Freshwater Continues to Lie

For a guy who holds himself out as a paragon of Christian virtue, John Freshwater sure does lie a lot — and so do his supporters. They continually claim that the whole reason he was fired was because he had a Bible on his desk. Here he is on David Barton’s radio show telling that lie yet again:

Freshwater: When the 2007/2008 school year came along, there was a new principal, a new Superintendent, and three new school board members and what took place that year was they wanted me to removed my Bible from my desk. And I felt I have academic freedoms and I thought I had the right to have my Bible on my desk, so I left it on my desk in 2007/2008 school year and they told me to remove it and that was when they suspended me – April 16, 2008 – they suspended me without pay and I’ve been in litigation since then, the last four years.

Now, it’s true that the school was wrong to order him to take the Bible off his desk. That is legally allowed. But that was one small part of a much larger set of instructions to remove things from his classroom, like a box full of Bibles he handed out to students and posters that endorsed Christianity, and handouts from creationist groups telling lies about evolution. And he also leaves out the fact that he burned a freaking cross into a kid’s arm, misusing professional equipment to inflict an injury on a student for crying out loud — and it wasn’t an accident, he did it intentionally. That’s enough to get you fired in any situation.

But they take the one thing on a long list of clear violations of school policy and court rulings that actually was wrong and pretend it was all about that. Absolutely dishonest.

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