Wingnut: Obama Contraception Policy Just Like China

If wingnuts have any ability to think critically at all, they tend to toss it aside the moment the subject of abortion or birth control comes up. Like Christian Medical Association senior vice president Dr. Gene Rudd does in this absurd statement:

A Christian medical group’s spokesman is concerned the contraception mandate in ObamaCare reflects an attitude similar to that behind China’s one-child policy…

“[It is] undermining a foundational tenant of our society — First Amendment rights, undermining years and many laws that have protected our conscious rights and [promoting] the whole attitude that somehow pregnancy is something to be systematically abandoned or avoided,” he says. “All those reasons are reasons to want to overturn this mandate that’s coming out from Health and Human Services.”

He notes China’s one-child policy — a policy he says reflects the philosophy that additional children are not good.

“I fear that we are adopting some of that same philosophy in our country where we’re saying that the government can decide it’s a favorable policy to decide that children are a liability to our culture; therefore, we’re going to have policies and procedures to help avoid that,” he remarks.

Uh, right. Making birth control available to those who choose to use it to control their own reproduction is just like forcing women to have abortions. QED.

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  • timgueguen

    And couples that have large families never use birth control, no sir. They’re all like the Duggars, just letting happenstance determine when the kids appear.

  • Bronze Dog

    Uh, right. Making birth control available to those who choose to use it to control their own reproduction is just like forcing women to have abortions. QED.

    Silly liberal, don’t you know women don’t have the capacity to choose anything? You know they’re all going to do it because all they want to do is have sex.


  • Zeno

    Although the bishops of the Catholic Church currently have their knickers in a big twist over the HHS mandate, most of them lived under similar state mandates in the past without suffering the vapors or fulminating from the pulpit. This suggests that the current outrage is a put-up job and that the bishops are just right-wing lobbyists. They lead flocks, all right, but only to fleece them.

  • thalwen

    Naturally. Given the option of carrying a child to term and aborting, a woman will abort 100% of the time because it’s fun and stuff. No woman has had an abortion while already having kids or has gone on to have kids in the future. I mean, having a procedure once makes it clear you don’t value childbirth. Just like having one kidney removed will make you completely blind to the value of having kidneys and will cause you to have the other removed.

    Also, having contraception affordable and available will cause all pregnancies to stop(which should make abortion irrelevant but I guess it’s too much fun for silly wimmin to give up). This is why there are no children in countries where abortion and birth control aren’t considered sinful.

    It’s much better to have a government that will decide for you that having children you don’t want/can’t afford/etc. are really wonderful and necessary so we don’t have to have immigrants do our menial jobs and if you don’t like it, government will have policies and procedures in place to make you like it or else.

  • MikeMa

    This idiot is a doctor? If I was his medical school, I’d want to discuss Dr Rudd’s critical thinking skills with him. Stat.

  • richardelguru

    @ Bronze

    “all they want to do is have sex”

    I wish I’d known that when I was single.

  • d cwilson

    If wingnuts have any ability to think critically at all, they tend to toss it aside the moment the subject of abortion or birth control Obama comes up.

    This isn’t about birth control. It’s about Obama’s Kenyansocialistatheist cooties. Birth control is just the hobby horse they’re currently riding as they tilting at the Marxist windmill.

  • Lycanthrope

    …Tenet. TENET. NOT “TENANT”!!!

  • TGAP Dad

    He triggered one my pet peeves: he doesn’t know the difference between “tenant” and “TENET“. (Yes, I’m a grammar nazi.)

  • dingojack

    “…a foundational tenant of our society…”

    Jimmy Hoffa?


  • reverendrodney

    “[It is] undermining a foundational tenant of our society.”

    He means that guy who rents the bra shop.

  • greg1466

    Mandating that birth control is available is undermining the Religious Rights First Amendment right to choose to not allow others to use birth control…or something.

  • The Lorax

    Birth control: reflection of civil liberties

    China’s one-child policy: reflection of drastic overpopulation

    And these two things are identical.

    Also, apparently, protected by the first amendment?

  • TCC

    I was afraid I was going to have to rage about “tenant,” so thanks to all of you who did it for me first.

  • thisisaturingtest

    @#4, thalwen: Well, it’s in line with the strictly binary, all-or-nothing, black-or-white thinking, that insists that giving “teh gheys” rights will mean the end of the human race, because then everybody will turn gay, right?

  • thisisaturingtest

    “[It is] undermining a foundational tenant of our society — First Amendment rights…”

    What is it with these people and their insistence that their right to religious freedom is somehow being violated here?

    Here’s Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan, opposing gay rights, contraception, abortion, on moral and religious grounds he thinks apply to everyone:

    We can see that there is a loss here of a sense of truth and objective moral norms-rules of conduct that apply always, to everyone, everywhere-an infringement of religious liberty and an ‘eclipse of the sense of God and of man.’

    Frankly, I find this incredible- the absolutist mindset that can insist that his religiously-based moral standards apply to absolutely everybody- and not see that, while he’s free to think whatever he wants, to insist that he be able to impose those values on everyone, in the name of what he believes by his religion, is not an affirmation, but a denial, of religious liberty to everyone else. These folks are thinking of other people’s rights only in relation to their own, and the group they self-identify with- it’s the five-year-old’s “It’s all about meeee!” The only “religious freedom” that counts to the Cardinal is the Cardinal’s and his co-religionists- and damn everybody else, religious freedom means the unlimited right to impose “what’s right” by my standards.

  • democommie

    Do these KKKristianist fuckwads really want to see China with no population controls. I mean, I know that they like killin’ commies for KKKrist (or killing anyone else for KKKrist) but there would be a WHOLE lot moreathem heathenish chinee to deal with, sans the “One child” policy. Then again, why think when belief is so much more soothing.