Who Says Cops Don’t Have a Sense of Humor

When I had Carlos Miller on my radio show a couple months ago, we talked about his latest arrest for videotaping the police in public (he beat the other two, he’ll beat this one too — because he hasn’t broken any laws). That happened at an Occupy protest in Miami. Now the prosecutors are offering him an amusingly ironic plea deal:

Still insisting that I am guilty of resisting police on the night of my last arrest, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office is offering me a plea deal where I would shoot and edit a promotional video for the county in exchange for them not prosecuting me.

Could it get anymore ironic?

After all, this is the third time since 2007 the state attorney’s office has tried to prosecute me for either photographing or video recording police in public…

But now they want me to shoot a video that will paint them in a positive light?

I have no problem doing that but that would have to be a separate paid assignment unrelated to my case…

I rejected the offer. But only after I stopped laughing.

I think the prosecutors know they’re going to lose this case. Maybe that should make them stop bringing such charges.

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  • eric

    I know a lot of plea deals may toe the line, but how is this one not blackmail? What sort of judge would approve that?

  • lofgren

    If this were a movie, a knowing nod would pass between the prosecutor and the videographer, indicating the unspoken understanding that this project would provide them with unprecedented access behind the blue line. Each would get exactly what he wants. The videographer, the exposé of the century. The prosecutor, all the evidence he needs to take down the high level officers who run a ring of corruption and rampant criminality just below the surface of their law and order veneer. But can two men working in secret really bring down the most powerful gang in the city and the police at the same time?

    Matt Damon

    “I think after a few months embedded with the officers, you’ll see just how honest and gentle they really are.”

    Topher Grace, With a Mustache to Show He’s Serious This Time

    “Don’t you see I love you, even if you are Commissioner Hendricks’ daughter!”

    Some Blonde, or a Brunette With a British Accent

    “Carlos, don’t you see? My father wasn’t the mastermind of anything… somebody else was behind the whole scheme all along!” Topher Grace turns away and scowls dramatically. “You’re letting him tear us apart!”


  • Artor

    Miller should go ahead and make the video, but lay the irony on with a trowel and show the Miami-Dade Department off as the unprofessional, corrupt extortionist violent assholes they are. He’s got plenty of footage of them overstepping their authority, I think it would be a perfect use of his time.

  • Mr Ed

    ArtorMiller should go ahead and make the video…

    The finished video should be shown a 2x speed and set to yakety sax.

  • Budbear

    Nice Benny Hill reference there, Mr Ed.

  • he beat the other two, he’ll beat this one too — because he hasn’t broken any laws

    “Yeah, I beat that rap. Hauled it to the curb and gave it a wooden shampoo, I did…”

  • Scott Simmons

    That’s ridiculous, lofgren.

    There’s no way that Topher Grace can grow a mustache.