Shooting Victim ‘Felt Evil’, Says God Saved Him

And here we have the perfect contrast to the rational survivor of the Aurora gunman who thanked the paramedics and doctors for saving her life; this guy says God saved him because he was praying. Oh, and that God was in the theater that night with him — but apparently not with all the dead people.

So were the dead people not praying? Did God just not love them as much? Did he just think you were so special that he had to save you, specifically? Oh, right — so he could tell the world that God saved him. So why did he save the skeptical girl who thinks rationally so she could tell her story? He also claims that God created a miracle by making the guy’s gun jam. Really? So why didn’t he let it jam before all those other people were killed? Such absurdity.

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  • Randomfactor

    The truth is staring them in the eyes–the universe is a random and dangerous place–and they so desperately want to deny it.

  • He also claims that God created a miracle by making the guy’s gun jam.

    A real miracle would have been misfire after misfire after misfire. Then change weapons, and misfire after misfire after misfire. Every time he jacked a new round misfire, with all weapons. The complete lack of reasoning when these people talk never fails to amaze me.

    And the smoke bomb emitted a heavenly light instead of smoke.

  • raven

    this guy says God saved him because he was praying.

    God saved me too and I’m a Pagan ex-xian.

    I was a thousand miles away when it happened and wasn’t even teorrorized much less wounded.

    Of course, my position as incredibly special to the Sky Fairy is somewhat diluted by the fact that 7 billion other people weren’t at that Batman movie either.

    Really, if you look at the odds of being in that movie theater than night, you could make a better argument that god hates that guy more than just about anyone of 7 billion humans on the planet.

  • Mr Ed

    About 18 years ago my condo burnt to the ground. I was stunned and only had the barest presents of mind to avoid the TV news crews who wanted to know what I was thinking. Mentally my wife and I need time to comprehend an event so far from normal. I wonder if some of these people who praise god or say they felt something aren’t struggling to process an event that they have no frame of reference for. They may be falling back a cliches or interpreting what happened through the prism of their religious beliefs.

  • Alverant

    So I guess God took time out of his busy schedule of not helping staving children to save this person. I’m glad he wasn’t killed but the all-powerful god he worships is a major jerk.

  • Sastra

    One of the problems with thinking so much of your personal faith in your personal relationship with your personal savior is that you tend to forget there are a bunch of other people around, too. They also have to fit into the Big Picture — and hopefully as something other than props.

  • ohbilly

    Last summer, God saved my kids from a tree that fell in my backyard. Of course, before saving them, he caused the tree to fall on them in the first place. And then he let one of the limbs smash my three year old’s femur in half, while he let one of the other limbs smash my two year old in the head and pin him under the fallen tree. And the best part is that my three year old was already anxiety prone, so this has made things just so much better.

    I realize it’s just sort of God’s way of sending me a lesson you know. “Godless heathen, I’ll show him!”

    At the hospital, I don’t know how many times I heard “Wow, God must have really been watching over you!” and “It’s a miracle!”

    What’s a miracle is that I didn’t go apeshit on any of them.

  • mck9

    He also claims that God created a miracle by making the guy’s gun jam.

    As I understand it, the AR-15 and its military cousin the M16 are notorious for jamming.

    I read an article about the M16 many years ago in the Atlantic. As I recall, the weapon was originally designed for ammunition that used smokeless powder. Since smokeless powder doesn’t have the oomph of conventional gunpowder, the Pentagon decided to boost the muzzle velocity by using — what do you call it, smoky powder?

    However, this kind of gunpowder produces a lot more smoke, which gums up the works of a weapon machined to high precision. Result: you don’t spend much time in a firefight before your weapon jams, probably at a very bad time. A lot of GIs died in the rice paddies of Viet Nam as they desperately tried to clean their weapons before the enemy got to them.

    That’s just something I read; I know little about guns, and someone who knows more is welcome to correct me. However it might have been more of a miracle if Holmes’ weapon had NOT jammed.

