What Does Google Think About You?

As everyone who uses the internet should know by now, Google targets ads not only to the context of the website you’re visiting but also by your own web browsing and searching. And now you can look up what they think your interests and demographics are in their targeting algorithm.

Mine’s really hit or miss. They got my interest in politics right, but for some reason they think I’m 55-64 years old. And that I have an interest in combat sports and wrestling. I have no idea how. I have virtually no interest in either of those things and haven’t done any searches or web browsing that I know of that could possibly have triggered those keywords.

What does yours say?

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  • bahrfeldt

    Thanks. They have me also as 55- 64. In my case that’s correct. But aside from that it ain’t me babe.

  • Is that why I have ads for the “Puritan Hard Drive” popping up on every site I visit? Or does everybody see these?

  • Michael Heath

    My answers are italicized in the brackets below. I’m guessing they can’t penetrate searches inside Amazon’s website, which is where I predominately shop except for food, where I do use Goggle and yet that doesn’t show up here. I’m surprised at how poorly their algorithms work.

    Autos & Vehicles – Vehicle Licensing & Registration [Huh?]

    Games – Computer & Video Games – Strategy Games [I don’t play games, ever]

    Law & Government – Government [Yes]

    Law & Government – Government – Legislative Branch [Yes]

    News – Politics – Campaigns & Elections [Yes]

    People & Society – Social Issues & Advocacy – Environmental Issues [Not much at all]

    Science – Ecology & Environment – Climate Change & Global Warming [Yes]

    Shopping – Apparel – Casual Apparel – T-Shirts [A couple of times a year I might go to these sites just to see what people are putting on their Ts, but I never buy such shirts myself.]

    Sports – College Sports [Only infrequently]

  • jamessweet

    They got my demographics, but got my wife’s interests. No surprise I guess since we share the same computer, but still weird, eh?

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    They have me in the 65+ age group, which is off by more than 10 years. There’s nothing overtly wrong with the interest categories, though I wouldn’t myself have rated “Food & Drink” as a major interest (except to the extent that it’s an interest for anyone who wants to stay alive and healthy).

  • tynk

    Your categories and demographics

    No interest or demographic categories are associated with your ad preferences yet. You can add or edit interests and demographics at any time.

    –Amazing what happens when you block googleadservices.com and google-analytics.com from running scripts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I have a little of the same issue as James, but only in one category (my wife reads a lot of sites like People that would fit under People & Society). Otherwise, it’s pretty accurate.

  • danielde rauglaudre

    They say I’m 25-34. I am 56.

  • Glenn E Ross AKA HeartlessB

    I use Chrome for blogs, Firefox for email, searching, and shopping, and IExplorer for Microsoft specific research and downloads. Since each browser has it’s own tracking cookies they have different results.

    Chrome has my age and interests correct.

    Firefox thinks I’m 10 years younger than I am and has my interests skewed badly.

    IExplorer has no clue.

  • otrame

    They say I am male and in the 55-64 age group. Got one right.

    They think I like rap & hip hop (that’s actually my granddaughter) and I am interested in Rhode Island.

    The rest are so general that they don’t mean much. You know, the “secretly you wish to be happy” sort of prediction. Oh, and I’m interested in paleontology, which is true, though not terribly interesting to people trying to sell me things.

    Thought about telling them that the two people who use this iPad the most are both female, but then I’ll start getting all my ads with pink as the main color and I don’t think I could handle that.

  • Sadie Morrison

    Well, Google got my age right (25-34) and at least one of my interests (outdoor activities and national/state parks) correct. Other than that, stee-rike! First and foremost, I’m not male. I’m also not an attorney or any type of of practitioner in law.

  • Rawnaeris

    They got my interst in women’s issues and politics right. However, they think I’m a over 65 male.

    …I’m actually an under 30 female. Does that mean that Google thinks being aware of the world means one must be male?

  • Jordan Genso

    I think I may have learned something about my fiancee who uses this computer as well:

    Beauty & Fitness – Body Art

  • Pierce R. Butler

    tynk @ # 6 – How do you block those scripts, please?

