King’s Hypocritical Reaction to Bombings

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which Rep. King is dumber or more dishonest, Steve King of Iowa or Peter King of New York. Here’s Peter King’s hypocritical reaction to the embassy attacks in Libya and Egypt, absurdly claiming that withdrawal of troops from Iraq caused them:

GREGORY: You’re a supporter of governor Romney, is this American weakness that brought this on. Is that the Republican view, is that what the view of President Romney would be?

KING: Well my view is President Obama’s policy has been confusing it’s been apologetic and it’s been misguided. From the day he started his apology tour back in 2009 , he was no matter what people say, apologizing for America. Somehow suggesting that we’ve been anti Islam until he became the president. Even talking about Iraq. He took our troops out of Iraq without even getting the status of forces agreement. He was given a glide path in Iraq and yet he pulled the troops out, brags about the fact that the troops are out, gives a definite get for getting out in Afghanistan. What he’s doing by that is telling our allies they can’t trust us.

First of all, the oft-repeated claim that Obama went on an “apology tour” is just a ridiculous lie. And what is it with right wingers never, ever admitting to making a mistake? On Planet Wingnuttia, the government is a worthless institution riddled with waste and fraud and always looking to subjugate Americans — except on foreign policy, where it’s perfect and holy and as pure as the driven snow, motivated by nothing but the most noble of principles and never doing anything wrong since the beginning of time.

Second, the Status of Forces Agreement was signed by President Bush and it required a withdrawal of troops by the end of 2011. Obama merely complied with the terms of that agreement.

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