FL Elections Officials Refusing to Continue Voter Purge

This is a very cool development in the story of Florida’s voter purge. That state’s county elections officials are refusing to follow through on the voter purge Gov. Rick Scott is engaging in — and they apparently have the power to stop it.

The 67 county elections supervisors — who have final say over voter purges —are not moving forward with the purge for now because nearly all of them don’t trust the accuracy of a list of nearly 2,700 potential noncitizens identified by the state’s elections office.The U.S. Department of Justice has ordered the state to stop the purge.

“We’re just not going to do this,” said Leon County’s elections supervisor, Ion Sancho, one of the most outspoken of his peers. “I’ve talked to many of the other supervisors and they agree. The list is bad. And this is illegal.”

So far, more than 500 have been identified as citizens and lawful voters on the voter rolls. About 40 people statewide have been identified as noncitizens. At least four might have voted and could be guilty of a third-degree felony.

That’s their record? One possible illegal voter for every 125 legal voter they’ve purged? Well that’s certainly worth it. By the way, 30 of those 67 county elections chiefs are Republicans.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    Math correction, Ed: 40 noncitizens to 500 citizens is 1:12.5, not 1:125

    Not that that’s really much of an improvement, unless you’re a Republican and believe that it’s better to execute ten innocent men rather than let one guilty one go free.

  • mithandir

    I think ed is referencing the “At least four might have voted ” which does make it 1 in 125, rather than the 40 who might possibly vote.

  • Who Cares

    D.C. a bit further it says a 4 are suspected to have voted. That is 4 out of 500.

  • D. C. Sessions

    These yahoos aren’t being nearly as clever as they might. After all, they could avoid all of the charges of picking and choosing by having all voter registrations periodically expire. To reduce the loading, they could expire they in rotation precinct by precinct.

    If the random order just happened to sort out with the those having the “best” history of voting Republican be first after the previous election, descending to those with the “worst” record of voting Democrat just before the following election … well, looky there!

  • Doug Little

    Why not purge all the voters from the rolls, it’s the only way to be sure.

  • eric

    D.C., don’t say that too loud or someone will take you seriously. The FL GOP will come up with an expiration scheme that has the panhandle counties expiring the second week in November and the Miami counties expiring the last week in October…by pure coincidence of course. We drew lots out of a hat! Trust us!

  • D. C. Sessions

    Eric, no need for lots. Just progress in a logical fashion from north to south.

  • otrame

    Why not purge all the voters from the rolls, it’s the only way to be sure.

    Okay, that gets you a bright new silver-plated internet.

  • d cwilson

    Better to have a 100 legal voters purged than one voting democrat illegally.

  • cottonnero

    Maybe Leon County Democrats and Leon County Republicans don’t like each other terribly much, but they’re all probably in favor of Leon County. What county is going to want its political power diminished if it doesn’t have to?

    Of course, the Republicans will probably try to figure out some way to eliminate likely Democrats at the state level, and leave the counties out of it.

  • Cuttlefish


    We have to prune the registries

    Of enemies of note—

    What sort of country would we have

    If everyone could vote?

    The Democrats, the radicals,

    Minorities, and such—

    Imagine the calamity!

    It isn’t asking much

    The patriotic duty of

    Each woman and each man

    To trim the list of enemies—

    As many as we can.

    We push each technicality,

    And watch the numbers fall…

    Yes, things will run much smoother, when

    We needn’t vote at all!

  • sanford

    The Daily Show did a bit last night about the voter purge. One of the people interviewed on the show turned out to be a republican. She didn’t think there was any voter fraud.

  • timberwoof

    Rethuglicans know that voter fraud is not the way to rig elections—election fraud is. You have to subvert the entire system by some combination of getting people likely to vote for your opponents off the voter rolls and simply misreporting the vote when it happens.

    The state of electronic voting in this country is for shit; story after story gets published about some security expert demonstrating how ridiculously easy it is to break into a voting machine. What gets me is that one of the manufacturers is Diebold, makers of ATMs, for fuck’s sake. They *know* security; they’re just not interested in implementing it.

    The next time there’s some story covering the piss-poor security of a Diebold voting machine, we should all call up our banks and express concern about ATMs made by them. After all, if they can’t make secure voting machines, how can we trust them to make secure ATMs?

  • Neat development!

    2 things.

    1. to the peopole on the ground, the voting officials, the voter purge action looks very different than for those supporting it in the state senate. They actuallly SEE the very clear illegality of it up close and personal.

    2. Their refusal to participate in the purge parallels the way most women’s health care physicians would refuse to force unecessary procedures on their patients. At the end of the day, those on the ground are the deciders. (at least in these cases)

    Also, why wouldn’t unconstiutional and illegal voter purges not fall under the aegis of ‘voter fraud’? Is IS defrauding the public…