had been held legally responsible for doing so.

I am all for all institutions being treated the same in their obligations on this issue, but they aren’t. And it’s because the Catholic Church has been given a pass when it comes to criminal investigations and prosecutions. In every other situation where someone is in a position of authority over children — teacher, principal, police officer, doctor, counselor, therapist, etc. — it is a legal requirement that they report all cases of suspected abuse to the police. Only the Catholic Church is exempted, even after the hundreds and hundreds of cases of pedophilia uncovered.

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  • Sounds like he’s trying to shove the whole extensively documented, widely publicized thing down the memory hole since faux surprise, apologia, and blame deflection didn’t fool anyone.

  • subbie

    FSM help us if the rest of the world is held to the same standard as the Catlickers. *shudder*

  • Larry

    Well the child-fucker-in-chief has truly jumped the shark with that one.

    I can play that game, too: Lets have other institutions held to the same exacting standards as the Medellin Cartel when it comes to drug smuggling abuse.

  • Penn State held to those standards and look what happened.

    How many priests have to be exposed as child molesters before the Vatican recognizes it as a systemic problem? That is, that the church provides the means, the victims, and sanctuary for pedophiles*. By sanctuary I mean relocation to other parishes, to make apprehension more difficult.

    *I am sure that many men go into the priesthood in order to have access to children. And it makes me wonder if the vow of celibacy concerns only sex with women. Hmm.

  • tbp1

    Only a few comments on WaPo so far, but I’m happy to report they are all scathing and incredulous that the Pope would dare to make such comments in a public forum.

  • robnyny

    You just know that this is going to be on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend update segment.

  • Crudely Wrott

    “Hey, Rocky! Wanna see me pull a rabbit out of my hat?

    “Ooops. Wrong hat.”

  • shorter pope: Don’t expect us to behave any better than all the people we morally criticize.

  • ema

    Honest efforts to protect children?

    The head of the Catholic Church in Ireland has agreed to a legal settlement over his role in administering an oath of secrecy to a teenage victim of clerical sexual abuse in 1975, the victim’s lawyer said on Wednesday.

    Cardinal Sean Brady has previously said he was ashamed that he had been present at meetings where children had to sign oaths of silence about allegations of abuse against Nobertine priest Brendan Smyth, one of Ireland’s most notorious paedophiles.

    How depraved does a lie have to be before Pope Benedict will shy away from it?

    In Raphoe in the northwest of Ireland, Bishop Philip Boyce said “horrific” acts of child sex abuse were carried out by priests over the last 35 years.

    Some 52 allegations of abuse by a total of 14 priests were made to police between January 1975 and August 2010.

    A report on the diocese of Derry in the British province of Northern Ireland meanwhile found that 31 allegations of abuse were made involving 23 priests.

    Further reports revealed 25 allegations of abuse against 18 priests in Tuam in the west of Ireland; 35 allegations of abuse concerning 10 priests in Dromore in Northern Ireland; seven allegations of abuse involving seven priests in Kilmore, which straddles the border; and 14 allegations of abuse concerning 13 priests in the diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise.

  • MikeMa

    Takes lying for jesus to a whole new level.

  • neonsequitur

    Wherever there’s piety, you’ll find hypocrisy not far behind. They go together like priests and altar boys.

  • Jim

    Anyone who supports Ratzinger and his church in any manner–church attendance, tithing, baptizing your children, church weddings, funerals–are complicit in child rape. Perhaps if “concerned” catholics boycotted this feudal institution of privilege and wealth something might be done.

    I would also suggest that when discussing Ratzinger, one refrain from using titles. Titles are aristocrat pretensions to superiority. I suggest that the only title acceptable as an address in a democratic country is Mr or Ms. If the president of the United States can be referred as Mr Obama with respect in the media then Mr Ratzinger will surely do for this protector of child rapists.

    As an aside, I have found that a title and some money usually turn someone into an asshole. I have an artificial hip and have had four big surgeries. Let me tell you, after the experiences I’ve had with surgeons and doctors, it is Mr or Ms Whatever to every doctor I encounter.

    Anyway, fuck Ratzinger.

  • Aquaria




    This guy is determined to be the sickest fucking scumbag on the planet. And that takes some doing.

  • keithharwood

    I am sure that the Pope really does want all institutions held to the same standards as the Catholic church. The standard of the Catholic church is that anyone in Holy Orders is subject to Canon Law and not to Civil Law. That is, it’s not just child abuse, but any crime; if it is committed by a priest it is sufficient if the priest makes a sincere confession (to his confessor, who must keep it secret) and performs a penance he is off the hook and no further action need be taken. Of course, if the same crime is committed by someone who is not a priest, the full penalties of Civil Law must apply.

  • Chiroptera

    Jim, #12: I suggest that the only title acceptable as an address in a democratic country is Mr or Ms.

    I prefer “Citizen.”

    But then, I don’t think that we have many political problems that couldn’t be solved with a guillotine in every town square.

  • U.S. Catholic bishops, concerned about Obama administration policies on birth control and gay rights that they say see as an unprecedented “assault” on the rights of religious groups, recently established a watchdog panel to combat threats to “religious liberty.”


    Pay no attention to the man and the altar boy behind the curtain.

  • MikeMa

    Of course the pope and his cult wand abortion and contraception illegal. It helps keep the victim population higher.

  • I prefer “Citizen.”

    In Ratzinger’s case “Ci-devant” would make more sense.

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