Wingnut on Wingnut on Wingnut Crime

This one is especially fun. Remember when Rand Paul said after President Obama endorsed marriage equality that he didn’t think Obama’s position “could get any gayer”? Tony Perkins criticized him for that and now Peter LaBarbera is criticizing Perkins for criticizing Paul:

This makes me sad, Sandy. I like Tony Perkins, I like the work he does at Family Research Council but the Left started criticizing Rand Paul for joking about gays and then Tony Perkins was asked about it on “Face The Nation,” I think [by] Bob Schieffer,” and he criticized Rand Paul and said this is not a joking matter and I just have to disagree you. You just played the tape; Rand Paul didn’t do anything wrong. The President’s positions on homosexual marriage have been almost comical; he was for homosexual marriage before he was against it now he’s for it again. So, and Rand Paul obviously spoke with compassion, he said this is not about hating people so it really troubled me to see Tony Perkins cave in to the liberal media and criticize Rand Paul when, you’re absolutely right, we need to be praising Republicans who speak out on homosexual marriage and the gay agenda, we shouldn’t be chastising them.

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  • …and Rand Paul obviously spoke with compassion…

    Spoke with what now?

  • Spoke with what now?

    Strange name for a dog, huh?

  • lordshipmayhem

    …and Rand Paul obviously spoke with compassion…

    Spoke with what now?

    Peter just misspelled “microphone”. Same number of letters, easy for someone of his level of education to make that mistake.

  • cswella

    WTB Onion article criticizing Peter LaBarbera for criticizing Tony Perkins for criticizing Rand Paul for criticizing Obama.

  • dingojack

    “… Rand Paul obviously spoke with compassion…”

    ‘”Compassion tried to ask Paul a question about ‘equality before the law’ (or some other left-wing nonsense made up by the lamestream media), the conversation became heated and Paul pushed compassion into the wall and struck a glancing blow on his opponent’s cheek”.

    “Some frank and robust language was used, but no-one was seriously hurt”, Paul told the gathered media.

    Rand Paul was apparently so shaken by the incident he’s planning to treble his protection detail from four to twelve body guards after this near miss.

    “We can’t have compassion interfering with the candidate’s drive to get out the GOP voters”, a spokesman said’.


  • Compassion, in that he was not actively calling for violence. Close enough in modern politics.

  • StevoR

    Modern politics sux.

  • busterggi

    Libertarianism – it ends at the genitals.

  • hunter

    Oh, I get it — if you just say that denying basic rights to people is not about hating them, then it’s OK.

    LaBarbera is completely unhinged, Perkins is an egregious (and very well documented) liar, and Rand Paul is perhaps the stupidest sitting US Senator.

    Now, there’s a real team for you.

  • bones

    KOOKS, all of em.