    No doubt Google uses every visit to the above-linked site to refine their profile of the visitor (or at least to add a point to one’s narcissism index or whatever they call it).

    Anybody know of useful tricks to poke a stick in their evil eye whilst they’re scanning you?

  • Thomas

    I would have thought after using Gmail, Google+, Chrome they would have known more by now. They got my age and gender right. That’s about it.

  • TX_secular

    I was identified as a 65+ male as well. I am 10+ years younger and female. I wonder if free-thought/atheism/secularism searches are associated with males due to the demographics of the group at large? The other categories were fine, except for “silly quiz-entertainment” neither of which are of interest to me.

  • otrame

    Was any woman reading this correctly labeled? We’re any men reading this labeled women? Just curious.

  • otrame

    Damned auto correct. WERE any men labeled women……

  • Aquaria

    My supposed interests are:

    Arts & Entertainment – Entertainment Industry – Recording Industry – Record Labels

    Pets & Animals

    Pets & Animals – Pets – Cats

    Pets & Animals – Wildlife

    This thing is seriously skewed, or at least out of date.

    Record Labels? Seriously? The only thing I can think of is that I went to Deutsche Grammophon, Naxos and EMI to look up details about tracks on some classical albums. About a year ago. I haven’t been to any of those sites since.

    And the pets/wildlife? I might–might–look at some of that stuff every other month or so.

    No wonder their ad placement is so crappy.

  • matty1

    Like tynk I don’t apparently exist but I have made no active effort to stop this just bog standard add blocker. As for them associating this with google accounts theFAQ denies it.

  • Aquaria

    And I’ve been targeted as a 25-34 y/o male. Wow.

    They didn’t pick up on how often I’m visiting sites about Matsumoto Jun.

    Or those for Japanese pop culture. Especially any related to Matsumoto Jun.

    Or baseball.

    Or Matsumoto Jun.

    Sheesh. What kind of stupid algorithms are they using?

  • It is telling me that I don’t have an ID cookie. It offered to provide one, but I declined.

  • michaeld

    Mine’s fairly accurate I’d say the only problem is I’m a couple years younger then they think I am. But I’ve always known I was mature for my age (insert fart joke here).

  • duck1887

    They get my age and gender right, but they think I live in the greater Boston area. Someone needs to tell them that Red Sox Nation extends worldwide!

  • walton

    Er… wow.

    Arts & Entertainment – Music & Audio – Rock Music

    Games – Arcade & Coin-Op Games


    News – Politics

    News – Politics – Campaigns & Elections

    People & Society – Social Issues & Advocacy

    Well, they got most of that right, except that I have no particular interest in rock music, and none whatsoever in “arcade and coin-op games”. They guessed my gender correctly, but also seem to think I’m over 65 (I’m actually 22). I guess I’m a premature old fogey. :-/

  • So far, out of every response I’ve seen to the three posts on this, absolutely no one was labelled female.

  • Rawnaeris

    @Natalie, what makes that even weirder is I know I have my gender in g+. So much for thier systems talking to each other.

  • Wes

    I guess I’m the odd duck here, because this…

    Your categories

    Arts & Entertainment

    Computers & Electronics

    Games – Computer & Video Games

    News – Business News – Company News – Company Earnings

    People & Society – Social Issues & Advocacy

    YouTube – Frequent Uploader

    YouTube – Recent Uploader

    Your demographics

    Age: 25-34

    Gender: Male

    …is actually a pretty good description of me. I’m a 30 year old male who plays a lot of video games, watches a lot of movies, is interested in social justice, uploads on YouTube, and from time to time checks in on how certain companies are doing (I like skyscrapers, and every now and then check in on who’s building what).

