Romney Admits to Owning Sweatshop

This is really an incredible video of Mitt Romney, apparently speaking at a private fundraising dinner, talking about buying a factory in China. After finding out that the workers at the factory lived in terrible conditions, he casually accepted the seller’s claim that people actually liked that and wanted it in China.

He doesn’t say a word about trying to improve working conditions at the factory. He doesn’t say anything about perhaps doubting the story he was told, or even caring whether it was true or not. He was going to make lots of money from this deal and if was made on the backs of young women working in a sweatshop, no problem. It doesn’t even occur to him that there might be a moral issue at stake, nor does it seem to occur to anyone in his audience.

If you can’t see the video, click here.

"Theres a moral here, notice its the majority who believe this."

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