AFA Censors Fischer Again

How long can the AFA continue to censor Bryan Fischer’s more insane statements without him leaving the organization? They’ve pulled several of his crazier columns before and now they’ve pulled one of his posts attacking Newt Gingrich, likely because Don Wildom has endorsed Gingrich. Right Wing Watch reports:

Now, Fischer is finding himself in trouble for an article condemning Newt Gingrich, which the AFA has yanked from its website.

Why? Because AFA founder and chairman emeritus Don Wildmon endorsed Gingrich and is a member of his Faith Leaders Coalition, and claims that only a Gingrich presidency can save Western civilization andthe human race.

Fischer, who is not one to apologize, began his radio show last month to by offering “my apologies for yesterday” for the “intensity” of his attacks on Gingrich over his marital affairs, and had his post labeling Gingrich “a serial adulterer” had been pulled off the AFA’s homepage.

Who’s got the popcorn?

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  • Tualha

    Psst. s/Wildom/Wildmon/

  • Nancy New, Queen of your Regulatory Nightmare

    I’ve got the popcorn. You want the dark chocolate with sea salt or the cranberry caramel?

  • MikeMa

    In spite of his evil, theocratic, homophobic and anti-American behavior, Fischer is right to bash Gingrich over his marital affairs. Gingich’s hypocritical negative ads are up for a good bash too. And his moon base. And his outsider status. And…

    Of course I’d put Fischer, Wildmon and Gingrich all in the fawkin sack.

  • heironymous

    I’m with MikeMa.

    I don’t see how calling Gingrich a serial adulterer is anything other than mild hyperbole

  • eric

    Its amusing in a gallows humor sort of way. Clearly AFA would like a US where they can censor speakers and rewrite history to delete the things with which they disagree.

    But ‘I apologize for making statements my parent organization is attempting to remove all record of’ is kinda funny. Too bad nobody called into the radio show and asked the obvious question: ‘what statements are you apologizing for?’ Then, on the next show, he’d have to apologize for his previous apology…

  • raven

    This isn’t that big a deal.

    Fischer is just the AFA’s mindless, rabid attack dog who bites anything in front of him.

    They just got a little careless and Fischer bit one of their own.

    They’ll just have to be more careful in where they aim him and maybe wear thick leather suits.

  • sailor1031

    No. “serial adulterer” is not hyperbole in the least. It is plain truth. It is tempting to speculate on whether Gingrich has in truth changed his behaviour, or merely his MO.

  • Wouldn’t NOT saving the human race and Western civilization (not that Gingrich would do either) make the return of Jeebus come sooner? Seems like the Religunuts should support the least godly person imaginable in hopes of speeding up the cRapture and being beamed up to their eternal reward.

  • heironymous

    @sailor – To my knowledge, he’s had three wives (and cheated on two of them). Is two enough to make him a serial-adulterer?

    From wiki, the definition of “serial killer is typically defined as an individual who has murdered three or more people over a period of more than a month”

    So I think you need to get to at least 3 b4 you can call him serial adulterer.

    Of course, I haven’t followed his social life too closely, there may be more.

  • Stevarious

    @sailor – To my knowledge, he’s had three wives (and cheated on at least two of them).


    After all, Calista “doesn’t care what I do”, according to Gingrich.

  • dan4

    I’m puzzled why a super-sanctimonious Moral Majority type like Wildmon wouldn’t have problems with Gingrich’s troubled marital past and endorse Santorum instead. A DEMOCRAT with a similar past would, for Wildmon, probably be a disqualifier for a city council seat, much less POTUS.

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