Orly’s First Campaign Ad

Orly Taitz has released her first campaign ad, which is four minutes long and apparently narrated by that chain-smoking woman you might expect to run into at a VFW hall. It’s one long, weird, hilarious mishmash of claims and statements, complete with the music of Yankee Doodle Dandy. No, I’m not kidding. This commercial had to set the campaign back a good 40 bucks.


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  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Listen again. That’s “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, not “Yankee Doodle”.

  • dingojack

    Could the sound be any worse?


  • http://www.facebook.com/ZenoFerox Zeno


    I’m sure Sen. Feinstein is quaking in her boots.

  • http://www.electricminstrel.com Brett McCoy

    “She’s like the energizer bunny on steroids”. Hoo boy

  • danielkim

    Constitutional rights are ‘depraved?’

  • Trebuchet

    I wonder if NewsCorp will be suing for her obvious trademark infringement of the Fox logo! Murdoch v. Taitz — it’s a win-win.

  • jufulu

    I was looking through the voter information pamphlet that comes with my absentee ballot and chuckled when I saw her name. I am so tempted to vote for her, it would be like winding up a yappy dog. You know, a little bit cruel because you are laughing so hard and yet the dog is enjoying it too.

  • http://www.rodlamkey.net reverendrodney

    Where to start: lousy sound? Intermixing the Soviet Union and “witness to” with gas chambers?

    That suit of armor with boobs and tiny waist took the cake.

  • http://criticallyskeptic-dckitty.blogspot.com Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort
  • Phillip IV

    I’ve heard of voice acting jobs sounding “phoned in”, but the one on that video clip sounds literally as if recorded over a phone line.

    Anyway, it’s good to know Orly managed to escape the bloodshed caused by Hitler and Stalin. Being born in 1962 might have given her something of a headstart on that, but it might still rate as one of her greatest personal accomplishments, for all I know.

    Her campaign chest might be depleted from the 40 dollar expenditure on that clip, but I don’t think it’ll matter – they won’t have to pay a cent for the airtime to broadcast that commercial, I’m pretty sure Diane Feinstein will pay for that out of her own campaign funds.

  • Jordan Genso

    Did anyone else enjoy the image at 3:31 as much as I did? So bizarre for a campaign ad.

  • http://iamaperture.wordpress.com Zinc Avenger

    Talk about “phoning it in”…

  • http://rationaldreaming.com tacitus

    I’ve heard of voice acting jobs sounding “phoned in”, but the one on that video clip sounds literally as if recorded over a phone line.

    You beat me to it — it does quite literally sound like the voice-over was phoned in.

    I also wondered about the blatant ripoff off the 20th Century Fox movie logo (as I will always remember it), and I literally laughed out loud at the “Dr Orly has no off switch” line — no kidding! That’s the very reason why she no longer has any allies in the Birther Movement — her verbal diarrhea in the court room is almost legendary.

  • demonhauntedworld

    So, has everyone seen the latest bizarre twist on the birther movement? Some (Breitbart, Daily Caller) are claiming that of course Obama was born in Hawaii, so why is Obama denying it?

    Yesterday, Big Government reported that back in 1991, Obama’s literary agency, Acton & Dystel, put out a bio claiming he was born in Kenya

    Which is weird, because as all reasonable people know by now, Obama was born in Hawaii.

    And of course, the left’s reaction has been predictable: “Hurr, hurr, Birthers, derp derp!” Because apparently, sometime within the last 24 hours, “Birther” has been redefined to mean “somebody who believes Obama wasn’t born in Kenya.” The word “Birther” means whatever lefties need it to mean, at the moment they need it to mean that. Just like every other word in every other language.

    Unless you’re a credulous rube, it sure does look like Obama told his literary agency that he was born in Kenya for some reason. And the false information wasn’t corrected until April 2007, a couple of months after he launched his presidential campaign.


  • slc1

    Re demonhaunted world @ #14

    Of course, this assumes that Obama was aware of the error at the time. AFAIK, the book in question states that he was born in Hawaii. Just another smear effort by the late and unlamented piece of filth Andrew Breitbart.

  • dan4

    @14 Because apparently, sometime within the last 24 hours, “Birther” has been redefined to mean “somebody who believes Obama wasn’t born in Kenya.”

    Huh? I don’t get this “redefinition,” especially as the very sentence before this had Treacher mocking the left over letting out a “birther” cry regarding a report that Obama WAS born in Kenya.

  • Pinky

    The people of her city may be hoping for her to win the senatorship (or as Ms. Taitz calls it: “King of the World!”) so she will take her shrill nuttiness elsewhere.

  • F

    Phillip IV

    1962, for the LOL.

  • Mr Ed

    Are we sure this isn’t a Poe? The user name at youtube is “keyanbornobamacorn.” Every comment is responded to by the user with a childish play ground quip like “well you must be an obamabot.”

    If this is really an ad then it it is done with all the quality and intelligence one would expect from a middle school student union race.

  • caseloweraz

    reverendrodney wrote: “That suit of armor with boobs and tiny waist took the cake.”

    I think that’s her campaign chest.

    (ducks, runs…)

  • coryat

    She’s got my vote (if I was American) – didn’t you see Obama burning the constitution at 1.25? Holy shit!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dunfordm mikedunford

    @Mr Ed:

    Sadly, it’s not a Poe. I’ve been paying attention to the birthers for a while now. The person who posted that is actually, unfortunately, real.