Awesome Reason Rally Video

This is a really cool video put together by The Thinking Atheist, Seth Andrews.


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  • Cuttlefish

    There’s also the awesome Reason Rally video from Bill O’Reilly:

    Quite a different value of “awesome”.

  • Michael Heath

    I enjoyed Thinking Atheist and Fox News take on the rally. Fox’s was actually better than I thought it’d be, which is probably why they put in movie clips – in order to dilute the ideas being promoted and avoid having more content from the rally.

    Re the Fox “report”: It’s always amusing to see religionists attempt to falsely assert non-religionists share their dependence on faith, where religionists use the term ‘faith’ framed as a thinking defect.

    Who is the old dude with the long hair and fu manchu? I did a google search on his face and predominately came up with young brown-haired females, some committing a certain sex act. I’m surprised Google released this software several months ago, it vividly illustrates Steve Jobs’ criticism of the quality of Google’s products.

  • tacitus

    I hadn’t listened to anything by Seth Andrews until watching this video, and my first impression was that he has a wonderful voice and talent for broadcasting–confirmed by listening to his latest podcast.

    It comes as no surprise that he used to be a religious broadcaster before he saw the light and became an atheist. I wish him success and the greatly expanded audience he deserves.