Cops Don’t Even Like Cops Photographing Them

Carlos Miller has a story that’s pretty incredible. A Connecticut police officer was sleeping at his desk during his shift, so the other officers thought it would be funny to take a picture of him to make fun of him later. Let’s just say the sleeping cop didn’t take too kindly to it. He woke up, pulled his gun and threatened the officer with the camera:

Freeman yelled at Davis to put the gun away, but Davis continued to track his movements with the gun pointed at Freeman’s head and his finger on the trigger, police said. After Freeman yelled at Davis a second time, Davis put the gun back in its holster, police said. Freeman then left the office.

Police said Freeman reported the incident to MTA Internal Affairs. Following an investigation, Davis was suspended for two weeks. However, Freeman subsequently pursued the matter and the case was turned over to Bridgeport police.

The officer has actually been arrested for it, which is the truly shocking part of the story.

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  • mattand

    Christ, if that’s how this officer is with other cops, can you imagine the amount of abuse he’s been heaping civilians over the years?

  • kevinschelley

    The amazing thing would be if this happened when a civilian took a photo of a cop.

  • Phillip IV

    I can’t help picturing that scene with Chief Wiggum in my mind.

  • Tualha

    Not shocking at all. He was threatening a cop with a deadly weapon, after all. That’s a very serious crime, unlike, say, a cop threatening an ordinary citizen with a deadly weapon. Let alone a cop threatening a poor person, who can’t afford good legal representation, with a deadly weapon.

  • Ben P

    Honestly where my thoughts go to this is, “are these seriously the kind of people we have enforcing the law?”

    It’s never happened at work, but I’ve certainly had friends wake me up from a nap in some uncomfortable manner as a joke. Photographs aren’t that dissimilar and my reaction might have been hostile for about 2 seconds (what the fuck is….oh, you guys are assholes). Even if I carried a gun I don’t think I’d rise to the level of pointing it at someone over something like that.

  • jamessweet

    What Tualha said. They don’t let you pull a gun on a cop, even if you are a cop.

  • gopiballava

    What do you do when a cop pulls a gun on a cop? That’s a deep philosophical question, like what happens when you tape a piece of buttered toast to the back of a cat. Two universal laws in conflict.

  • twincats

    This makes me think about practical jokes and shows about them. Could this sort of thing get dangerous in states with concealed carry laws?

    It’s not just cops that could react in such a manner to friend’s/co-worker’s pranks, after all.

  • F

    He woke up, pulled his gun and threatened the officer with the camera

    Yeah, that will fly better than being caught sleeping on duty.

    The officer has actually been arrested for it

    He damn well better have been. He should never be allowed to own or tough a weapon ever again. The only reason you ever point a weapon is if you intend to kill the target.