FRC Prays for Fake Study’s Acceptance

Not only are the anti-gay bigots of the religious right trumpeting that absurd study about gay parents, they’re also praying for people to accept it uncritically. The Family Research Council tells people what to pray for:

Homosexual activists have long insisted that children raised by those who identify as homosexuals do just as well as those raised by heterosexual parents. That proposition has been accepted in many circles, including the courts. Now a Texas study, using the largest sampling of any study yet, shows that children in a home where even one parent has engaged in homosexual activity fares worse by every measure and by wide margins than those raised in heterosexual two parent homes. Predictably, homosexual activists are outraged and dismiss these sophisticated scientific findings (see The Kids Are Not All Right, Risks, Varied Outcomes).

May this study find wide acceptance and help bring clarity to a confused scientific world, and be the first of many more in-depth studies that will demonstrate what we already know from the eternal truths of Scripture (Hos 4:6; Is 28:9-17; Pr 15:7-12; Hab 2:12-14; 1 Tim 4:2-4).

Ooh, those findings are sophisticated. They’re also utter nonsense. I guess this is what passes for peer review among the wingnuts, substituting prayer for thinking rationally.

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