Holy Shit, They’re Idiots

You have to see this video of one of the congregants at the church of North Carolina pastor and first class lunatic Charles Worley, who recently said that gays and lesbians should be put in concentration camps. She appears to have the IQ of a turnip:


"People who own stock in railroad companies.They, like coal miners, resist re-education."

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  • unbound

    Now, now. That isn’t being nice to the turnip…

  • Rev. BigDumbChimp


  • Don’t insult turnips like that!

  • Childermass

    Painful indeed.

    Maybe there is an n=1 problem and the church just got unlucky that such an idiot got chosen to be interviewed. But I suspect that those of the congregation have developed the intelligence of a slimy invertebrate know it is not a good idea to continue to stick the church’s collective foot into its mouth or to make themselves look like bigots on national television.

  • ambulocetacean

    The next Sarah Palin? She’s certainly no less coherent.

  • teawithbertrand

    Like my mama always said, “Stupid is as stupid says.”

  • Larry

    Fuhgedaboutit, Jake. It’s North Carolina.

  • Shawn Smith

    Remember, her vote is just as valuable as yours.

  • Oh, Pastor Worley:

    There’s a flock of sheeple up in West Virgina looking for a new shepherD:


    I’m sure your faith is stronger than antivenin.

  • Blondin

    I don’t think AC’s point about gay children coming from straight parents will have any effect on her. The doctrine of free will dictates that being gay MUST be a matter of choice therefore bigots like her see this kind of ‘final solution’ as a deterrent. This is similar to the chain of reasoning that suggests consuming a pack of Ex-Lax is an effective solution for a chronic, nagging cough.

  • johnfromberkeley

    If you’re a Christian, it forces you to ask the question: “Why does the holy spirit discriminate against poor people?”

  • She never has to talk about how evil homosexuals are outside of her circle of haters. She was smart enough to recognize that not everyone watching the tv agrees with her.

  • TGAP Dad

    I feel like, in order to be consistent here (without defending turnip lady), I simply have to weigh in. We always criticize Fox Gnus for being a pseudo-Republican organization, and call them out for selective editing, story selection, deliberately choosing unappealing spokespeople for causes they oppose, etc. So out of a purely misguided attempt at fairness, I feel compelled to point out that:

    1) The turnip lady may not have been the only person interviewed for the report. I sincerely hope that she didn’t make the cut because she was the best-informed or most articulate.

    2) She is mostly being made a proxy for pastor Bigot, since I am assuming he refused interview requests.

  • 24fps

    I felt a little sorry for her – only a little, mind – because she seemed to be trying, at first, to find a way to answer AC’s questions in a way that wouldn’t sound horrible. And then, realizing that it wasn’t possible to not sound like a total bigot or an idiot and still support her religious leader, she just cut her losses and made it short. By the end of the interview she obviously knew she and her congregation looked bad. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be enough to get her to re-examine her beliefs.

  • Who Knows?

    johnfromberkeley @ 11,

    I think the poor are there so the wealthy Christians have someone to be charitable towards. They get to know God loves them best and they get to feel magnanimous too.

  • laurentweppe

    Maybe there is an n=1 problem and the church just got unlucky that such an idiot got chosen to be interviewed

    Come on: intelligent people have either left “The” Church, left this church and found another one where the priest is not a nazi wanabe, or are still looking for another one where the priest is not a nazi wanabe and really don’t want to be associated with mister nazi wanabe while they’re about to leave.


    The next Sarah Palin? She’s certainly no less coherent.

    Naaaaah: Palin is a perfectly intelligent an capable woman who play dumb in order to hide the fact that she’s fucking lazy.

  • David C Brayton

    PZ’ comments are this video were spot on. She’s never had to think before and was always coddled and supported in her bigoted beliefs by like minded folks. Now that logic and skepticism has come to her church, she’s feeling a bit uncomfortable.

  • erichoug

    I’m curious to see how she was selected for this interview? Is she an actual church spokesperson? Was she selected completely at random? Did they try to find the dumbest member aside from the pastor? Or is she the smartest member?

    So many questions, Though I am betting that she is either the church spokesperson or the smartest member they have. Both of which are incredibly good advertisements for Atheism.

  • harold

    Weird how they always back peddle, dissemble, and deny. I knew in advance it would be dissembling.

    (Incidentally, this person gives every appearance of being within normal cognitive parameters. She has a strong regional accent, is probably working class, is unlikely to have much formal education, and makes herself look like a fool by hypocritically making excuses for bigotry. Picking on the first three of these is classism pure and simple, and fourth is well-deserving of criticism, but common among people with standard accents, upper class status, and extensive formal education, for example, Mitt Romney.)

  • uncephalized

    Blah, I had to stop the video halfway through. The stupid was burning too much.

    It was kind of funny watching her because she clearly couldn’t even follow the logical structure of his questions, much less form a coherent response. But mostly it was just sad.

  • cottonnero

    Maybe she was the only one willing to get on camera. And there’s more than a little selection bias in that.

  • Ichthyic

    “No, no! the good Pastor never said that! it was all taken out of context! that’s not what he meant! he really didn’t mean he wanted them to be rounded up”


    “but, that’s what he said”


    “Oh, well, yeah, he did say that; it’s what he meant.”


    fuck me, it never ceases to amaze me that people this stupid can actually function in society.

  • Ichthyic

    anyone else reminded of the Python “Dinsdale” sketch?

  • Ichthyic

    for those that never saw it:

    the Pirhana Brothers…

  • “This is similar to the chain of reasoning that suggests consuming a pack of Ex-Lax is an effective solution for a chronic, nagging cough.”.

    Normal people, after consuming a pack of Ex-Lax, would shit their brains out. For the interviewee, that would be impossible.