  • Huh. They got my age, gender, and preferences completely wrong. Geographical location is right, probably because my husband uses this computer for mapping his bike rides. Interestingly, google failed to note our main personal interests – interesting, because both of us spend a lot of time online every day reading about those topics, and shopping for relevant products. But I also use this computer for my work, which consists of doing technical and business research for clients across the U.S., and that probably coufounds things. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I never want personalized search results – I want to decide for myself what is relevant. And of course when doing research for clients, ‘personalized’ results would be detrimental, to say the least. So I have deactivated “personalized” results in google search, but it resets itself to “personalized” periodically, so I have to remember to check it.

  • otrame

    Ha. On my desktop I am ten years younger, but still male.

  • donalbain

    Your categories and demographics

    No interest or demographic categories are associated with your ad preferences yet. You can add or edit interests and demographics at any time.

    You know what Google? I’m fine.. thanks..

  • Pieter B, FCD

    They have my top two as

    Arts & Entertainment – Music & Audio – Music Equipment & Technology – Musical Instruments [I sing, but I’ve never been able to play any instrument without struggle. No idea where this comes from.]

    Autos & Vehicles – Vehicle Licensing & Registration [WTF?]

    Law & Government – Government – Courts & Judiciary [Yup, and pretty accurate from here on]

    Law & Government – Government – Legislative Branch

    News – Politics – Campaigns & Elections

    People & Society – Social Issues & Advocacy

    Shopping – Apparel – Casual Apparel – T-Shirts

    World Localities – North America – USA

    Age: 45-54 [Nope, 65+]

    Gender: Male

  • Pieter B, FCD

    Preview fail. I was just going to point out that the first two were way off until I saw Michael’s fisking and decided to follow suit.

  • Mine was mostly correct, except it got my gender wrong. I use personalized search, but I block most ads except for sites I frequent on a regular basis.

    I wasn’t surprised it got my gender wrong, most of the stuff I’m interested in is not typical to my gender.

  • Well, it got my age and gender right.

    But I wish it would quit serving me ads for toilets. Honestly, I had a need, I filled the need, and now do not need a new toilet anymore.

    I know this is all just computers at work and no human is actually involved at pretty much every step in the process — but it does creep me out just a wee bit.

  • Your categories

    Arts & Entertainment – Music & Audio – Music Equipment & Technology – Musical Instruments [This one’s pretty accurate. I am a guitar player.]

    Games – Computer & Video Games [I don’t play any video games]

    News – Politics [Eh…]

    People & Society [What the fuck?]

    Science – Biological Sciences – Anatomy [Completely wrong. My science interests are physics related]

    Your demographics

    Age: 45-54 [I am 21.]

    Gender: Male [Well, they got this one right.]

  • And now I fixed it it and made it accurate to me.

    Your categories

    Arts & Entertainment – Music & Audio – Music Equipment & Technology – Musical Instruments

    Business & Industrial – Aerospace & Defence – Space Technology

    Computers & Electronics – Programming – C & C++

    Science – Astronomy

    Science – Chemistry

    Science – Mathematics

    Science – Physics

    Science – Scientific Equipment

    Science – Scientific Institutions

    Your demographics

    Age: 18-24

    Gender: Male

  • MJKelleher

    It’s got only one reasonably close interest and no demographics on me. But I use Firefox, and have it delete cookies when I close it. That’s good enough for me.

  • News – Politics – Campaigns & Elections

    People & Society – Social Issues & Advocacy – Privacy Issues

    Demographics – Gender – Male

    Interestingly, they haven’t figured out my age yet — perhaps my interests are ageless — otherwise, not too bad.

    BTW: you can opt out of Google’s profiling for ad preferences, just go to the edit page, and select that option.

  • robertfaber

    Arts & Entertainment – Movies – Science Fiction & Fantasy Films

    Finance – Credit & Lending

    Games – Computer & Video Games

    Games – Online Games – Massive Multiplayer

    Games – Roleplaying Games

    News – Politics – Campaigns & Elections

    People & Society – Family & Relationships – Family – Baby & Pet Names

    Finance comes from my former line of work, even though I was the appraiser and not the lender. I spent a lot of time at their sites. The baby and pet names comes from my naming online roleplaying characters with Celtic names. So they nailed me there. Was quite surprised they didn’t list any porn interests.

