Another Rape/Death Threat for Jessica

Here’s yet another threat sent to Jessica Ahlquist. It threatens to rape and kill her and her entire family, including naming her little sister specifically. Because you’ll know they are Christians by their love, right? Here’s the text of the letter:

The cops will not watch you forever. We will get you good. Tell your little asshole sister to watch her back. There are many of us, “crusaders,” we have a betting pool to see who gets you first! Your fuckin old man better move or keep you locked up if you know what’s good for you. We know where he works, what kind of cars you have and the plate numbers of the cars. Get the fuck out of RI you bitchin whore. You are nothing more of a sex toy of a slut. Maybe you will (sic) gang-banged before we throw you out of one of our cars. We will get you – look out!

I can’t even imagine being so evil and twisted as to say this to anyone, much less a 16 year old girl. Nor can I imagine what it must be like to receive something like this, the fear it must create inside you. Imagine never feeling safe, always being afraid that someone is going to follow through on this kind of threat. I hope they find out who sent this and lock them up for a very long time.

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