Michigan Senate Threatens U of M Over Stem Cell Research

In 2008, Michigan voters overwhelmingly passed a referendum that overturned the state’s laws against embryonic stem cell research. The University of Michigan, one of the premier medical research facilities in the world, quickly became a hot spot for such research. And now the Republicans in Michigan want to cut its funding over it. Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic leader in the Senate, delivered an angry speech on the floor in response:


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  • harold

    Too bad she isn’t running for president.

  • raven


    It’s just the Tea Party/GOP War on Science again.

    Some say that was George Bush’s most successful war. Scientists are much easier targets than the Taliban, al Qaeda, or the various Iraqi armed factions.

  • Doc Bill

    So long as religious fanatic politicians are elected by religious fanatics this sort of representation will continue.

    You really can’t expect a politician elected by religious fanatics to behave any other way.

  • Michael Heath

    This is a type of unique MIchigan style of bipartisanship. Sen. Whitmer represents East Lansing, home of Michigan State University – a fierce sports rival of the University of Michigan, where here she lauds the University of Michigan as, ‘world class’. [This is not a serious observation.]

    While I obviously support stem cell research – including embryonic stem cell research, I would argue 53% to 47% is not ‘overwhelming’ – no matter how many times we repeat that word.

  • machintelligence

    She reminds me a lot of Pat Schroeder (D Colo, now retired)– the congresswoman who called Reagan the “Teflon president”.

  • slc1

    Re Michael Heath @ #4

    As a U. C. Berkeley grad, I have no problem in proclaiming our fierce sport’s rival, Stanford, a world class university and the Harvard of the West.

  • Michael Heath

    slc1 writes:

    As a U. C. Berkeley grad, I have no problem in proclaiming our fierce sport’s rival, Stanford, a world class university and the Harvard of the West.

    Which is exactly why I asked my point not be taken seriously. I was merely pointing to the district this Senator represents relative to the Univ. of MI. I in no way expect sports rivalries to sway legislation promoted by Democrats.

  • Wasn’t it Sen. Whitmer who also spoke out eloquently against the so-called anti-bullying bill last year? The one that was, in fact, a bill guaranteeing legal protection FOR religious bullies?

    I agree with harold- I hope we see this woman on the national stage soon.

  • TGAP Dad

    That’s MY state senator! Give ’em hell, Gretchen!

  • SLC1,

    OT, a friend of mine used to refer to Yale as the Harvard of New Haven.

  • gwangung

    As a U. C. Berkeley grad, I have no problem in proclaiming our fierce sport’s rival, Stanford, a world class university and the Harvard of the West.

    You’re magnanimous for a Cal weenie.

    (Seriously, couldn’t ask for a better school to be a rival with).

  • Yes, let’s keep an eye Gretchen Whitmer, she’s a rare thing… a Democrat with a backbone. She had some strong words over the watered down anti-bullying legislation last year.

  • Crudely Wrott

    The take home point from this is that the true believer is convinced from the start, without reflection or the information to inform reflection, that anything to do with sex and reproduction that is done by people on purpose automatically takes the wind out of the sails of the ultimate authority of the entire universe (who is the only thing authorized (by itself, of course) to mess with that stuff. With special attention to the true believer’s hopes and fears, to be sure.) I’m surprised that it’s that easy. [chuckle]

    Gretchen speaks as I do though a lack of venue and clout limits me to speaking to individuals as opportunity presents. While such openings are infrequent it’s still a hoot each time. Not all forget, I think.

    Big ol’ hat tip to her.

    *Two tips for her: stay a local politician and uncover the rest of your face. As for the first, you already have secure foot hold. As for the second, you will be perceived as more accessible and trustworthy. Trust me on this.*

  • dan4

    I hope she runs for the U.S. Senate if Levin retires in 2014 (not a remote possibility, given his age).

  • Jordan Genso

    With term limits, Sen. Whitmer won’t be able to stay a “local” politician for long, but many political analysts are assuming she’ll run for governor before she goes federal. As someone who would be represented by her were she to run for Congress (in MI’s 8th district), I’m torn between which I would prefer.

  • Tch. Who needs a cure for cancer? We care more about embryos which’ll never be babies anyway!