You’ll Know They Are Christians By Their Love

Here’s another disgusting email sent to Mikey Weinstein, sent by a nice churchgoing lady who called Mikey on the phone to tell him that she and her friends are praying for all the women involved with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation to get breast cancer. Seriously.

Mickey Wienstien, we called you on the weekend to advice you that our womens prayer circle at our church will be ending your wickedness against Christ Jesus and his anointed of the USA in our military. In America which is Jesus’ country we can pray all we want for anything we want. you hung up on us and were rude to our leader. but will that stop us or Christ Jesus? No it will not and never could have, wicked Mickey. Our prayer circle has never failed to acheive our hosts granting of the scripture we pray. for direct intervention against you as you are a true demon to America. Luke 9:1 We will not stop our prayers until you stop the evil you do with Lucifer on a daly basis. Luke 9:1 But not against you Mickey. We know by your internet site and your book who it is to be. Now for our prayer, we pray that the women who work in your MFRR and the women in your family will befall fast moving breast cancer which can not everbe cured. We pray this for Leah Bruton, and Becki Miller, Patricia Corigan, Chris Rodda, Edie Disler, Vicky Garrison, Kristin Leslie, Melinda Moeton and Joan Slish. And you evil clan too, we pray this for Bonnie Wiensten and Amanda and Amber Wienstein and the woman lawyers Cariline Mitchel and Katherin Ritchy and all women of all who work at with for Military Freedom Against Religon Foundation. know that we pray and pray hard all the days until you stop your destruction of our American army and accept Christ Jesus as Lord and join His army.

See, when Jesus said to turn the other cheek and love those who do evil, what he really meant was to pray that they get cancer.

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  • Captain Mike

    Why are they just targeting women? Why not pray that Mickey (sic) get testicular cancer or something?

  • krucz36

    Men can get breast cancer too! They’re not even doing cancer research to try and most effectively pray at people.

    hahahaha lackwits!

  • “Wicked Mickey”

    He needs a T-shirt with that on it.

  • I read that yesterday at Chris Rodda’s and it just made my hair stand on end with revulsion.

  • matthewgreenberg

    they sound like witches. like, actual witches.

  • d cwilson


    Ironically, if someone had called upon any other deity or supernatural force to inflict breast cancer on people, these same women would be accusing them of practicing witchcraft. But because they’re doing it in the name of Jeebus, it’s somehow holy.

  • Oh yeah? I’m gonna wish on a star and rub my lucky rabbit’s foot until all the women in her church are gang raped by Saudi Arabia and its millions of Muslim penises.

  • leonardschneider

    That woman is a good Christian, just like the Pharisees were good Jews and Roy Cohn was a good American.

  • rapiddominance

    Mean little sucker, isn’t she?

    Are you positive this isn’t some sort of joke? This is on the verge of ‘comic book villainy’.

    How is it that I’ve never ran into a christian prayer group that actively prayed for people to get tumors; yet, you guys attract people like this on a regular basis?

    I’m not saying its your fault that this woman is behaving this way. Far from it!!! I’m just pointing out that theists who behave this way seem to have a knack for finding you.

    But then I’m a theist who reads here frequently, so maybe I shouldn’t hit the ‘submit comment’ button . . .

  • andrewlephong

    These people are lazy. To paraphrase Homer Simpson on the topic of imprecatory prayers: “You can’t ask God to harm somebody. You do your own dirty work!”

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Are you positive this isn’t some sort of joke? This is on the verge of ‘comic book villainy’.

    Yeah, I don’t usually buy it when people claim that things like this were planted by the opposition to make them look bad, but in this case I’d almost be open to that argument. This thing is just cartoonishly vile; it reads like a caricature.

  • Budbear

    Now that’s some seriously Grade A, deep dish, pedal to the metal mental illness out there for all the world to see. Is this the prayer circle for the First Hate R Us Church of Psycho Salvation?

  • I definitely see the witchcraft angle. On one hand, I think it might be amusing to report this email as evidence of witchcraft to some preacher. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to encourage an actual Inquisition that involves actual burnings. We’ve got more than enough of that going on in the world right now, especially given all the posts I’m seeing about it, lately.

  • Why are they just targeting women? Why not pray that Mickey (sic) get testicular cancer or something?

    Because then they would have to think ‘testicular’ which is from the devil and all icky.

  • noastronomer

    What immediately popped into my head reading this was the Sheffield Townswomens Guild re-enactment of the attack on Pearl Harbor …

  • Doug Little

    wicked Mickey

    Sounds like Disney is capitalizing on the porn industry. Got to admit it has a nice ring to it.

  • jameshanley

    wicked Mickey

    Great band name.

  • Doug Little

    Ahhhhh Mickey you’re so fine

    you’re so fine you blow my mind

    Ahh Mickey.

  • F

    Just how goddamned stupid can people get? And evil, too. In a Bible-believing country, if this is a Christian nation, assault charges should be filed. Or better, make use of a Stand Your Ground law.

  • raven

    Needless to say this is just witchcraft. (As several have already noted.)

    Begging or commanding a powerful supernatural being to do your will or fulfill your desires.

    There is no difference between xianity and any primitive superstition.

    PS And they aren’t doing it quite optimally. I think you are supposed to sacrifice a chicken or stick pins in a doll or something.

  • Doug Little

    Or better, make use of a Stand Your Ground law

    Does that mean we can shoot the baby Jebus and not suffer any consequences?

