The Evil Little Thing and the Evil Big Thing

At the CFI conference last weekend, I finally got to meet Jessica Ahlquist in person. And since I was wearing my t-shirt that pays tribute to her, in a sense, Brian Engler had to get a picture of the evil little thing and the evil big thing together.

"Sounds interesting, Chris. Where can one find it?"

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  • Pierce R. Butler

    Funny, she doesn’t look braver than Joan of Arc and Wonder Woman put together…

  • Such a great photo.

  • ohioobserver

    Great pic. Another of tomorrow’s heroes. I hope when she’s 35 she runs for President. Or Queen. Or whatever we have by then.

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  • Michael Heath


    I think your sardonic expression is perfect relative to the message conveyed on the shirt.

  • What’s really great is that as awful as her treatment was, I doubt she expected the tremendous support that she has garnered as a staunch defender of the First Amendment.

  • I am amazed and astonished and eye-popping surprised that Rush Limbaugh hasn’t had a major multi-orifice projectile ejection over Jessica for being an intelligent and courageous young woman that questions authority!

  • stuartvo

    I couldn’t have shown a tenth of that girl’s woman’s courage at that age.

    Hell, I’m 2.5x her age and on a good day I can barely muster up one ninth of it!

  • Jessica is beautiful, courageous and smart.

    And, Ed, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad :>)

  • Cliff Hendroval

    Hell, I’m in my mid-50s, and I’ve finally gotten the courage not to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • sezme

    Hey, Ed, there’s a little more salt in the beard than in your standard photo. Didja have a margarita just before the pic was taken? 🙂

  • shockna

    Jessica Ahlquist is the perfect representation of what I wish I had the temerity and moral fortitude to be as a teenager.

    I’m hoping we see more of the “evil little thing” in the future… As anyone who reads this blog knows, the more defenders of reason, the better. 😉

  • jesse

    @reverendrodney — amusing as that might be, I think even Limbaugh knows that might be over the line. Testifying before Congress is one thing. But I think if he went after Ahlquist — I mean, even people that listen to Rush mightn’t have cottoned to that. To say nothing of advertisers.

    Anyhow, Ed, cool you got to meet her and say hello. She did real good by standing up for what was right.

  • You are a damn lucky man to be that close to such an attractive, intelligent, courageous person.

  • Jesse,

    Ah, but wait. She is destined to appear before Congress, more than once probably, perhaps some day become part of it, and then Rush will succumb to a cranial explosion. Poof!

  • Kilian Hekhuis

    She looks kinda… squashed.

  • Ed, you should consider making this your new profile picture. I think it’s a better shot of you than the current version.

    And Ms. Alquist has my complete admiration and respect for what she’s been through and how she handled it.

  • kevinyoung

    As sort of a wishy-washy deist, I nonetheless support Jessica on this one-the behavior of the people of Rhode Island was atrocious! This should, however serve to show that this religious trip is hardly limited to the right of our political spectrum-Rhode Island is as blue as they come