Disgusting Quote of the Day

From James Lafferty, a Pam Geller-like anti-Islam activist, speaking at CPAC. He’s proud of anti-Muslim terrorism in the south, because when they drive vehicles into churches and markets, that’s evil — but when someone else does it to them, that’s something to be proud of.

Well with what the gentleman was saying about the Justice Department, I went to the briefing, the hate crimes summit, and I went there and it was all Muslim officials speaking and they had all these pictures of some mosque somewhere, and it was usually in the South I’m proud to say where a guy would drive a pickup truck right into the mosque.

What an asshole.


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  • MikeMa

    Lafferty fears for his entitlement. Fuck him.

  • Chiroptera

    …and I went there and it was all Muslim officials speaking….

    I don’t know for sure, but I would bet that most of these were non-Muslim officials expressing concern about the rights and safety of our Muslim fellow citizens.

    Hell, I bet most of these were non-Muslims expressing concern merely how they need to enforce the law!

  • marcus

    CPAC: A shitpot full of burnin’ stupid.

  • MikeMa

    There used to be repugs who would have skipped the asshole convention known as CPAC. They must all have died.

  • Trebuchet

    Chiropetera: You’re forgetting that Obama is a covert Muslim; therefore all officials in his administration are necessarily Muslim.

  • duck1887

    What an asshole.

    Normally I prefer blog posts here to be a bit more substantive, not just a throwaway line at the end of a quotation. But here, what more can one say?

  • raven

    There was a terrorist act near my house not so long ago.

    Someone tried to burn down a church. A Moslem church which they call Mosques.

    You have to watch out for xians. Xian terrorism has been a problem in this country for decades.

  • Chiroptera

    What an asshole.

    Speaking for the majority of assholes, I’ll say that we find Lafferty to be an embarrassment.

  • otrame


    Yeah, there is something to be said for succinct in this case.

  • jnorris

    He’s aiding and abetting terrorists.

  • It’s sad that I’m completely jaded to the whole wingnut cultural relativism involved in determining whether or not a particular criminal act is a form of terrorism. Crashing a vehicle into a place of worship to spread fear and panic among people in that religion is terrorism as far as I’m concerned. I don’t see a whole lot of room for subjectivism.

  • I’m picturing not all that long ago, when he’d have said the same thing about black churches.

    Heck, the way CPAC is going he’ll get to do it again. Won’t even have to wear the sheets this time.

  • d cwilson

    Bronze Dog:

    You should know by now that wingnuts are not cultural relativists. They believe in absolute right and wrong, black and white. Just ask them. If they do something, it’s right and holy. If someone else does the exact same thing, it’s because they are agents of the devil.

    See, absolutes!

  • exdrone

    “Well with what [Ed] was saying about the [CPAC], I [watched the videos], the hate crimes [advocates], and I went there and it was all [wingnuts] speaking and they had all these [anecdotes] of some [manufactroversy] somewhere, and it was usually [a far right conservative] I’m proud to say where a guy would [shoot his mouth off about some imagined conspiracy]. And it all looked like he kept showing the same [video] after a while because it looked like the same [video]. And then each [wingnut] speaker stood up … and really ragged on two groups – the [liberals] and the [atheists]. So whatever [we’re] doing, [we’re] doing something good.”

  • Aaron

    Wow. Not surprising, but still. Wow.

    Anyone want to form the Anti-Dominion Task Force? Maybe the Anti-Theonomy Task Force or Anti-Theocracy Task Force? Maybe Jimmy would give us a hand in keeping the wall of separation strong? I bet.