  • rjmx

    Does that mean we can shoot the baby Jebus and not suffer any consequences?

    Yes, but he’ll be back in three days.

  • Damn. What stupid bitches. They don’t even know their own religion. (Or is that “religon”?)

  • Wow. I mean . . . just–wow. Dumb and malignant are battling it out here; which will win? I think it’s a draw.

  • Daniel Schealler

    I thought it was supposed to be:

    You’ll Know They Are Christians By Their Love For One Another (Because Who Gives A Fuck About Non-Christians Anyway, Amirite?)

  • twincats

    they sound like witches. like, actual witches.

    No, they sound like fictional and stereotypical pop culture witches.

    I know a fair few witches (okay, wiccans/pagans but they call themselves witches or wytches) and none of them would even consider casting a spell for someone without that person’s knowledge AND consent. They believe that whatever you do comes back to you times three, so who’d want to even try anything impracatory?

  • Howzabout putting up a email address for direct rebuttal to these folks.

    For purely academic styled discourse purposes only,of course….

  • neonsequitur

    It’s the right-wing trifecta: stupid, evil and crazy all at once.

  • yoav

    you hung up on us and were rude to our leader.

    Unfortunately anything I have seen or heard of Mikey Weinstein point to someone who is quiet and polite, so he probably wasn’t as rude to the grand leader of christian fucktweetery as they deserve.

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  • She could have wished something worse on them:

  • Wow, they hedged their bets and prayed for a cancer – something that’s at least got some chance of occurring on its own – rather than a divine lightning-bolt or an angel with a flaming sword. Obviously, they’re as much believers as I am.

  • Matrim

    I thought that Palestine/Israel was Jesus’s country…

  • Happiestsadist

    That’s horrifying.

    Also, fifthdentist, you’re just as bad. Think about that.

  • Michael Heath

    This doesn’t smell right. I can see one Christian lady, or one member from any group, promoting such evil; but her entire prayer circle making such pleas when they’re together? I’d love to hear more about the church(es) they attend if this were true where I’m guessing it’s one lady lying. One very hateful that is.

  • Michael Heath

    Dr. X posts “crazy leader preaching”.

    If the Bible were true then the Apostle Paul is saying, “See, I told you so!”

  • Another group like Westboro Baptist?

  • …but her entire prayer circle making such pleas when they’re together?

    I’m guessing this lady doesn’t have a whole lot of friends. I’m thinking her “circle” is probably more of a line. Or maybe a triangle.

    It was so bad though, I was laughing and wondering if it was real, too.

  • Daniel Schealler


    Her version of heaven is likely to be extremely lightly populated.

    We are the pure and chosen few,

    And all the rest are damned.

    There’s room enough in hell for you,

    We don’t want heaven crammed.

  • Are we quite sure that it is not a Poe?

    This story is doing the rounds on Freethought Blogs and elsewhere on the atheist web, and I think we ought to be sure.

    If genuine, then I agree with everyone else of course.

    David B

  • StevoR

    @33. Matrim says:

    I thought that Palestine/Israel was Jesus’s country…

    Actually that would be Judea – a Roman province at the time – assuming you mean the Rabbi Jesus worsphipped as a co-Divinity by most Christians.

    Otherwise, (pronounced with an “h”) somewhere in the Caribbean / West Indies probably.

  • StevoR

    Although come to think of Judea of century Zero BC / AD was ruled by a Jewish monarch – King Herod – as a client kingdom -last of the Hasmonean dynasty if memory serves.

    Historically, there has never been a *nation* called Palestine, that being a provincial name applied to a geographic area ruled by others such as the British mandate and Ottoman province.

    There have been at least two nations called Israel – the current small Jewish nation created in 1948 and surviving despite constant attempts to wipe it off the map by the Arabs and the former Jewish Kingdom that split from the original Davidic one ruled by the Biblical / Toranic Kings Saul, David, Solomon and their numerous successors.

  • plutosdad

    But remember, it is rude to hang up on them!

  • Michael Heath

    Here’s an ironic example of the level of denialism we deal with when it comes David Barton fans. Forest Church mostly edited a book predominately dedicated to the publication of a key set of founding documents related to the church-state issue (Church provides minimal commentary). Linked here is my review of that book, which I wrote seven years ago.

    The other day a Barton fan named George Holder wrote the following as a comment post in my review as a reaction to another commenter raising the so-called Jefferson Bible topic:

    As for Jefferson cutting up Bibles, please read “The Jefferson Lies” by David Barton and you’ll find a wealth of source material as to what Jefferson did with those two Bibles and why!

    Ironic because rather than read the source material like the so-called Jefferson Bible or what Mr. Church presents in the book I reviewed, he’s advocating we instead filter those primary source documents through a liar and fraud like David Barton. A classic display of someone demonstrating right wing authoritarianism which illustrates the systemic defect of conservative Christianism.

  • LightningRose

    At least the time they spend praying is time not spent doing something harmful to others or useful to their cause.

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  • “There is no difference between xianity and any OTHER primitive superstition.”

    Sorry, Raven. It’s not like you to leave a word out! :>)

  • keithdwatkins

    Hello Mr. Brayton, I’ve read your articles for a few years now and wanted to tell you that I love your content and to keep posting as long as you can.

    I was also curious what the source was for the email. If there was any way to link to the primary resource from my Facebook, that would be awesome.