Finally, Gay Cannibals Are Exposed

This video, which features a crazy, bigoted street preacher telling at a gay pride event in Cleveland that being gay leads to cannibalism, is made all the more ridiculous by the fact that it was put on Youtube by someone with the nickname OnKneesForJesus. Mr. Freud, call your office.


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  • raven

    Rudy Eugene’s Girlfriend Yovanka Bryant, Gloria Allred Say ‘Miami ……/gloria-allred-yovonka-bryant-rudy-euge…

    6 Jun 2012 – Rudy Eugene’s Girlfriend Yovanka Bryant, Gloria Allred Say

    ‘Miami Cannibal’ Was Religious, Non-Violent (VIDEO). The Huffington Post | By …

    One of the few cases of cannibalism was the attack in Miami by the “face eater”.

    According to his girlfriend, he was “religious”.

    To be fair, he might have been Zombified. Religion can do that. We’ve all seen it. The glassy eyes, mindless repetition of slogans (jesus loves us and hates you, evolution is a fantasy), cognitive impairment, robotic behavior.

  • chriswalker

    Well, there was that gay German cannibal Armin Meiwes and his volunteer victim about ten years back. Remember that? Dude placed an ad asking for someone willing to be eaten, dude answered, they tried to fry up and eat the victim’s penis together? Weird story. And apparently the crazy guy in Canada, who killed and ate dude before mailing some body parts to politicians, Luke Magnotta, was a gay porn actor. And there was of course Dahmer. Mind you, all of these cases are more likely attributable to these people being mentally ill than to homosexuality, but there have been a few high profile gay cannibals.

    Incidentally, I knew a girl in high school who would totally have gotten on her knees for Jesus, if you know what I mean. She talked about her lord and savior the way other girls talked about Edward and Jacob.

  • chriswalker

    Aaaaand I forgot to close italics.

  • Dr X

    One of the few cases of cannibalism was the attack in Miami by the “face eater”” According to his girlfriend, he was “religious”.

    Cannibalism is the ritualized centerpiece of the Catholic Mass. It’s not at all surprising to me that cannibalistic fantasies surface in connection with religious anxieties about homosexuality. Some of my thoughts on the psychological significance of cannibalism and the expiation of sin or badness.

    My guess is that the preacher man is projecting his hungry urge to something sinful in his own mouth and swallow.

  • Dr X

    corrected @4:

    My guess is that the preacher man is projecting his own hungry urge to put something sinful in his own mouth and swallow.

  • ryanlangford

    OnKneesforJesus4 is an atheist who posts only bat shit crazy religious videos. I’ve been subscribed to him for a long time.

  • tfkreference

    Two words: Eat me.

  • jnorris

    Is the crazy, bigoted street preacher talking about Roman Catholics and their It Really Is Jesus’ Flesh Crackers?

  • F

    When I see something this incredibly stupid on YouTube, I find it entertaining to see how the auto-captioning translates speech to text. For better quality wharrgarbl.

  • tynk

    “I don’t eat my boy friend, I eat my girl friends pussy!”

    Nuffield said.

  • sezme

    I caught him whining about golden showers toward the end. Yeah, right, sure, no hetro couple ever tried that.

  • anubisprime

    Somebody is projecting fit ta’ rapture!