  • Gregory in Seattle


    1. He felt the presence of evil.

    2. God was with him.

    3. That would mean…. God is evil?

  • So then, God stood there like the ‘chooser’ at death camps deciding who dies, who lives.

    That anybody believes in such a god baffles me. I am also baffled by the term “worship.” What exactly does “worship” mean?

    It has never made sense to me.

  • Who Knows?

    The early issues of M16’s were notorious for jamming, for the reasons mentioned and no kits for cleaning them.

    But I think the reason this gun jammed is because of the 100 round magazine.

  • d cwilson

    So, what does Evil feel like anyway? Slimy? Hot? Cold? Smooth? Rough?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • fastlane

    d cwilson: It feels so, sooooo good. Like soft silk sliding across your…ahem..well…errr. As you were.

    I’ll be in my bunk…with Evil…and her sister!

  • jnorris

    d cwilson: evil feels like a Felis catus (previously Felis domesticus).

  • wordsmatter

    This guy is now in a position to spend the next five years speaking to Christian youth groups about the power of God, at $10k per appearance.

    Someone give me an amen and a hallelujah!

  • rork

    We’ve just been through a tornado that got about 100 houses.

    Public expressions thanking God for not killing anyone were common, including a disgusting billboard. Why send the tornado? It can be explained about 50 ways is the result of my polling. I observe carpenters and electricians to have been blessed.

    Was there fine tuning after the event, about who got injured in the cleanup (many more than the tornado got)? The injured people don’t seem to think so.

  • argos

    Wonderful quote from Candide, ou l’Optimisme. Exchange between Candide and Martin after a shipwreck:

    “You see,” said Candide to Martin, “that crime is sometimes punished. This rogue of a Dutch skipper has met with the fate he deserved.”

    “Yes,” said Martin; “but why should the passengers be doomed also to destruction? God has punished the knave, and the devil has drowned the rest.”

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  • Crudely Wrott

    Just goes to show that the Spook is highly, I say highly, discriminating and selective. Identical to its discriminating selectivity upon the occasion of the Genesis flood.

    Awesome. How can one not love it?

  • antaresrichard

    “He also remembers them working on the little girl, Veronica, the six year old girl who died.”

    Pathetic, the insular thinking of these believers, just pathetic.

  • kerriet

    I don’t get what the big deal is. He didn’t spread any bigotry, judgement or hate. I feel like this thread of comments gives a bad impression of atheists mocking him. We are entitled to criticize, but if he is doing no harm or pushing any agenda, I personally don’t care how he rationalizes what happened. He probably at times asks the same questions people have here, and this rationale might be the only way he can overcome the survivor’s guilt he likely feels, and if that’s what makes him sleep better at night, so be it. Yes, the other previously featured survivor thought more logically, but it’s not like this one man’s beliefs discredits her in any way.

    Sometimes when I hear friends explain why things happen to them using a god-rationale, I’ll notice it’s the only way for them to cope with it all, and that trying to make them see things more logically is just not what they can handle at that point. So I just let it go unless I really think their rationale is doing harm to their own well-being or potentially could do harm to others.

  • dingojack

    Kerriet – firstly, your concerns have been noted and are being given all the consideration they deserve.

    Secondly, “So I just let it go unless I really think their rationale is doing harm to their own well-being or potentially could do harm to others“.

    Well, you’ve answered your own worries right there.

    They are lying to themselves (and others), dismissing the pain and suffering of others by portraying them as ‘less deserving. and increasing their own narcissistic sense of self importance.

    So I guess these would make it perfectly valid to merely criticise this kind of destructive, idiotic belief.


  • He didn’t spread any bigotry, judgement or hate.

    No, he’s not judgemental; unless you include believing himself to be somehow superior to those who were killed by virtue of his piety, and having sensed “god” and “evil” by some miraculous bit of ESP while others were simply terrified.

  • barriejohn

    Has anyone else read this story?

    “Prevenient grace”: now I’ve heard it all!