  • What does Google think of me?

    Google thinks I should accept ID cookies.

  • Nemo

    Uh… where is the link? I’m not seeing it in the post. Nor in my Google Dashboard.

  • D. C. Sessions

    I got a rock.&*lt;/Charlie_Brown>

    Seriously, thanks to having really bloodthirsty cookie policies, they don’t seem to have any opionion on me at all.

  • Jordan Genso

    On my computer at work, it says I’m 55-64, although I’m really 26. Otherwise though the categories were pretty spot on.

    @17 otrame

    My laptop had me identified as female, but that is probably due to my fiancee using it.

  • My categories:

    Arts & Entertainment – Movies – Movie Reference

    Arts & Entertainment – Music & Audio

    Arts & Entertainment – Music & Audio – Dance & Electronic Music

    Arts & Entertainment – Music & Audio – Music Reference – Song Lyrics & Tabs


    News – Politics

    News – Politics – Campaigns & Elections

    Pets & Animals

    Okay, I guess? I don’t consider myself particularly interested in dance/electronic music, at least over and above other genres. And I do occasionally look up lyrics. And I do, umm, own pets. But that doesn’t by far describe the majority of my web searches and the sites I look at.

    This is interesting:

    Age: 18-24

    Gender: Male

    Nope! 34 and female. I can see why I’d be perceived as young and male if I’m really that interested in music, but….I’m not.

  • John Hinkle

    It shows me as interested in heated gloves. I did travel recently and was “handled” by the TSA.

  • Nemo

    OK, I found the link through Safari. Somehow, it’s being cut out when I use Firefox, even when I disable AdBlock. Weird.

  • jolo5309

    Games – Puzzles & Brainteasers (makes sense, I play a lot of boardgames)

    People & Society (freethought blogs)

    Pets & Animals – Pets – Dogs (sure, have two dogs)

    Shopping – Apparel (that’s me, a dedicated follower of fashion!)

    Age: 25-34 (er, I am 47)

    Gender: Male (yup)

  • marymallone

    People and Society

    News – Politics.

    It makes sense that they didn’t include shopping or fashion, because I know what sites I want to visit and I don’t have to use Google (same as with books and art).


    Age: 55-64

    Gender: Male

    I am a 21 year old female, so I find that funny!

  • The results for my main computer are fairly accurate, but it has me as rather younger than I actually am. I’ll leave that as it is because it’s nice to be younger than I am.

    Yeah, those Puritan Hard Drive ads have worn out their welcome for me too. But I guess that’s what happens when you click on the link and do a blog post on what you find.

  • It knows I went to Jerusalem. That’s discomfiting.

    But it thinks I’m young, probably handsome and rich too.

    Except that it’s an it and that’s the wrong gender. I just can’t win.

  • inflection

    Ed: Regarding combat sports and wrestling, you own a site with “Wars” in the title, would be my guess. If it can connect those dots.

  • It’s right on. Google thinks that I’m a robot, sent back from the future to learn about what you humans call “love”.

    It lists the rest of my interests in binary. How quaint (I’ve mentioned it before, but the future’s punchcards).

  • Ichthyic

    What does Google think of me?

    Google thinks I should accept ID cookies.



    I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, since it’s inevitable someone will complain about the ads they see while visiting FTB.

    don’t complain, at least not to Ed or FTB; evidently there isn’t much choice in ad-feeders any more. You have several options available to you.

    -disable scripting on sites you do not want to see ads on.

    -use adblock plus

    -or, simply, DISABLE COOKIES. You should still see ads, but they won’t be scanning your every word and click.

    if you want to do something further, write to companies that provide adfeed services, write to Google, and tell them it really pisses you off that local sites have no control over ad-feeds, and that you will use anything in your power to prevent ads from appearing to you until they enable more control to end users as opposed to the advertisers.

