Miners Forced to Attend Romney Rally

Remember when Mitt Romney appeared in front of a group of coal miners in Eastern Ohio a couple weeks ago? It’s now been revealed that the company that owns the mine required the miners to attend — and that they had to give up their pay for the day to do so.

Earlier this month, Mitt Romney was welcomed for a campaign event at the Century Mine in Beallsville, Ohio, by hundreds of coal workers and their families. Now many of the mine’s workers are saying they were forced to give up a day-worth of pay to attend the event, and they feared they might be fired if they didn’t, according to local news radio WWVA.

The claims have been mostly denied by Rob Moore, Chief Financial Officer of Murray Energy Company, which owns the mine. He acknowledges that workers weren’t paid that day but says no one was made to attend the event. Well, kind of.

“Our managers communicated to our workforce that the attendance at the Romney event was mandatory, but no one was forced to attend,” he told local news radio WWVA, which has received several emails from workers claiming that the company records names of workers that don’t attend those types of events.

Well that clears it right up — it was mandatory but no one was forced to attend. Right.

"Looks like a regurgitation of this. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/grave-concerns/"

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