Snyder Softens Michigan Abortion Bill

That package of abortion bills making its way through the Michigan legislature got slightly less bad when the provision to ban all abortions after 20 weeks was quietly stripped out of the bill. Tim Skubick, the dean of the state’s capitol reporters, says Gov. Rick Snyder got it pulled:

She and others may be shocked to find out what really happened is the governor, who calls himself “pro-life,” privately sent word that he would not support the 20-week provision. Notice that he did it without fanfare, no news conference, no nothing except sending word he was not on board.

That cheer you just heard was from the pro-choice folks who have been patiently waiting for the governor to show some sign that he would stand up to the anti-abortion forces, which are mighty in the House and Senate.

As it turns out the Michigan Right to Life lobby was fully aware that that bill was not on the governor’s agenda, as he likes to say, so RTL did not recommend it as part of a package of anti-abortion bills. There was no sense going there, if he would not ride along.

However somebody in the House GOP caucus wanted to move the bill. Maybe that somebody didn’t know the governor’s stance or maybe that somebody was just testing the governor to see what he would do.

Either way instead of passing the measure, Republicans acquiesced to the governor’s position and quietly buried the bill.

That’s at least a little bit better. The rest of the bills are still terrible though.

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  • Michael Heath

    That’s good news but isn’t there a host of other horrendous items in that bill? Like facility requirements which would effectively eradicate most abortion service-providers?

    For those who are non-Michiganders, we have a couple of good journalists in this state who attempt to get answers to the obvious questions; unlike those who cover D.C. Mr. Skubick is one of them, Jack Lessenberry’s another. Ed can probably think of a couple of others.

  • Randomfactor

    I suspect this is the way these things will go for the foreseeable.

    Put in a neandertal clause; strip it out with great fanfare, then pass the remaining medieval crap as an “enlightened compromise.”

    Jesus barft.

  • slc1

    Re Michael Heath @ #1

    While I would agree that, in general, the reporters in the DC area who cover politics are the poster boys/girls for the lame stream media, occasionally, the Washington Post remembers Watergate and does some investigative reporting. They really did a number on one Helen Dragas, who is on the governing board of the Virginia State University system. Ms. Dragas was outed as the instigator behind the firing of the president of the University of Virginia. Her term on the board is up in July and the Governor is under intense pressure to not reappoint her. The issue between her and Ms. Sullivan, the former president, was the latter’s refusal to make draconian cuts in the university’s academic budget which she considered to be adverse to providing a quality education to the students there. Apparently, Ms. Dragas wasn’t much interested in the quality of education at UVA.

  • Tualha

    Didn’t your earlier posting say that they had enough votes to override a veto anyway? Are they dropping it because Snyder won’t enforce it?

  • Michael Heath

    Tualha writes:

    Didn’t your [Ed’s] earlier [blog] posting say that they had enough votes to override a veto anyway?

    Ed didn’t say that explicitly. But he claimed it’d easily pass the State Senate which surprised me that it had that much support. Shame on me but I’m not sure what it takes for the minority party/caucus to obstruct bills in the MI Senate.

  • donkensler

    I’m not familiar at all with the rules of the MI Senate, so I have no idea what tools the minority would have to delay or obstruct, but in any event the Reps have 37 members to only 12 for the Dems (yes, the 2010 election really was that bad), so I’m betting the Reps could get by those pretty easily.

  • d cwilson

    I’m sure this is all about jobs, right?

  • Tualha

    Michael Heath: You’re right, he said vetoes could be overridden.