    Hell, I’ve used to get plenty of malicious scripts served up by the ad-feeder on SciBlogs, even without the general irritation.

  • Ichthyic

    I’ve mentioned it before, but the future’s punchcards

    plastic or paper?

  • Ichthyic


    I’m guessing they can’t penetrate searches inside Amazon’s website, which is where I predominately shop

    out of curiosity, have you purchased a Kindle yet; like say a Kindle Fire?

    I’m trying to get some sense of whether any of the 7″ tablets on offer are actually any good.

  • slc1

    LRe Ichthyic @ #54

    The trouble with disabling cookies is that the advanced version of Google will then only supply 10 links per page, a major annoyance. Cookies enabled is required to override this as the override information is stored in a cookie.

  • Ichthyic “plastic or paper?”

    A little of both. They’re made from old AOL floppies.

  • Pieter B, FCD

    For the record, I use AdBlocker, but I have it disabled on FTB. I make it a practice to click through to sites like Liberty University and Puritan Hard Drive so that they have to support the heathen.

  • pilch62

    “No interest categories are associated with your ads preferences so far.”

    I’ve used iGoogle as my homepage for years now, and they still know nothing about me. Can this relationship be saved? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ambulocetacean

    Huh — I got the same WTF ones as a few of you guys:

    Beauty & Fitness – Body Art [Nope, and not my girlfriend either (well, not as far as I know)]

    People & Society [Whatever that means]

    Science – Earth Sciences – Paleontology [Sure, but not really — I haven’t even been to Tet Zoo for at least a year]

    World Localities – Oceania – Australia [I live in Oz but I don’t know if that really qualifies as having a special interest in it]

  • Something is strange here. I checked this two days ago, and they were wrong on most everything. (No surprise, there.) They had, among my interests, business, the economy, and social sciences.

    Now the list goes:

    Computers & Electronics – Consumer Electronics – Camera & Photo Equipment – Cameras & Camcorders – Cameras

    Internet & Telecom – Web Services – Web Stats & Analytics

    News – Politics

    News – Weather

    People & Society – Social Issues & Advocacy

    Science – Biological Sciences – Anatomy

    Science – Earth Sciences – Paleontology

    I think they’re following only the past couple of days of activity. Checking the weather is a January activity around here; hoping that someday, possibly, eventually, it will stop raining. The rest of the year, that’s what windows are for.

    And they still think I’m male. I have not seen one person yet who they consider female.

    They’ve taken at least 15 years off my age. No grumble there. I wish they could do it in real life.

  • Sadie Morrison

    What does Google think of me? Google thinks that I’m potentially profitable.

  • I also got labeled as ‘male’. Did anyone get labeled female, right or wrong? Does Google know that there are females using the internet?

  • Stacy

    They think I’m male too (I’m not). I don’t want to correct them and get flooded with ads for shoes and cosmetics and pink.

    They seem to think I’m interested in Earth Sciences and Paleontology. I do look up the occasional news story about newly discovered fossils and such, but I’m much more into reading about evolutionary biology. Perhaps that’s not a category for them, and the closest they’ve got is paleontology?

    Their other categories are hit or miss. I look up recipes now and then, but unlike Google I don’t consider it a major interest. News-Politics, “People & Society”–OK, sure.

  • dingojack

    Hey, I’m not complaining, Google thinks I’m 8 ยฑ 5 years younger than I am! Flattery will get you everywhere!*

    Apperently I’m interested in rock music, ’cause Mike Flowers Pops version of Wondewall and Richard Cheese covers of Welcome to the Jungle and Smells Like Team Spirit falls into that category just sooo much. @@



    * Bollocks! Now I’ve used a May West quote Google will probably think I’m 65++ ๐Ÿ™

  • DJ, if you were 65+, I’d expect that you would know how to spell Mae West’s name. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • All they had for me was that I was male. Not very informative.

