Fuck You, Telic Thoughts

I don’t know who chunkdz is over at Telic Thoughts, but he’s clearly a dickhead. He decided to write about the death of my friend Skip Evans and the only thing he could find to say was to take a shot at me and several other people who knew Skip and cared about him.

Apparently, the most memorable thing he ever did was to steal the dissertation of notable creationist Kent Hovind. At least that’s what PZ Myers, Ed Brayton, Wesley Elsberry, and Nick Matzke all seemed most tickled about in their brief memorials. Not one of these fellow culture warriors bothered to send even the most cursory condolences to Skip’s family.

You have no idea what I did or didn’t say to Skip’s family. I mentioned the Kent Hovind dissertation because that is what most people who didn’t know him would be most likely to remember (I should have mentioned Project Steve as well, which was originally his idea). But who the fuck are you to tell the people who actually knew and loved Skip what they have to say, or where they have to say it? Go fuck yourself, asshole.

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  • Go fuck yourself, asshole.

    Amen … amen to that!

  • raven

    Chunkdz is just an old troll. He’s been banned from most websites for writing gibberish.

    The troll appears to have a real neurological condition of some sort.

    There are scary people on the internet with obvious pathologies worth worrying about*. Chunkdz isn’t one of them.

    *I would list them but we all know who they are and besides, if you type their name, often they will come (just like demons).

  • slc1

    I’m not too familiar with this site but doesn’t a creationist fucktard calling himself Mike Gene blog there?

  • bobaho

    Chunkdz is just an old troll. He’s been banned from most websites for writing gibberish.

    I made the error of following the link and looked at the post immediately prior to this offending screed. As such I contend that your assertion that he writes gibberish is unfounded. It is clear that Chunkdz wishes he could reach such a lofty achievement as writing gibberish. I suspect he has found a software tool that inserts words in a manner that resembles gibberish. I assert that if left to his own devices, guttural grunts and aggressive hand gestures would be the sole means of communication by Chunkdz.

  • John Hinkle

    Ugh. I went to chun kee dizzy’s website. What a monumental waste of time. Talk about self-absorbed.

  • wesleyelsberry

    Yeah, apparently mouthing condolences to the family on channels that the family is never likely to see is the only acceptable method of expressing grief in “chunkdz”‘s world.

    I also note the scurrilous (and false, need it be said) claim that Skip “stole” Hovind’s dissertation. Skip went through a bunch of correspondence with Patriot University and Hovind to clear Skip’s receipt of the dissertation. They chose to send Skip the original dissertation. It surprised Skip that they did not send a copy. Any competent university would have sent a copy. That Patriot University did not is a relevant data point.

    Ed, I think that if you look three years back in email, you’ll find that “chunkdz”‘s real identity is documented there. It’s easy enough to trace through his high school reunion info to his current residence and place of employment. I explained this to “chunkdz” before when he claimed to be anonymous, and I noted that really he was pseudonymous. He suddenly stopped posting on AtBC after that. http://www.antievolution.org/cgi-bin/ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=14;t=5205;st=1950#entry147437

  • Didaktylos

    Ed why insult dickheads – I’d describe him as a rat turd myself.

  • Zamza

    I love how his pseudo-sympathetic passive aggressive posturing is transparently contrived to conceal the pathetically shallow amorality of his utterly partisan worldview. What a piece of slime.

  • arthurhunt

    Apparently, the whole, entire sum of existence for the owners of Telic Thoughts and Uncommon Descent consists of sitting in a small chair in a basement staring at a computer monitor and pecking pathetic inanities on their keyboards. Anything that does not come across the blogs that constitute their entire existence simply does not exist.

    Who would’a thunk that the whole lot of them are a bunch of Dennis Markuze’s.

  • scienceavenger

    So it wasn’t just me…

  • Get a load of Telic Tool’s obituary for one of his own, John A. Davison, just 5 posts below his current criticism of skeptic’s obituaries for Skip Evans:

    You just gotta love the guy [Davison]. He treated the culture war with as much respect and dignity as it deserves, which to John meant absolute scathing irreverence and mockery.

    Goodbye, John.

    Thank you for allowing me to instigate all of you into so freely exposing your monumental ignorance, your bigotry and your “prescribed,” “born that way,” congenital “groupthink” mentalities for all to see and savor. The pleasure has been mine, all mine. It is hard to believe isn’t it? I love it so!” –J.A.D

    That’s it. That’s the entirety of Telic Tool’s homage to one of his own.

    Another irony meter kicked, stomped and drowned in a river.

  • He linked to an external obit at the end, which he’ll now probably point to as if it makes his remembrance different from the one’s he criticizes.

  • I shouldn’t call these obits, because they aren’t. They’re tributes or remembrances, which aren’t expected to cover the same ground as obits.

  • It’s funny how he just assumed you sent or said no condolences to the man’s family. But he’s already prone to believing things on nonexistent evidence.

  • Ichthyic

    he’s clearly a dickhead

    IIRC, he was banned from the old Pharyngula a couple years back.

    yes, he’s not only a dickhead, he’s a moron.

  • Why bother with him. He is an unknown person on a dead blog. Like all ID blogs they are either dead or spend most of their time talking God

  • coryat

    what a gobshite.

  • harold

    Chunkdz is a known nasty dullwit, although not very well known.

    He’s one of those types who doesn’t understand evolution, doesn’t understand his own ID/creationism books, and really just wants someone to blame for the frustration of his unjustified demands for privileged status.

    I almost considered setting up a TT account to point out how self-contradictory his posts are, but it isn’t worth it.

  • bendogvallejo

    Ed, it seems that you have only validated the claims made against you since all I’ve heard so far (and not only from you but from your supporters as well) is a bunch scorn and foul language directed towards someone you felt offended by, and not even one attempt at offering a word of praise or appreciation for the life of this man or for his efforts in speaking up for what he believed in. Regardless of what ever side of the fence he did or didn’t sit on, he was still a human being, even if some may deny he was also child of God. Again since you have yet to acknowledge any consolidation towards his passing on this post, I will do it myself.

    Skip Evans may you rest in peace and much condolence to your family.

  • Others might look on this and, without thought, say, “See? There is a god!”

    It appears you killed off Telic Thoughts, Mr. Brayton. It’s gone. Even finding wisps of it around the internet is difficult.

    I hope that’s right.