Obama Stance Continues Shift on Marriage Equality

When President Obama announced his support for marriage equality, as tepid as it was, I said at the time that it would likely result in a shift of a few points in public opinion polls in favor of equality. And it has done exactly that, according to a new poll:

Opposition to gay marriage has hit a new low among Americans, weeks after President Barack Obama announced his support for it, according to a new poll Wednesday.

Less than 4 in 10 Americans, 39 percent, said they are opposed to the legalization of gay marriage, in a new low found in a Washington Post-ABC News survey. Meanwhile, a majority of Americans, 53 percent, said same-sex marriage should be legal — compared to just 36 percent who said the same six years ago.

Half of Americans, 51 percent, said they approve of the president’s recent decision to publicly support gay marriage, while 41 percent said they disapprove.

The endorsement of marriage equality brought the issue more into the mainstream. Such is the power of the bully pulpit. And that’s why the announcement, even with all the disingenuous political triangulation that surrounded it, was such an important moment.

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