TMLC ‘Escalates’ Sharia Lawsuit

The Thomas More Law Center has filed a motion for an en banc rehearing of the appeals court ruling dismissing their silly lawsuit against the federal government for the AIG bailout because a few of the hundreds of subsidiaries for the company market insurance to Muslims. The Worldnutdaily does their usual job of reprinting the press release without even an attempt to examine the arguments:

A battle against federal taxpayer subsidies for Shariah programs is being escalated to the full 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after a three-judge panel of the court decided that a U.S. Marine had no right to challenge the government’s financial support for Islamic law.

No, it isn’t being escalated. They’ve filed a motion, which will almost certainly be denied. Then they’ll “escalate” to filing a cert petition with the Supreme Court, which will also almost certainly be denied. Then they’ll whine about it. And maybe pray about it. And nothing much else will happen.

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  • otrame

    I didn’t know you were a prophet. Hmmm let me try: there will be wars and rumors of wars, there will be earthquakes…

    Oh, hell, it’s easy.

  • @otrame: And rumors of earthquakes?

  • hunter

    I wonder if the TMLC would support my right to challenge the government’s support of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Michael Heath

    I’m currently reading Michael Lewis’ The Big Short, which reveals the incredible idiocy of AIG when it came to their betting long on subprime mortgages.

    One thing I’ve never understood about Wall Street is their recruiting so many liberal arts majors with no education in business, especially finance, accounting, and economics. Lewis’ first book, Liar’s Poker, and this one reveals the cultural idiocy of that Wall Street attribute here once again. It’s as stupid as hiring English majors to practice physics (stupid at the population level, I’m sure there are individuals who could eventually excel).

  • MikeMa


    You posit that nothing much will happen but I see (peering into my crystal ball) that an appeal for funds will occur followed by the supply of those funds by morons. Too bad.

  • sawells

    @4: to be fair, they also hired a large number of extremely numerate people from physics and maths backgrounds. I think those guys did more damage in total.

    I’m a physicist. I’ve seen a guy assume a spherical whale when doing fluid dynamics (and I mean I specifically asked “this approximation here, does it mean a spherical whale?” and the guy said “Yes, exactly”). Imagine what it would be like if people like that wrote economic models! You don’t have to imagine it; we’re living it.