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This morning on Culture Wars Radio I interview FTB’s own Greta Christina, author of the new book Why Are You Atheists So Angry: 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless. She is the only guest on the show because it was a very interesting interview and we just kept going. You can listen to the show here from 10 am until noon. And get old shows on iTunes or here.

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  • Jordan Genso

    I’ve enjoyed the shows you’ve done so far, and look forward to listening to this one later this week. Thank you for making them available to listen to at any time.

  • Pieter B, FCD

    Can’t wait to hear this one. Hanging out with Greta was one of the highlights of last year’s TAM experience for me.

  • janiceintoronto


    The broadcast was terrific. You and Greta mentioned a book by a female author that resulted in your questioning yourselves and your thoughts ‘for weeks’

    The authors name and book title were mentioned too quickly for me to write it down.

    What was the book???

  • ambulocetacean

    I’ll definitely be downloading this one, but are they still 200MB per episode? They take ages to download on my crappy connection…