Casinos Sue To Stop Casinos

Here’s yet another example of the glaring hypocrisy of casino interests. In Lansing, Michigan a Native American tribe wants to open a casino and the mayor is all for the idea. But all the other casinos in the state, including other tribes, are filing suits to prevent it from happening.

Mind you, every other casino in the state had to fight similar legal battles. When they opened the three casinos in Detroit, the Indian casinos tried to stop it in court and failed. When they opened Firekeepers in Battle Creek and the Gun Lake casino south of Grand Rapids, all the other Indian casinos plus the Detroit casinos spent millions trying to prevent it.

Each new casino has to fight the same legal battle to open for business, then they join all the people who tried to stop them in trying to stop any new casino from opening because it might hurt their profits. It’s time to end this ridiculous fiction that gambling is illegal. Opening a casino should be no different from opening a restaurant or a movie theater; existing restaurants and theaters aren’t allowed to block competitors from entering the market.

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