  • dingojack

    TCC – Thanks, old man!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Dingo

  • cactusren

    Google thinks I’m a 55-64 year old man: I’m a 30 year old woman. It got some of my interests correct, but it seems to think I have an interest in Pennsylvania and southeastern England. I really can’t figure either of those out–I did take a trip to London over 2 years ago, and I went to college in Philadelphia. But I don’t think I’ve looked up anything about either of those places since I got my current computer. Weird.

  • crissakentavr

    I think the only thing right they had for me was home and garden and news. I can see how they got the other categories, as I spent most of my house-buying search via Google, but now that I bought one, it’s not important to me anymore.

    I just deleted all the categories.

    Got my age and sex wrong, too.

  • suttkus

    I didn’t even get an age. Perhaps they feel that I am beyond such mundane concepts.

    They think I listen to rap and hip-hop. I have ridiculously diverse musical tastes and I listen to classical, folk, country, pop, oldies, rock, world, etc. Rap and hip-hop are just about the only musical genres I cannot stand, but google seems to think they are all I listen to.

    On the whole, not bad, really. There are some weird spots (cheerleaders? When have I ever searched for cheerleaders?), but I see no explanation for why every ad I see anywhere is for dating services.

  • Michael Heath


    I do not have a reader. I do have a Kindle app on my laptop (it’s free), but have only downloaded one book, a free copy of Darwin’s Origin of the Species. I’m still a hardcover book and newspaper guy.

  • Pieter B, FCD


    I have a Kindle; I like it. There are lots of classic books available for free. Darwin’s Origin was the first thing I downloaded. I also have Mencken’s reports on the Scopes trial, the complete works of Mark Twain, and much, much more. The advantages of the non-backlit screen outweigh the disadvantages.

    What I particularly like is that I can carry about 250 lbs. of O’Reilly manuals with two fingers, and I can search within them much faster than if they were the dead-tree versions.

    Milady has the large B&W Kindle, which she bought used for under $200. She LOVES it.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    I also got labeled as โ€˜maleโ€™. Did anyone get labeled female, right or wrong?

    See #44. That seems to be the only example that’s been posted.

  • cactusren


    I have a Nook Tablet, and have been very happy with it so far. I wanted a reader with color, so that I can read pdfs of research papers that have color figures (and actually interpret said figures). I opted for the Nook over the Kindle Fire for two main reasons: it has more storage (which can also be expanded with a micro SD card), and it can be connected to a computer via USB, so I can transfer files directly if I don’t have a wireless connection.

  • meanmike

    It has me down as 65+. A bit depressing as I am in my early thirties. However, the banner ad on this page is for the college I attended.

  • dingojack

    meanmike – Your college really takes ‘mature aged student’ to a whole new level.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Dingo

  • kdan59

    Strange. Despite the amount of time I spend each day on the Internet–a lot–Google knows nothing about me. I’m not blocking any scripts to my knowledge. So why the blank slate? Not that I’m complaining–I rarely click on any ad links. Still, I’m curious.

  • Ichthyic

    The advantages of the non-backlit screen outweigh the disadvantages.

    non backlit = e-ink instead of LCD, yeah?

    so, you’d recommend say the Kindle Touch for a tablet-style reader?

    I have a Nook Tablet, and have been very happy with it so far. I wanted a reader with color, so that I can read pdfs of research papers that have color figures (and actually interpret said figures).

    *bing* this is exactly what the primary usage will be.

    so, nook instead of fire (I did hear that the hardware was better on the nook)

    any problems with B&N “updates” locking down access to their apps store only? No 3rd party apps?

    I’ve been tracking that, and while I see it can be root-kitted with the full android software, I’m hoping that the PDF reader it comes with is sufficiently good for journal reprints, without me having to worry about 3rd party apps?

    so, it at least allows you to zoom pdf’s comfortably, etc?

    no problems reading any technical articles so far?

    oh, and thanks muchly for the responses.

  • Ichthyic

    I’m still a hardcover book and newspaper guy.

    I hear that one.

    I too grew up with the feel of paper in my hands.

    I still find my reading comprehension goes down about 20% when I read technical stuff on a computer screen.

