Trump Endorses Romney

The Donald has decided to endorse Mitt Romney for president. Isn’t it depressing that we live in a country where this could actually be viewed as a good thing for Romney rather than a bad thing? Why in the world would anyone give two shits what Donald Trump thinks about almost anything? And I actually saw one commentator on TV talk about how this helps Romney because of Trump’s “populist appeal.” Apparently the word “populist” means that one is popular with morons.

"… The threat was addressed to someone living in the California Bay Area. Utah Mountains?"

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  • eric

    My curiosity was moderately piqued when I heard the next celebrity apprentice would include George Takei and Penn Gilette. But not even those guys are enough of draw to make me listen to The Donald.

  • carlsonjok

    I can’t understand why Romney, who is running on his presumed business acumen, would want the endorsement of someone who actually managed to go bankrupt in the casino business.

  • Jordan Genso

    But isn’t that what Romney needs to unite the Republicans? It seemed like Gingrich and Santorum were locking up too many of the crazy-conservative endorsements, but now with birther Trump on Romney’s side, it let’s the delusional voters feel more at ease about supporting Romney.

    Some analysts are saying that a Jeb Bush endorsement would be the strongest out there for the Republican candidates. But in my opinion, a Jeb Bush endorsement wouldn’t do as much for Romney as Trump’s, since a Jeb Bush endorsement would just continue the narrative of the ‘establishment’ supporting Romney. Yet no one is going to confuse Trump with the ‘establishment’, so that endorsement does work to turn the wingnuts.

  • dingojack

    Voters are just hanging for that all important sentence:

    ‘Mittens, you’re fired!!!’

    Then The Amphibian will lead the POG into electoral oblivion!


  • Notice how Romney got Trump’s endorsement immediately after Romney flatly said he wasn’t concerned about the poorest Americans?

    Yeah, that’s the “populist appeal” that Trump — and the rest of the 1% — are talking about: pretending the needy aren’t needy and the least needy need the most help.

  • rabbitscribe

    “Apparently the word ‘populist’ means that one is popular with morons.

    Well, properly speaking, yes, and it always has (no, Dennis Kucinich isn’t a populist). I hereby sentence you to re-read everything H.L. Mencken wrote about William Jennings Bryan.

  • Didaktylos

    BTW – in some parts of the UK, “trump” is a synonym for “fart” …

  • At what point did “I star in movies”, “I’m a singer”, or “I’m marginally good at business and excellent at self promotion” become associated with “and therefore you should care about my political philosophy”?

  • eric

    Chris @8 – since the stone age. Its the old magical thinking: ‘if they’re successful, there must be something to what they believe. The universe wouldn’t reward a complete idiot.’

  • bahrfeldt

    Trump had stated that if the Repubs failed to nominate someone he approved of he would likely run as a third party candidate. Now that even Donnie can see that Mittsy will be their candidate, the endorsement frees him to concentrate on his tv unreality show and his cranial affectation. It is obviously a miraculous coincidence that the endorsement occurred only when the new season of his show is about to begin. No publicity stunt here, no siree. Perhaps now he will release what he said were the remarkable findings of his crackerjack investigative team in Hawaii. Perhaps.

  • KG

    How much did Newt pay Trump for this?

  • exdrone

    From Your World Cavuto (2 Feb 2012):

    CAVUTO: Have you ruled out, then, a presidential run for yourself because of this today?

    TRUMP: Well, certainly, if Mitt gets the nomination, and he runs, I wouldn’t be running. I can’t endorse someone and then, say, oh, by the way, I am endorsing someone and I’m going to run.

    Now, if for some reason, something happens, then it is open season after the show is finished, which would be mid-May. But I don’t see that happening. And we had an amazing day today. There was an amazing turnout. And I represent millions of people that are tired of seeing this country ripped off. And that is what it is all about.

    Trump (short version): I’ll let Mitt warm up the crowd, but I may have to step in and give the people what they really want.