Sorry About the Multiple Popups

We’re trying out a new ad company for popunder ads and just installed the code this morning. It’s not working the way it should, so I’ve asked our tech to pull it back out. I only want one popunder ad to be seen once per day per visitor, but that code kept sending multiple popups every time I clicked on a link. My apologies. We’ll try to get it fixed.

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  • rowanvt

    It wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so HUGE! They go full-screen for me every time I click a link into a blog post. And when I logged in. And probably will show up again once I hit submit.

  • Yeah, I didn’t like that either.

  • LightningRose

    I have a better idea. Get rid of the fucking pop under/over ads completely, and any animated ads, and I’ll whitelist FTB in AdBlock+.

  • Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven

    Yeah, really. One pop-up per day is one too many.

  • One word (well, two glommed together): Noscript. Sometimes a PITA when I go to a commercial site and have to figure out what to enable to see all the content, but worth it in security and absence of stupid popups (I think it was that annoyed me enough to install it).

  • gesres


    Any popunder ads at all conveys a stigma to a site, IMO. Scientific American has them and it makes me think less of the magazine. I hope the revenue is worth it.

  • F

    This sort of thing is exactly why I block ads. No one, from the ad creators to the adservers to the people who rent adspace on their sites (being limited between multiple vendors of suck) are remotely capable of delivering advertising sensibly.

    I always give everyone a fair shot. I don’t subscribe to block lists, and I don’t block all scripts by default, but manage everything manually. Yet somehow, between all the crap extra scripting for the “social media” sites and the ridiculous advertising, I generally end up with no ads showing on sites I visit regularly. Which is sad, because I’d rather allow at least some, if not all, ads and even click through to support the sites I love.

    So, these days, the only things I see at FtB when using my main browser are the four locally hosted and relevant ads at the bottom of the right sidebar. Sorry.

  • bananacat

    Pop ups are especially annoying when I view this site on my smart phone because it’s a touch screen and it’s hard to close the ad without accidentally clicking on it. I usually just open the max limit of windows to google and then when the pop-up tries to pop up, I just get a message saying that I can’t open any more windows. I still have to click to dismiss that message, but at least I won’t accidentally end up going to some ad’s website. Just a tip for other smartphone users. I will admit that I read the site much less frequently on my smartphone because of the ads, so they’re really counterproductive. There has to be a better way to include advertising for smartphone users.

    It would also be nice if the mobile format automatically came up on my smartphone like it used to do a few months ago, or at least retain that format when I go to a new page, but I guess that’s a different issue.

  • Rike

    As long as there are pop-up or pop-under ads, I use Adblock and I see no ads whatsoever. Sorry, I wouldn’t mind seeing ads, and clicking through on some of them, as long as they don’t move!

  • markb

    Please, Please, Please remove the pop-up/under ads they have two effects (for me anyway):

    1. Make the website seem cheap and untrustworthy.

    2. Make me immediately suspicious of the product being sold.

    Like a lot of other commenters here I use noscript to block them, I also prevent scripts from ad providers from running and block 3rd party cookies to stop tracking. If this means that ads do not show up then I’m sorry but I trust advertising agencies less then I trust religious fundamentalists!

  • Egaeus

    There are pop-under ads? I think I knew that, but I’m not sure how. I do not block ads in general. I realize that they are an important source of revenue. However, I block pop-ups and context (in)sensitive ads. If they manage to get by Chrome’s pop-up blocker, I blacklist the domain on my router. Don’t annoy me, and I’ll look at your ads, and maybe even click on one if it interests me. Annoying me is not going to do anything but decrease your revenue.

  • adrianwhite

    At last!

    I can access FTB without it freezing, crashing or having to accept that bloody zedo ad.

    Please keep it this way.