    That said, I also can’t afford to drag around a gazillion paper journal subscriptions either.

    I would love, someday, to have a nice portable reader with wifi access that allows me direct access to standard subscription search engines, like Medline and Current Contents, as well as say, Science Citation Index, AND it would allow me to retrieve specific articles from the search databases straight to my reader, on the go. What’s more, it would allow me to print, fax, and email the downloaded docs wherever I wanted to pick them up next from.

    IOW, instant portable research library the size of a paperback book.

    Some of the apps I have seen coming out for full android tablets suggest it’s not too far away.

    ITMT, I figured I would get something fairly cheap that I could use to get at least as close as possible to those goals.

  • Olav

    In my case it says “Cookies are disabled”. This is how it should be. I like to decide for myself which information I share and with whom.

    To everyone who sees other results on that page, even if they are faulty: Did you make a conscious choice to allow Google to attempt to profile you? Do you just not care or didn’t you know there are things that you can do to prevent it?

  • Mine says: “Cookies are disabled. Your browser’s cookies seem to be disabled. Ads Preferences will not work until you enable cookies in your browser.”

    Cookies are not disabled per se. But I use NoScript, Ablock+, Ghostery (for webbugs), BetterPrivacy (cookie safeguard which also deletes Flash LSO cookies besides “normal” ones) and HttpsEverywhere.

    All plugins for Firefox plus a few others for malware. Which is why I refuse to “upgrade” to Chrome or one of the others. They don’t have nearly the privacy abilities that Firefox does when properly configured.

  • DaveL

    They’ve got me pegged as about 25 years older than I actually am.

  • Pegged me at 35-44, Male. Besides Shopping (weird?) it gets all my categories of interest correct (Politics, Social Interests, Paleontology.) So except demographics, pretty much spot on.

  • unbound

    Actually, they only have my gender correct. Age is 18-24 (that was a couple of decades ago), and I have no idea where they got my interests from.

    I checked my wife’s info as well…they show her as a male 18-24, but I think it at least got her interests closer.

  • Harry Organs

    “You have green, scaly skin, and a soft yellow underbelly with a series of fin-like ridges running down your spine and tail. Although lizard like in shape, you can grow anything up to thirty feet in length with huge teeth that can bite off great rocks and trees. You inhabit arid sub-tropical zones and wear spectacles.”

    Amazing – they were totally right about the spectacles.

  • Paul Neubauer

    I use Opera as my primary browser and disable cookies by default. I then enable cookies only when I actually want them, e.g. for FtB.

    I know that Google does not rely exclusively on cookies for identification, so I expect that they have more information on me, or at least my computer, than I really want them to, but I don’t feel enough need to go through Tor for everything just to frustrate Google. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Pieter B, FCD, #59:

    For the record, I use AdBlocker, but I have it disabled on FTB. I make it a practice to click through to sites like Liberty University and Puritan Hard Drive so that they have to support the heathen.

    I click through to some of those for the same reason, but I’d really rather have a mechanism where I could just subscribe to a (google)ad-free version of FtB for, e.g., $20-30 or so. I don’t see any way that the number of ad click-through’s that I produce generates enough income for the FtB’ers that I wouldn’t generate more revenue with a subscription. I don’t particularly care to get rid of the ads that are placed directly on FtB. Right now I see ads for rockbeyondbelief.com and for Women in Secularism. Those are fine and worth knowing about, but I’d just as soon get rid of the ads for Liberty University or “Become an ordained minister” or similar. I’ll click them when that’s what it takes to support FtB, but how many clicks does it take to equal a subscription of even $20?


  • With a brother who’s a somewhat paranoid IT security consultant, I’m locked down tighter than a teenage Sicilian girl. 83, agreed, much more available with Firefox, which is why I haven’t switched to Chrome.

  • pHred

    Age: 55-64

    Gender: Male

    That is so completely and utterly wrong.

