Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Rush Limbaugh

The Bryan Fischer award is given to those who displays weapons-grade projection, accusing their opponents of their own most flagrant and obvious flaws. Here’s Rush Limbaugh from November, 2010, complaining about “feminazis” calling him sexist.

Siobhan Bennett, who is president of the Women’s Campaign Forum Foundation, said at a teleconference Thursday discussing the prevalence of political sexism, “It looks as if we’re going backward rather than forward.” Now, they can’t be mad at me because I, of course, was the author of Operation Reverse Chaos, and the purpose of Reverse Operation Chaos was to make amends for Mrs. Clinton. I mean, I steadfastly had myself on her side. And yet the feminazis are mad at me. If you read all the way through the story, you’ll find that they are livid at me, even though I’ve called nobody a “bitch,” I called nobody a “whore,” I called nobody a “slut,” as some called Sharron Angle and some called Meg Whitman.

So much for that defense, Rush.

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  • lordshipmayhem

    I called nobody a “slut,”

    And just four short months later…

  • He should be given a Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • d cwilson

    Yeah, and calling women “feminazis” is no way an insult, too.

  • Chiroptera

    Limbaugh: …even though I’ve called nobody a “bitch,” I called nobody a “whore,” I called nobody a “slut,” as some called Sharron Angle and some called Meg Whitman….

    “…And, come to think of it, I better fix that!”

  • Quantum Mechanic

    And just four short months later…

    Wha? *Blink* *Blink*

    *Intense derivations*

    *Consults supercomputer*

    I think you might want to check your math. Besides, that much hate will burn out anyone’s long-term memory. If it’s bad just listening to him from the outside, imagine how bad it must be living inside his head. Do you know how brainworkers commit suicide? Mislabeled Viagra and illegal prescription drugs, that’s how…

  • The whole “feminazi” thing only proves that Rush never grew past the old childhood resentment of wimmin bossing him around. I called my parents “slave-drivers” too, back when I was about ten. Fortunately for all concerned, no one bought it, so I grew up a little more and stopped doing it. Apparently Rush didn’t grow up in decent and sensible company like I did.

  • MikeMa

    I don’t think Rush even thinks of feminazi as a slur. It is a word he uses to describe certain people with certain attributes. He understands it is negative but from long use he attaches no emotional content to it. Progressive women? Nah, Feminazis.

  • Aquaria

    I don’t think Rush even thinks of feminazi as a slur.

    I was living in Sacramento when this turd got his start.

    It’s intentional. He coined the term for a reason. He means it as a slur. He used to do a Mike Tyson imitation to describe “en-en-enbirohmentahlis’ whackos”. He had names for everybody, and there wasn’t any form of liberal he wouldn’t demonize–intentionally. That’s been his schtick, from the beginning: Saying despicable things about people he hates.

    I know all this because a previous husband was one of the first ditto-heads in Sacramento. I was constantly hearing about how “funny” Rush was. When the husband laugh about what Rush said that day on his show, I thought they’d both lost their ever-loving minds. Then we happened to be in the car together when the show came on one day. It was even dumber and more hateful than I’d already suspected it to be, and I told the husband that not only had he become a fucking moron, but also that listening to that crap would turn him into a scumbag on top of it. I should have known then than the marriage was doomed.

    Becoming a ditto-head wasn’t the main reason I booted his sorry ass to the curb. But it wasn’t an insignificant factor, either. I had more self-respect than to be with the kind of man who would listen to bigoted sexist trash like Rush Limbaugh.

  • MikeMa

    Aquaria, I’m sure you are correct for the inception of the slur, but I think it is just part of his unconscious lexicon now.

    I also remember my first ditto-head. I was in MD at the time traveling to Baltimore and flipping radio stations when this moron came on the radio taking calls and all most of the callers said was ‘ditto’. I listened fascinated and revolted at the dim bulbs eating the shit Rush was shoveling.

    There used to be a radio talk show in Philly (1975?) hosted by Joel A Spivak. I would listen in the shop where I was a welder while he took caller after caller on all subjects from sports to politics and insulted 90% of them. I figured that eventually, he’d insult so many people that they would stop calling but they never did. That is the level I see the dittoheads at. Rush is insulting them more subtly than Spivak certainly, but they love him for it.

  • caseloweraz

    “you’ll find that they are livid at me, even though I’ve called nobody a “bitch,” I called nobody a “whore,” I called nobody a “slut,” as some called Sharron Angle and some called Meg Whitman.”

    No; you just called them feminazis and said one should go sit on a fire hydrant. Nothing insulting there…


    By the way: what does “make amends for Mrs. Clinton” mean if it’s not derogatory to her?