Creating God’s Anti-Gay Warriors

Creating God’s Anti-Gay Warriors September 1, 2012

This video from CNN’s God’s Warriors series is made more creepy for me by the fact that I actually attended some smaller versions of this kind of thing when I was a teenager, though the focus then wasn’t on the anti-gay stuff as much as it was on abortion.


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  • We need to start Harry Potter-warrios. And we need to turn the army into Harry Potter’s Army.

  • garnetstar

    Why are they waving red flags? Isn’t that banner of communism, used by Mao and Stalin?

    Freudian slip, I guess.

  • cafeeineaddicted


    Perhaps the better choice would be Dumbledore’s army. Not only is it canonical, but Dumbledore being gay would give these weirdos conniptions.

  • Michael Heath

    The kids waving red flags chilled me to the bone, prior to hearing any of the following rhetoric. Not that I fear a theocratic movement taking over the U.S., but instead the abuse that has to be inflicted on these kids to make them such virulent and delusional bigots. We continue to avoid sufficiently confronting the evil of indoctrinating children to any belief system.

    I’m also sick on journalists conceding that anyone speaks or represents Jesus or God, in this case CNN titling this series, “God’s Warriors”. The Christianists being reported on here speak for their group of humans which leverage the work of prior groups of humans. There is no evidence any of this activity represents the desires of any god or even the Jesus-character referred to certain in certain Christian documents.

    If there was a monolithic consensus that no human or group represented Jesus or God than, “man of God”, “God’s Warriors”, and such wouldn’t misinform people on where these arguments are derived. But because we have no such consensus, that billions of humans falsely believe that some speak for God or Jesus, journalists pollute the public waters when they reference people representing God. They enable the very premise that gives such movements consideration, even those which many conservative Christians would condemn as not coming from God, and that premise is that at least some of can represent God or Jesus.

  • The red flags remind me of one local thing. On my commute route, near my house there’s a church with a sign for some bible school thing called “Crimson Crusade.” I wonder if the people who thought up the name were oblivious to the nefarious connotations like the association between crimson and blood, especially when mixed with a questionable word like crusade. Of course, they could be counting on it, since they might be referring to Jesus’s blood in death cult fashion, and they might not even see the original Crusades as bad.

  • Wow, hip and cool adults like him sure are appealing to the kids these days. And “reverse rebellion”? That’s got “super awesome” written all over it.

  • leni

    Have any of you been watching AMC’s Hell On Wheels?

    Reminds me of the preacher’s super creepy advice to Bohannon.

    (Not too spoilery, but it is from the season finale.)

  • Turcano

    @#1: You mean Dumbledore’s Army, right?

  • Midnight Rambler

    To me, the red flags and the orchestration make it look like a Communist Party rally.