Federer: Obama Planning October Surprise

Wingnut extraordinaire Bill Federer went on Bryan Fischer’s radio show and claimed that Obama is planning an “October surprise” to steal the election. Bizarrely, he thinks that the Ted Haggard scandal was somehow manipulated to help the Democrats gain power — and that Obama even managed to create the economic crisis in the closing months of the Bush administration to get himself into power. Oh, and it’s all just like how Stalin sunk the Tea Party in the Soviet Union. What? Yep, he said that.


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  • Chiroptera

    Wingnut extraordinaire Bill Federer went on Bryan Fischer’s radio show and claimed that Obama is planning an “October surprise” to steal the election.

    If he’s referring to Obama’s plan to pass the most crazy and hateful Republicans as the face of the Republican Party and get them to make the craziest and most hateful statements in public, then it’s already started.

  • Sweet, can we guess what the October surprise is?

    My money is on him selling Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona to Mexico and Montana, Idaho, and North Dakota to Canada. That way he solves both the national debt and insures a victory in the electoral college.

  • blf

    Stalin sunk the Tea Party in the Soviet Union.

    Well, tea is quite popular in Russia, and there is a rather tasty drink known as “Russian Tea” (albeit I’m not sure it has anything to do with Russia albeit it is tea), and, and, well, er, sunk…? I dunno, maybe there was a ship, the Russian Tea Clipper or something, that Stalin ordered sunk after a particularly wild party.

    Or Bill Federer is just a loon.

  • Christoph Burschka

    Stalin sunk the Tea Party in the Soviet Union

    That’s a neat trick.

  • d cwilson

    And the accusations that Obama murdered Amb. Christopher Stevens as part of this “October surprise” in 3. . . 2. . .1. . .

  • borax

    So let me process this. Obama got Haggard to have gay meth sex then revealed this during October while also causing the financial collapse of the worlds largest economy while appearing to have no connection whatsoever and then becomes president. Give Obama a monocle and a cat and he will be James Bond’s toughest foe ever.

  • Francisco Bacopa

    What a total loon.

    But seriously, there really is going to be an October surprise. We know about Seamus, we know about the boy in the prep school. There are a couple of new stories developing that could really keep the conservatives home on election day.

  • garnetstar

    Using an assasination plot to blame someone who wasn’t involved, then using that as an excuse to attack them, works quite well. That’s how we got into Iraq.

    If you can vote to murder tens of thousands of innocent civilians, what can’t you justify?

  • shouldbeworking

    Sure, sell North Dakota to Canada. But the wing nuts are all yours to keep. Our socialist medicine, French words on money, and no mention of gawd on the money will see to that.

  • AndrewD

    When I read the title of this post, I wondered what a Swiss Tennis star had to do with President Obama and the election race.

  • dogmeat

    The stupid, it really burns.

    The alleged Haggard “October Surprise” was a really bad one given that the story broke on November 7th (election day).

    The sub-prime meltdown was also a really bad “October surprise” given that the housing market started melting down in ’07 and the recession is recognized to have begun in December of ’07.

    Kirov was murdered in 1934, not 1936. He seemed to be a potential rival to Stalin rather than a dedicated supporter. His assassination might have been ordered by Stalin, and was used, partially, to justify the purges, but the people being purged were old rank and file Bolsheviks for the most part. Is he admitting that the Tea Party is communist!?!?!?!

    You gotta love it when their psychotic need for victimhood latches onto their psychotic dreams of how they might establish a theocratic dictator-state Utopia and comes spilling out in a massive projectile-vomit splash of projection.

  • Obama is going to illegally grant immediate, full citizenship to all illegal immigrants so they can vote for him. But before that he’ll grant retroactive, natural-born citizenship to himself.

  • cry4turtles

    Hate to break it to yinz but I’M the October suprise! With a birthday on 10/5, imagine my mother’s suprise!

  • blf

    Presumably because of the mentions of tea, I’m now getting ads for a number of admittedly interesting-looking on-line tea suppliers. Sure beats the babble interpretation scams. (Haven’t seen any Russian SlavegirlWife ads, yet…)

    Main problem is I already have enough tea that it’s g out of my ears. Not quite literally, but there’s enough at home I that I might as well.

  • …Stalin sunk the Tea Party in the Soviet Union.

    Okay, they get a silver medal in non-sequiturs. Just throw in something about hedgehogs, crop-circles, and the price of tea in Baghdad, and they could well up it to gold.

  • jeremydiamond

    I can’t be the only one who read the headline and thought “His October Surprise is probably a devastating forehand.”

  • baal

    I thought Roger as well #16 jeremydiamond. It seemed pretty out of place. Also, Bill is a loon. Must be nice to live in such a reality bubble that your most insane ideas can go unchallenged. (ok I don’t really think that)

  • sunsangnim

    Yeah, I’m sure massive, violent Occupy protests would boost Obama’s ratings magically. And he wants a crisis with Iran? I thought it was the wingnuts that wanted war with Iran? How would any of that help Obama?

  • Nick Gotts (formerly KG)

    I reckon he’ll bring down his alien reptiloid Muslimo-atheist friends and they’ll simply eat all the conservative voters.

  • footface

    He makes a good case for Obama being like Stalin. See, Stalin did something, and, you know, what if Obama did something similar?

  • Chiroptera

    blf, #14: Sure beats the babble interpretation scams.


    But I’ve started clicking on the religious and right wing ads. I want religigous and right-wing groups’ money to go to maintaining Ed’s blog. For the comedy value if nothing else.

  • dave

    Federer did get a September Surprise in Tomas Berdych.

  • dan4

    Todd “Awful” Akin, Vicki Hartzler, Sam Graves, Mel Hancock, Kit Bond, this idiot-are there actually any normal, reasonable Missouri Republicans out there?

  • If Ed was given to the sort of fits of journalisno that afflicts the staff at FuckTheNew’sCorpse, he’d be splashing a 120 point banner headline saying:

    “Brayton kicks Federer’s ass as Federer softserves and commits dozens of unforced errors–all well to the right of the line.”

  • yoav

    I thought it was the wingnuts that wanted war with Iran? How would any of that help Obama?

    If Obama decided to nuke Iran the headline on the WeirdNutDaily will probably read, Obama administration provides Iran with US made nuclear weapons.