  • cactusren


    Nook Tablet is great for reading pdfs. It does it straight out of the box, no apps necessary, and you can zoom in and out easily. I find it’s best to turn it sideways to read pdfs, so the screen is wider than tall, but it auto-rotates, so you can read it however you like.

    You can also surf the web on it, so in theory you could download pdfs directly to the Nook. I haven’t actually done that yet, but I don’t see why you couldn’t.

  • kemist

    Well, I’m supposed to be a 45-54 male, which is wrong on both accounts, but which I won’t correct for fear of getting adds for excruciatingly boring women’s magazines. I don’t have any interest, at all, for issues or entertainment normally associated with women, besides those concerning our rights.

    And they got two out of four interests right – electronics and social issues. Must be why I’m getting ads for Tectroniks oscilloscopes.

  • Ichthyic

    Nook Tablet is great for reading pdfs.

    thanks muchly.

    Now if I can just find someplace that sells it here in NZ, I’d be all set.

  • Ichthyic

    …as a sidenote, related to the issue of SOPA/PIPA and piracy…

    [RANT ON]

    Piracy is very common here in NZ.

    but it’s not because everyone here is cheap, or just likes to pirate, so much as it is that NOBODY EVER THINKS TO GIVE US ACCESS TO ANYTHING.

    Even if I could buy a nook here, I couldn’t even access the B&N bookstore, let alone Hulu! (this discovered after a brief bit of research just a few minutes ago)

    the only way to access their OWN STORE, is to either hack the machine and install the app independently, or else have someone in the US buy the app for me and download a book (then it will work for me).

    that’s just a tiny sample; there’s a huge list of things I can’t access here, and require the use of either proxies or hacks of some kind to even access!

    Of course, that didn’t stop the MPAA from essentially forcing the government here (most think the “straw” was threatening to pull the Hobbit production out of NZ) to enact what amounts to the equivalent of SOPA last year, and the first blockages of entire domain names have started this year already (to coincide with the ridiculous arrest on “RICO” charges, FFS, of the guy who started MegaUpload).

    It’s true, there are only 4 million people living here, but most of the people here are already quite weary of being treated like second class citizens in the Western World.

    We never even got the chance to oppose the passage of “SOPA” here; it was introduced into the legislature and passed in a matter of DAYS, with one day worth of minor publicity from a media that is entirely clueless. Now, we’re stuck with it, and not only do we see blocked accesses appearing, but increased internet access costs, as the IP providers are forced to police ALL THEIR USERS – no kidding!

    Rest assured that the MPAA will not rest until the entire rest of the Western World (yes, looking at YOU, USA) is forced to follow suit. Five bucks says SOPA is ALREADY being revised for resubmission in committee, and you will see it introduced either as a rider or a bill with a different name as soon as next month.

    We’re LOSING the fight for a free internet, and for what? so some lazy-ass dinosaurs, who refuse to acknowledge there is a world outside of the US, can continue to try to maintain profits by controlling the medium, instead of just adding content people WOULD BUY, if it was available and reasonably priced.

    it’s bloody tragic.

    [/RANT OFF}

    carry on.

  • hehehe

    At work, 35-44 male. (FtB, plus work-related statistics and coding stuff, I assume.)

    At home, browser A (used only for facebook and links out) – 25-34 female. Based mostly on cooking sites, I guess.

    Both wrong. I’m really older.

    At home, browser B – noscript, requestpolicy, all non-FB browsing – no information! Yays! And that’s the one I use my gmail on, so I’m surprised by that.

  • Like so many here, I was fairly badly miscategorized.

    I’m a 29 year old woman. Google thinks I’m male aged 45-54.

    I don’t have many categories, but they at least make partial sense:

    News – Politics

    People & Society – Social Issues & Advocacy

    World Localities – North America – USA – New England – Massachusetts

    I’m mostly confused why they seem to think I’m from New England. The Intermountain West is probably as different a place as you can get within the U.S.

  • wholething

    They have me figured out except I exited the age range months ago. But then I look younger than I really am while I have always read at an advanced level. I currently have the reading comprehension of a 90 year old.

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