Victoria Jackson Cracks the Case

Victoria Jackson draws on her vast experience and knowledge to inform people that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government at the highest levels. Her evidence of this: The government actually listens to some Muslim people when trying to deal with a threat from other Muslim people.

Fact: The FBI’s Assistant Director for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate is an Iranian-born Muslim.

Fact: MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council) trains the TSA.

Does this alarm you? Are you freaking out? You should be.

No, it doesn’t alarm me at all. Why should it? Does she think the FBI doesn’t do a thorough background check on their officials? Does she think the mere fact that someone is a Muslim makes them an anti-American terrorist? Does she think the Muslim Public Affairs Council is a bunch of Bin Laden clones? I happen to know one of the national leaders of the MPAC. I can assure you, they are anything but. But since Jackson is a bigot and an idiot, being Muslim is enough evidence for her.

On the PolitiChicks show, she gave some details on the “briefing” she went to in Washington about this alleged infiltration. Because “briefing” sounds so much better than “meeting of wingnuts to hear what a couple disgraced former FBI agents had to say.”

In that post, she details testimony given by John Guandolo, a former FBI agent who worked on the case against former Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson. Guandolo resigned from the FBI in 2008 after he was caught trying to score a $75,000 donation for an anti-terrorism group from a wealthy Jefferson case witness with whom he was having an affair. Guandolo now gives speeches on the existential threat of Islam, claiming that Muslim groups are using political correctness and political insurgency to stop FBI and police officers from stopping their spread of Sharia law.

The actress-turned-pundit also reported testimony from Maj. Stephen Coughlin, who in 2008 was effectively fired from his post at the Joint Chiefs of Staff, because, many conservatives believe, he was a staunch anti-Islamic extremist advocate. Wired reports that his contract was not renewed after a staffer for Gordon England, then the deputy secretary of defense, raised questions about his work. Last January, Coughlin gave a maligned speech during an FBI presentation on Muslim extremism.

Claiming that it was strongly hinted that President Obama was a Muslim — his policies all favor Muslims and are against Israel, she claims to have been told — Jackson says in the video that the ultimatum pushed by terrorist groups in America is “You have to convert or be killed.”

She also said that this “briefing” had “changed her life,” but it appears only to have reinforced her insane paranoia.

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  • Artor

    You could shorten the heading on this post and just write,

    “Victoria Jackson Cracked”

  • Randomfactor

    People are listening to this ditz? This alarms me and freaks me out, as it should.

  • It is a tragedy that such monumental stupidity has become so mundane.

  • schism

    Does [Victoria Jackson] think…


  • Victoria Jackson attended a deliberately segregated school that was still fighting in court to discriminate when she graduated from high school. So she received intense training in bigotry. What else would we expect from her?

  • exdrone

    Okay, Victoria, now unravel that onion one more layer. By speaking out as wingnuts, the ex-FBI experts are discrediting the notion of Muslim infiltration, thus allowing it to hide in plain sight. Do you see it now? They are extremist Muslim insurgents themselves. In fact, since you are facilitating their plan, you must be part of the conspiracy yourself.

  • Victoria’s campaign against sanity continues to roll up one triumph after another. Wingnuts are quick to defend her even when criticims pop up in the unlikeliest of venues. For example, one commenter over at Free Republic (a cesspool of right-wing extremism) called her one of the “Hollywood airheads.” In quick response, another Freeper offered an explanation: “She played an airhead of SNL but she isn’t one in real life.” Unfortunately, the evidence is stacking pretty heavily in the other direction.

  • Obviously, a complete purge of anyone in the government who knows too much about Islam is in order–just like how in the 1950’s the U.S. had to get rid of those who knew too much about Asia and communism. That lack of knowledge really smoothed our path in Vietnam, as I recall.

  • shay

    Does she think the mere fact that someone is a Muslim makes them an anti-American terrorist?

    Well, yes. She does.

  • organon

    Laughter set in, and quite a laugh, up until the realization set back in that those who are influeced by such non-sense not only vote, but influence the political realm in general. It seems such lunacy serves multiple functions. It serves in that the more the extremes to which such persons swing away from reality, the more they seem to tug the overall political culture in that direction. Also, it serves as a distraction not only to those who approve of such rantings, but also to those who disapprove of it, keeping them distracted from the real issues. There are more I can think of, but noting the obvious will reach only those who don’t need to be reached. On the flip side, examples of lunatics having a loyal audience serves as a barometer. Will the levels of desperation we are seeing turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing? And to what degree for each? BTW, Lunacy: “Insanity, especially insanity relieved intermittently by periods of clear-mindedness.” Or: “intermittent insanity once believed to be related to phases of the moon.” It would seem the intermittent nature of it makes it more dangerous, as the normal day-to-day functioning makes them seem more credible to those who listen to them. Now to leave the topic.

    On another note, I wanted to mention that I very much enjoyed comment #7.

  • Aquaria

    So where’s her list of “250 known” Islamists in the highest reaches of government. I’m pretty sure that’s the number that scumbag Joe McCarthy started out with, too.

  • Someday, Victoria is going to drop the charade and reveal herself to be perhaps the greatest Poe in the history of the interwebs. This is all just one of the most brilliant pieces of political satire ever unleashed upon the world, and Victoria deserves an Oscar for never dropping character in a joke that spans years.

    Cause no one can be that stupid. Seriously. Right?




  • Woof

    Yet more evidence that Victoria Jackson is actually Andy Kaufman in drag.

  • Azkyroth

    Does she think the mere fact that someone is a Muslim makes them an anti-American terrorist?

    Well, the TSA are anti-American and terrorists in a literalistic sense (they serve primarily to create fear and intimidation to further political goals) but somehow I don’t think that’s what Brickskullia Klaxon has in mind.