Greenwald Moves to the Guardian

Glenn Greenwald is leaving Salon for the Guardian, where he will write a weekly column along with the daily blog posts he has done for years. He says a grateful and gracious goodbye to his home for the last five years:

Throughout my time here, Salon always evinced an unyielding belief in publishing a wide range of views without fear of offending orthodoxies or establishments, and they continue to do so. I’m as convinced as ever that Salon‘s future, its prospect for growth, is very bright. They have many excellent fresh voices, an institutional devotion to investigative reporting, and a willingness to take the type of risks which real adversarial journalism requires. I have immense respect for the people I’ve worked with here, including Editor-in-Chief Kerry Lauerman, former Editor Joan Walsh, and Salon Founder and former CEO David Talbot.

All of that made the decision to leave genuinely difficult. But sometimes sustaining one’s passion and sense of challenge requires change. Beyond that, The Guardian affords the opportunity to reach a new audience, further internationalize my readership, and be reinvigorated in a different environment. As difficult as leaving Salon is, I’m excited by my new venue, and look forward to continuing the work with my readers which we’ve been able to do here so constructively over the past several years. I read Salon long before I began writing for it and expect to be reading it long into the future.

I think it’s a great move for him and I look forward to reading him no matter where his work is published. He’s one of the most important and intellectually honest commentators around (which is not the same thing as always being right, so please spare me the “but he’s wrong about my pet issue” comments).

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  • slc1

    The move of Mr. Greenwald to the Guardian makes eminent sense. Mr. Greenwald, a jewish antisemite and two fisted Israel basher and the Guardian, after the BBC, the most antisemitic news outlet in Great Britain go together like ham and cheese.


  • Michael Heath

    Glenn Greenwald’s authentic commitment to human rights and enlightenment ideals is a helpful filter in distinguishing those people committed to those ideals from those who only apply those ideals when it’s politically convenient to do so.

    It’s so easy for most of us to avoid dealing with the failures of the groups with whom we identify; Mr. Greenwald spares no quarter to all when they fail to meet the highest principled standards. Considering his arguments, especially when they’re directed at our own groups and allies, helps insure our capability to continually demand high standards from our own tribes – or help us determine reform is impossible and disassociate ourselves from those who aren’t committed to human rights and reason.

    The fact he arguably comes out with some defective conclusions entirely misses the value which distinguishes him from most advocates.

  • Having been a Guardian reader for almost 40 years (my parents were Guardian readers), always happy when quality writer joins the crew. Congrats.

  • Michael Heath


    Which UK paper is the one which distorts what science understands regarding climate change?

  • slc1

    Re Michael Heath @ #4

    I think it’s the Daily Mail.

  • Blattafrax

    #4 – all of them, their reporters are mostly scientifically illiterate. Although the Independent and the Guardian are not so bad most of the time.

    #1 – the article you link to contains damning evidence of anti-semitism such as:

    “Those [American Jews] who favor the attack on Gaza are certainly guilty…of such overwhelming emotional and cultural attachment to Israel and Israelis that they long ago ceased viewing this conflict with any remnant of objectivity.”

    [Some Americans who approve of killing people in Gaza are not objective.]


    “So absolute has the Israel-centric stranglehold on American policy been that the US Government has made it illegal to broadcast Hezbollah television stations.”

    [Israeli lobbying prevents a TV station that pushes a viewpoint they don’t like from broadcasting.]

    So you take the view that opposition to blind support of Israel is anti-semitism. Anti-semitism: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • slc1

    Re Blattqfrax @ #6

    Hizbollah is a terrorist organization. They should no more be allowed to broadcast their hate messages on US television then Al Qaeda or Syria’s state television.

  • The Daily Mail can typically be relied upon to be on the wrong side of most issues, including the climate change debate.

    The good news is that The Guardian (mostly through its website) is continuing to grow in terms of viewership, although it is still someway behind the Mail, and will probably continue to be so, given that tabloid news tends to sell better the world over.

    Greenwald’s hiring is no doubt part of their continuing effort to tap into the American market. They’ve been producing a US-centric version of the web site for a couple of years now.

  • I would say “but he’s wrong about my pet issue” , but SLC beat me to it. It should be noted that my version would be tongue-in-cheek, however.

  • Scott Simmons

    Blattafrax–don’t bother calling out slc1; everyone here is well aware that he’s incapable of rational discourse on this point. He’s so predictable, I’m pretty sure that Ed’s parenthetical comment at the end was specifically directed at him. (And, also predictably, had no impact on his behavior. Makes me wonder why he bothered.)

  • gshelley

    I have to say. I’m amused that the very first comment was “He’s wrong about my pet issue”

  • stuartvo

    SLC1’s “pet issue” is “anyone who doesn’t wish the utter annihilation of every Muslim, Arab and Iranian man, woman, child and household pet.”

  • Mr. Greenwald, a jewish antisemite

    WTF does this even mean?? That if the man is a Jew, he must toe a certain line (ie. yours) on every issue?

    I wish Mr. Greenwald well in his new venture!