Sarah Silverman on Voter Fraud

You’re welcome. Definitely NSFW.


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  • lofgren

    Based on my calculations, it would require approximately 250 people working the entire election day to have a significant impact on a single midterm Congressional election using a method prevented by the new ID laws. Even then their chances of getting caught would be very high.

    Do you know 250 people you would entrust with a secret that could send you to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison? I don’t even know 25.

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    That was remarkably effective.

  • laurentweppe

    I’d almost whish to see a wingnut freaking out and screaming “Silverman wants to give guns to Blacks and Muslims and Minorities and Leftists and Stop her she’s helping the terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Heath

    It’d be interesting to see an economist attempt to value the benefit of preventing one fraudulent vote in a tightly contested race vs. the cost of suppressing x votes to achieve stopping that one fraudulent vote. A key consideration would be to first understand the margin of error for the current process relative to the new margin of error if tighter voter registration and ID laws were implemented.

    I happen to preemptively conclude that merely working through this process as a policy matter would result in no compelling argument remaining that we increase the scrutiny of voters. Of course that presumes the motivation to analyze a voting jurisdiction is process integrity, where the current evidence is convincing Republicans are merely seeking ways to win elections in an environment where they’re increasingly unlikely to win on a fair playing field, i.e., they don’t give a flying fuck about the actual integrity of voting results.

  • Nick Gotts (formerly KG)

    they [Republicans] don’t give a flying fuck about the actual integrity of voting results. – Michael Heath

    Of course they do! They’re agin it.

  • democommie

    Sarah Silverman, Sasha Cohen, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert. They would probably piss of Ed Murrow with their profanity, vulgarity and rudeness. I’m sure that all of those things would not keep him from admiring them, while he despises what the MSM has become.

    OT. I keep seeing those ads to stop the LGBT attacks on Missy Bachman? Whose funding the lesbomilitia, Soros? Bueller? Anyone?